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Robb Report May 2018

Luxury Without Compromise. Every issue of Robb Report transports you into the world of luxury as never before! Delve beneath the surface to explore the thoughts and inspirations of the engineers, artisans and entrepreneurs behind the most sought after products, luxury escapes and services the world over. With in-depth looks at the next generation luxury automobiles…to world-class travel adventures..wines, spirits, collectibles and some much more.

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CurtCo Robb Media, LLC
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Up in Smoke Hand-rolled, box-pressed, or barrel-fermented, these new Nicaraguan cigars offer bold flavors and premium binders and wrappers. STORY OF THE MONTH Baja Reborn How a host of resorts are ushering in a new era for the beloved Mexican retreat. bajanewresorts READER SURVEY RESULTS Which famous architect would you commission to build your dream house? Our readers rendered their verdict, homing in on a perennial Robb Report favorite. WEB EXCLUSIVES MEMORIAL DAY FIELD GUIDE DESTINATIONS, FLAVORS, AND ENTERTAINMENT TO MAKE THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND EVEN MORE MEMORABLE. The High Five MECHANICAL MASTERPIECES COME IN ALL SIZES Q&A: Apollo IE’s Dynamic Duo on Why Their Creation Could Be Supercar Salvation Dodge Demon, Begone: Hennessey’s Exorcist Looks to Expel the Competition Oceanco Launches Superyacht Project Shark Design Q Takes a Fresh Approach to Jet Interiors Richard Mille and McLaren Collaborate on a Timepiece SOCIAL…

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IN THE EARLY MONTHS ofmy tenure as a member of the Robb Report team, we sought to perform our own feat of visual and textual alchemy in an effort to refresh the veneer of the then-25-year-old publication. During a quarter century, topics and tastes had evolved. What began as a utilitarian newsletter for Rolls-Royce collectors enlarged its scope, encompassing first additional automobile marques and soon thereafter, a full complement of categories—from watches and jewelry to antiques and art. Boats, planes, and a panoply of lifestyle-related categories joined the pageant, and by the 1980s the brand had emerged as an encyclopedia of that decade’s excesses. After the Internet bubble of the late 1990s burst, attitudes and interests shifted, and in the new millennium I began to apply myself to the challenge…

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Keller’s Culinary Universe There is little debate that Thomas Keller is one of the most influen- tial modern chefs. To quantify that, we took an empirical look at the generations of tal- ented chefs who have graduated from his Michelin three-star French Laundry and Per Se kitchens and gone on to open their own lauded establishments. Chefs such as Alinea’s Grant Achatz, Noma’s René Redzepi, and Benu’s Corey Lee all trained in Keller’s kitchens and then groomed a generation or two of protégés themselves. The French Laundry has been the place in the States where serious cooks gain world-class experience, attracting the ambitious and creating a “concentration of talent,” says Lee, who trained under Keller for nearly a decade. Keller’s influence is owed not just to his three decades of mentoring,…

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1 KEYS TO THE CASTLE VILLA GEORGIANA :“I’m getting a head start on summer this month with a late-spring jaunt to Tuscany. My home base will be the new Villa Georgiana, a medieval castle turned over-the-top retreat that can be booked through my favorite villa-rental gurus, Cédric Reversade and Paul-Maxime Koskas of London’s Unique Properties and Events. I’ll spend my days exploring the surrounding vineyards and nearby Santa Maria Novella Castle, and my nights sipping Chianti by the estate’s chic rooftop swimming pool.” —JACKIE CARADONIO 2 OPEN-AIR OPERATIVE ASTON MARTIN DB11 VOLANTE :“Topless beauties are nothing new to Mr. Bond, but the new Aston Martin DB11 Volante convertible is enough to turn even the superspy’s head. After all, who could resist the aluminum-bodied vehicle’s elegant curves, distinctive aerodynamics, and 503 hp, 4-liter, twin-turbo V-8 engine?…

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“You have to buy what you like and stay true to yourself, especially when it comes to art.” At Home in Hollywood I love my neighborhood, which is near La Brea and West Hollywood. I walk Runyon Canyon every day—it’s 2 minutes from my house and 10 minutes from my work, which in LA is crazy! I walk up and down those hills, take in the nature, and enjoy the view of the Hollywood sign. When I have free time, I go to yoga classes on Abbot Kinney in Venice and take walks in Malibu Canyon. I also enjoy going to the flea market in Pasadena, spending afternoons at Soho House’s Little Beach House Malibu, and grabbing dinner at Chateau Marmont and Matsuhisa. Art Smarts LA is happening right now. Gagosian, Maccarone, Regen Projects,…

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INTERSTELLAR STUNNER CONCEPT: BANDIT9 L-CONCEPT DESIGNER: DARYL VILLANUEVA ODDS OF PRODUCTION: AS SURE AS THE SUNRISE Influenced by galaxies far, far away, futurist and motorcycle builder Daryl Villanueva tapped into his favorite tales of tomorrow when he and the Vietnam-based team at Bandit9 developed their latest terrestrial transport—the L-Concept. And its design direction goes where no bike has gone before. “The suspended engine is borrowed from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, the maneuver controls were derived from those on a Star Wars speeder, and the rear lighting is reminiscent of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey,” says the former advertising art director and creative director. “I wanted a sci-fi cycle through and through.” His vision for the vehicle—which resembles a fusion of phaser and retro-rocket—was slow to materialize, however. “It’s such a complex machine that we…