Real People

Issue 4 2022

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

This is your magazine. Well, it’s right there on the cover. Real People, it says. And that’s you. What a journey we’ve been on together! Reliving your triumphs, feeling your tragedies, and cheering as you fought back, found love, made beautiful families… Week after week. But now we’ve reached the last issue and with lumps like melons in our throats, we want to thank you for being here with us. To say it is a privilege to be invited into your homes and lives every week really doesn’t do it justice. And it’s what you shared that will stay with us forever. All those amazing stories of mums like lions, survivors and battlers for justice. And the love rats and wrong ’uns you encountered too! You have shared pics with us…

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our mad world!

BECAUSE HE’S WORTH IT Having a giggle with wigs, we suddenly found a new ’do for my seven-month-old boy. Rock on, Leo! Tina Cherrington, Lancaster UK The bum, sorry bomb, squad was called to a Gloucestershire hospital after a patient arrived with a 17cm WWII artillery shell up his bottom. He then gave the most-heard explanation in A&E history, saying he fell on the item. BRIT POPS Here’s my patriotic father-in-law, Richard, 70, strumming his way back to his youth. Good luck getting a tune out of that, Dad! Cheryl Harvey, Gillingham, Kent ON THE JOB The professions most likely to have a one night stand with a colleague… • Police officer (copping a feel) • IT workers (pressing my restart button) • Gas/electric workers (seeing to their pipes) • Bankers (screwing each other instead of us) • HR (exceptional people skills) • Accountants (notching…

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his pound of flesh

Knocking on the door, it wasn’t long until I heard my mate’s footsteps. She opened the door with a big smile on her face. ‘Come in and meet him,’ she said. Angela* wanted me to give the once-over to her new fella in summer, 2013. ‘Hiya,’ I said to Mike Fitzgerald, 35. ‘All right?’ he smiled back. Smart trainers, smart jeans. Well-groomed. Told me he worked with his brother as a gardener. I was glad to see Angela happy with her bloke. One of us had to be. Tragedy had kept me single for nine years. Why? Because my last two partners had died. Both of heart failure. It’s unthinkable, I barely believe it myself. But Peter passed away aged 27 in 1998 from a heart condition. Next to me in bed while I was pregnant with our daughter, Nicole. Then six years later,…

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devil may care

Lying on my tummy, I woke. I tried to manouevre myself but the pain kept me pinned to the bed. Gasping, my eyes swivelled to the right, and I glimpsed a hospital drip. Then I remembered. The screwdriver, the kettle, the pain – oh God, the pain! ‘We’re giving you morphine,’ said a doctor. He explained I’d first been taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary by ambulance and then to the specialist burns unit at Wythenshawe Hospital. Two days passed in and out of consciousness, before the nurses removed the padding. Grimacing, I slowly turned to look at myself in the mirror. What state was I going to be in? I stared at my back in horror. Red raw. Oozing open flesh. My skin had boiled off. Doctors said my only hope was skin grafts. Meanwhile, Mike was on the run. I dimly remembered him telling the…

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real people roulette

1 Which pop star starred in the 80s movie Desperately Seeking Susan? 2 Find and cross out three types of paint. 3 How many inches are there in a foot? 4 In what year did the Second World War end? 5 Find and cross out three national radio stations. 6 How many strings are there on a regular guitar? 7 Which hit 80s pop duo featured Marc Almond on vocals? 8 On TV, what are presenters Simon King and Dave Myers better known as? 9 What sort of farm animal is a Belted Galloway? 10 Find and cross out five marine fish. 11 Which ITV crime drama stars Brenda Blethyn? 12 Where in the body is the jugular vein? 13 What is the capital city of Austria? 14 Off the coast of which European country was the Battle of Trafalgar? 15 Which tree’s leaf…

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out of his skull

Traci hit the bottle hard, but she had her reasons. In 2006 her brother killed himself, followed two years later by her son, Zachary, 17. All Traci, 40, could do was blame herself and drink. But in her hometown of Windham, Ohio, she found a shoulder to cry on, and someone to drown her sorrows with. Handsome mechanic Blake Wolfe, 37, had been kicked out of his home by his wife, Dusty, for drinking. Blake had two kids, Traci three, but the pair of them left their families behind to move in together as husband and wife. Perhaps inevitably, a relationship built on booze wasn’t to last. Nine months after they married, the drunken fights began and Blake kicked Traci out in September 2012. She fell into the arms of an old high school friend, Tom Walters,…