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Fifteen: October/November 2019

ROVA is a print and digital magazine about traveling the roads of North America: the insightful stories, the spectacular images, and the people who make up this vibrant, growing community.

United States
Executive Media Pty Ltd
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6 Issues


2 min.
from the editor

Every time I plan an adventure, I know what I want to get out of it. Depending on the trip, I have visions of beach relaxation, mountain contemplation, cultural immersion or dangerous levels of consumption (local food and beer: I’m coming for you). Rarely, if ever, do my desires precisely match the reality. But rarely am I disappointed. We talk a lot about what road-tripping can offer; the outcomes that result from long stretches on the tarmac and quiet mornings in the forest. But how do those outcomes grow out of the needs and wants that we have for the trip before we even put rubber to road? In this edition of ROVA, we look at the things that people crave from their adventures, from companionship to solitude; from total preparedness to…

1 min.

Editor and Publisher: Gemma Peckham gemma@rovamag.com Advertising Sales Executives: Richard Kirby richard@rovamag.com Karym Miros karym@rovamag.com Justin Sirni justin@rovamag.com Advertising Consultant: Madelyn Roberts madelyn@rovamag.com Designer: Abby Schmidt Contributors: Summer Slevin, Matt Swartz, Morgan Sjogren, Julie Wheaton, Jeremy Puglisi, Skyler Kerouac, Patrick McGuire, Richard Porter, Christa Porter, Amanda Solomon, Brittany Costa, Colin Stanley, Notley Hawkins, Amanda Ellis, Melinda Wright, Lily Heise, Corianna Heise.…

1 min.
“rova in your words”

Thank you, Ching Fu, for again addressing one of the big issues of road life [Boondocking Responsibly on Public Lands, ROVA Adventure 14]. Our public lands are so precious, and the more we all pitch in to keep them in their natural state, the longer we’ll all be able to enjoy them. Steve W I wanted to share with you how many people have complimented ROVA after I’ve introduced it to them recently. I’ve heard so many positive impressions about its aesthetic appeal and engaging sense of adventure. Love seeing the ripple effect and how it inspires people to get on the road :) Fleur W Local libraries are my favorite places to visit in any new town. I was so happy to learn when I read Brian Cooke’s article on libraries [Common Wealth,…

3 min.
rova recommends

A city space with heart If you’re a billionaire with a big heart and a desire to connect the people in your city, what do you do? Spend $200 million of your own money (plus some sizeable donations) to create a park of epic proportions, of course! Conceived by philanthropist and certified legend George Kaiser, Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a 100-acre oasis on the Arkansas River, boasting oodles of green space, a five-acre adventure playground for the little ones, and a large pond for water sports, among many other facilities. And because George is way cool and thinks people deserve nice things, it’s all free. gatheringplace.org. The outdoors, amplified Ecologist Chris Morgan is, in his own words, “Just a guy who is obsessed with nature” (same, buddy!). With microphone in hand, Morgan…

2 min.
why the road?

Kelsey and Nathan We chose a life on the road because we wanted to see new places and make memories before we settled into the next chapter of our life. We wanted a life with just the two of us before we brought tiny humans into the mix. We also wanted to have a few stories to tell our future kids. So far, so good. Instagram: @ourhomeontheroam Angie Success is often defined by others; your job title, income, the neighborhood you’re in, or square footage of your home. My husband and I decided to rewrite the rules of success for ourselves. We stopped chasing this dream of the “white picket fence” because it was never really our dream to begin with. Instagram: @bobodesignstudio Karla I’ve been drawn to the road since I was young—I wanted to photograph…

13 min.
rova’s holiday gear guide

We’d like to thank 2019 for being a pretty stellar year when it comes to gear. Brands are pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation, creating gear that is stronger, more practical and, dare we say it, better-looking than what came before. Not only that, but the effort that many of our favorite brands are making to consider the environment above all else when designing their products is proof that there are folks doing business who aim to make the world better. We’ve researched and tested a bunch of products across a range of categories; check ‘em out, and hopefully you’ll find a new pal to bring with you on your next adventure. Wear it out Layer up Ridge Merino makes clothes that are so soft and comfortable, they make you want…