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RealClassic June 2021

RealClassic magazine features the very best British motorcycles from all eras, plus charismatic Continental machines (and the odd Japanese classics crops up occasionally, too). Long term classic riders will recognise many of the members of the RC team, which includes authors, historians and journalists like Steve Wilson, Dave Minton, Matt Vale, Odgie, Jacqueline 'PUB' Bickerstaff, Rowena Hoseason and editor Frank Westworth -- but the magazine's key feature is that it is firmly grounded in the real world. Our articles are written by real life riders and reflect far more than a simple road test ever can. We're never scared of getting grubby in The Shed (and we even admit it when things go horribly wrong!)

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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who’s done what

SOLSTICE SALUTATIONS! This June issue of RealClassic celebrates lazy long days and evening rides on dusty roads. It was edited by Frank ‘sun-stopping’ Westworth and Rowena ‘mid-summer swimmer’ Hoseason of The Cosmic Bike Co Ltd; designed by Chris ‘equinox’ Abrams of AT Graphics, published by Mortons Media Group Ltd and printed by William Gibbons THERE’S MORE about old bikes at www. Real-Classic.co.uk – new articles appear online when you least expect them TRADE ADVERTISERS for the magazine or website should call Sarah on 01507 529418 or email SMitchellSavage@Mortons.co.uk EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES should be sent to Frank@RealClassic.net or to PO Box 66, Bude EX23 9ZX. Please include an SAE if you want something returned or a personal reply SUBSCRIPTION INFO is on pg98. Call 01507 529529 to subscribe or renew or buy back issues SUBS QUERIES, late…

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from the front

I’m running out of bits for my bikes! And that’s a statement I never thought I’d make. But it’s true. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to scour the stands at jumbles that I’ve just about run out of decent useable original bits for several of my bikes. And even that well-known online auction site appears to have dried up. Whenever possible, I like to seek out and acquire NOS bits and bats. I maintain a sort-of mental list of the things I’d like to replace on my old machinery and when the opportunity arises I attempt to remember bits of the bits list and set off clutching tenners around any handy jumble. Sadly but predictably, I rarely find what I’m looking for, even if I’ve managed to remember…

16 min
sweetly sloping

Few other Vintage-era British manufacturers offered as extensive or as varied a range of motorcycles in the late 1920s as Ariel, one of the pioneer brands in two-wheeled history, which was by then part of the Components Ltd group owned by the Sangster family. Charles Sangster had purchased Ariel back in 1902, but it wasn’t until his son Jack – who’d duly prove to be one of the most astute management figures ever in British motorcycle industry annals – took over running the company after WW1 that the Birmingham-based marque really began to flourish. This especially came after Val Page joined it in 1925 from JAP as Chief Designer, then from 1926 onwards produced a flow of good-selling new models powered by Ariel’s own engines of his creation. Previously, Ariel had…

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online entertainment

Looking for even more RealClassic reading? You’ll find brand-new and previous unpublished features at Real-Classic.co.uk; the articles we couldn’t quite fit into print. The internet has all the room required to give our expert and experienced contributors the space to explore their subjects in depth. For instance: AJS ADVENTURES: a slightly supernatural excursion through the Forest Of Dean in the dark of night on a Model 18 ENFIELD’S ELECTRA: an argument in favour of the less-loved lean-burn Bullet All this and much more at www.Real-Classic.co.uk BEEZUMPH UPDATE: postponed again – but on the calendar for 2022 BSA BANTAM D7: as if a mighty 175cc wasn’t enough, one reader recalls the modifications made to his sporting lightweight which nigh-on doubled its power output. Cluck! RC readers write, rant and rattle on... Summat to say? Send your comments,…

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high beam

I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Cathcart’s article on the B24T Sunbeam in the very excellent RC205. I’ve probably owned as many AMC machines as Frank during my 60-plus years motorcycling, but never an AMC Sunbeam. However I knew I’d seen a competition version before… and then it came to me. Many years ago, during my tenure as secretary of Chelmsford and District Auto Club, I was given a bunch of gumpf which included a photograph of one such machine being ridden in anger, presumably by an Auto Club member. Amazingly I find I still have that photo. Written on the reverse is the note ‘Nick riding in the Ilford Amateur Trial – 20 January 1946.’ I wonder if any RC readers have any idea who ‘Nick’ may have been? FLU 784 does…

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archive hour

To complement the interesting feature of the Wallaby in RC205, here’s a photo from the Royal Enfield Owners’ Club archive of NSW residents being terrorised by a Redditch oddity. If there was ever an example of using up old stock… The REOC owns a healthy library of professional factory photos of most models; a few thousand high quality photos are safely stored. The club is open to all enthusiasts – you don’t need to own a Royal Enfield. All you need is an interest in the marque. Robert Murdoch, member Observe all those sheep running in terror before the mighty Royal Enfield! Even more exciting than the BSA Rough Rider, although… Frank W…