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RealClassic October 2020

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RealClassic magazine features the very best British motorcycles from all eras, plus charismatic Continental machines (and the odd Japanese classics crops up occasionally, too). Long term classic riders will recognise many of the members of the RC team, which includes authors, historians and journalists like Steve Wilson, Dave Minton, Matt Vale, Odgie, Jacqueline 'PUB' Bickerstaff, Rowena Hoseason and editor Frank Westworth -- but the magazine's key feature is that it is firmly grounded in the real world. Our articles are written by real life riders and reflect far more than a simple road test ever can. We're never scared of getting grubby in The Shed (and we even admit it when things go horribly wrong!)

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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2 min.
who’s done what

REALCLASSIC is composed entirely by experts and the odd enthusiast (very odd, some may say) and edited by Frank Westworth of The Cosmic Bike Co Ltd, who is delighted that Rowena Hoseason has returned to work so he been able to have an afternoon off. Several afternoons. Chris Abrams of AT Graphics converts your words and photos into the perfected pages you see before you. Mortons Media Group Ltd at Horncastle handle all the admin, trade advertising, subscriptions and back issues on 01507 529529 READ MORE about real classics at www. Real-Classic.co.uk TRADE ADVERTISERS for the magazine or website should call Sarah on 01507 529418 or email SMitchellSavage@Mortons.co.uk EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES should be sent to Frank@RealClassic.net or to PO Box 66, Bude EX23 9ZX. Please include an SAE if you want something returned or…

3 min.
from the front

Picture this: a beautiful September afternoon, sun shining, temperature temperate, main roads still unusually clogged with city refugees seeking a little solace in the West Country. An etheric message lands from a friend. It suggests coffee and cake at a café in Devon, about an hour away in an area with which I am entirely unfamiliar. I consider the glory that is Google Maps, understand where it is – down a minor road off a B-road off an A-road and apparently by the side of a cycle track which was previously a railway track. I didn’t even know the place existed. Don’t you just love spontaneity? I should have been doing other stuff, but hey – coffee and cake! Pulled out the Triumph, made sure that the phone was charged and…

9 min.
lov's labours lost

We’ve all, I’m sure, regretted selling a bike. In my case it’s usually due to the siren lure of something shiny that needs to be in my garage instead. Despite the hundreds of machines passing through my greasy hands there are very few that I truly regret parting with, perhaps just a handful. Two of those were Laverda 750 twins. At one point I owned three of these machines. The first was a full-blown SFC race replica and possibly the most uncomfortable bike I’ve ever owned. The other two were the short-lived SF1, featuring the newly uprated big-valve motor and large accelerator-pumped carburettors, yet retaining the slightly old-fashioned silhouette of the earlier model and proudly sporting the famous super freni drum brakes. Unlike certain magazine editors, for whom even 38…

2 min.
torque sense

There have been several comments recently about horsepower and torque. Torque develops in an engine due to the average or ‘brake mean effective’ pressure in the cylinder acting on the piston. This average force depends on piston diameter and acts on the crank throw, creating a torque at the crankshaft. The crankshaft torque is multiplied through the gearing of the primary drive, the gearbox ratio and the final drive ratio to become the torque at the rear wheel, minus the mechanical losses that occur at every stage. The rear wheel has an effective rolling radius and this determines the tractive effort or driving force between tyre and road. Tractive effort has to match a term known as Road Load in order to maintain speed or exceed it in order to…

1 min.
a classic issue

So good to see Frank back to his humorous best in RC197. The Electra shed adventure had me chuckling into my coffee, after what I can only describe as months in the BSAAMC twin wilderness! Well written with laugh-out-loud moments. Keep it up, Frank! STG Schofield, member I’ve just opened the latest edition of the mag. To my delight and pleasure not one but two articles on bikes that I have personal dealings with. The big Enfield engine; I run an Interceptor which I rebuilt, and the Norton rotary. While an F1 is the prize that I’ll never be able to possess, my own Classic is still a keeper; the pride of my fleet. My one regret is selling my Norton Commander. Thanks for a great mag. Mick Merrick, member I wouldn’t have thought that…

2 min.
flash back!

I was greatly interested to read the nice article in RC196 about the BSA Golden Flash with sidecar, and this has brought back fond memories for me. After a serious road accident on my Francis Barnett Cruiser 71, I bought a 1955 BSA Golden Flash, VKN 725. It was purchased from Bernie Ecclestone, yes the Ecclestone who was later the head of Formula 1 racing! At the time Bernie ran a used motorcycle and car dealership in Kent. Every one of the vehicles on display had been immaculately prepared for sale and all looked better than new. At the time my left leg was in plaster, so I needed three wheels so as not to put my left foot on the ground. Bernie showed me a Canterbury Crusader sidecar which he had…