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Drew + Jonathan REVEAL

Drew + Jonathan REVEAL

Spring 2021
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Drew and Jonathan Scott, AKA the hosts of HGTV’s The Property Brothers, are two of the world’s most beloved design experts. Their new magazine, Drew + Jonathan REVEAL, adopts their “dream big” mentality but centers around small, achievable changes readers can make that result in major impact. Revealing design inspo, entertaining ideas, travel destinations, wellness advice, tech and home products, and plenty of stories from the Scott brothers’ celebrity friends, this magazine translates Drew and Jonathan’s delightful guy-next-door energy onto the printed page. “It all starts at home”—but it doesn’t end there!

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letter from the editor(s)

You know what we need every once in a while? A little demo therapy. It’s not just about demolishing walls for the sake of it—even though that can be satisfying! It’s about what and who we’re making space for. With any kind of renovation, things can get messy: figuring out which walls to tear down and where to put your time, money and energy; the permits, the prep, keeping your day-to-day going smoothly amid the noise and the surprises. (And, oh, there will be surprises. You wouldn’t believe the things we find beneath the floorboards). Trust us, it’s all worth it in the end! When the construction dust is gone, it’s clear why people bother with a renovation: We want our homes to reflect the best parts of ourselves. We’ve gone through this…

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sibling rivalry

Happy spring! What new hobbies did you pick up over the winter? DREW I’ve been playing the guitar a lot. I even wrote a new song: “Nothing Feels Better Than Christmas!” JONATHAN Slow down, pal; you’re not the only musician in the family. I also wrote a new song, “Being Honest,” for my documentary on solar energy, Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip. D I guess our real hobby is one-upping each other. J Yeah, but our editor asked for new hobbies. It’s your night to cook. What’s your go-to 30-minute meal? J An avocado/cheese melt with Caesar salad. D Linda’s vegetarian pot pie (I’ll just borrow the recipe.) You guys love hitting the road for work and for fun. What’s the first place you want to go when travel opens up again? D Machu Picchu. We were supposed to go on our honeymoon, and…

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behind the issue


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jasmine roth

MY STYLE IS ALL ABOUT REAL LIFE—NOT THE LIFE YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BUT HOW WE REALLY LIVE.—JASMINE ROTH Designer Jasmine Roth (@jasminerothofficial) didn’t plan on becoming a home designer, much less the star of hit HGTV show Hidden Potential. After college, she and her husband, Brett, started building their own home and a next-door investment property in Huntington Beach, California. But they weren’t able to get much done while working their 9-to-5 corporate consulting jobs, so she quit hers and threw herself into the construction projects full time. “It was purely an economic decision,” she says. “We needed to finish the investment property and sell it for a profit, and I knew I could manage the project and use my real estate background—I was a licensed Realtor during college—to…

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eco-friendlier landscaping

What’s the number one way to get your garden growing without guzzling water or begging for a chemical fix? Return it to its natural state! You’ll reap the rewards in a landscape that pretty much maintains itself, says horticulturist Derek McKay of Ted Lare Design Build & Garden Center in Des Moines, Iowa. In the Southwest, sustainable landscapes thrive with little watering; in the Midwest, they soak up spring downpours and hang tough through dry spells. And from coast to coast, indigenous plants give sustenance to pollinators and wildlife. Here’s how to get there: ASK AROUND “The United States is a very diverse ecosystem,” McKay says, but since the “ideal lawn” is pretty homogeneous, we may have lost what makes our neck of the woods different. Seek out local experts, like your…

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making space

MY GOAL IS TO PULL IN AS MANY GENUINE-HEARTED PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, AND IF THEY SAY THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT WE NEED AND THEY NEED TO BE TAUGHT AND SHOWN, I’M WILLING TO DO IT.—KEIA MCSWAIN Keia McSwain is having a moment. And to the surprise of no one who knows her, it arrived because she stepped up to it. Her first break came in 2014, when, as a 26-year-old with an English degree and a dream of breaking into the design business, she met interior designer Kimberly Elaine Ward. Ward saw McSwain’s potential and hired her in a support role at her company, Kimberly & Cameron Interiors, a full-service design firm with clients around the country. The position expanded quickly and McSwain (@keiamcswain) took over more of her supervisor’s duties…