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Winter 2022

Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, The holidays are such a special time, full of joy and magic. We hope you’re experiencing a little magic of your own—in your sewing room, of course! This issue is full of inspiration, whatever you’re planning to sew this holiday season. In the past year, we’ve seen many sewists take to piecing and quilting. And for good reason: Those precious scraps take up space! If you’re looking for quilted project ideas beyond quilts, try one of these: • Make a simple set of quilted potholders with a decorative serged edge (page 65). • Piece strips of tonal fabrics for the ultimate Sandstone Ombre Tote (page 58). • Create a custom buffalo plaid pattern with simple piecing (page 68). • And if you’re ready, jump in with the Windom Quilted Bomber Jacket (page 84) for…

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reader tips for happy winter sewing!

THREAD TESTED Use a coffee mug to hold large thread cones that don’t fit on the sewing-machine spindle. Place the mug behind the machine; thread normally. Sharon, blog SMOOTH MOVE Condition zippers before use to prevent binding and extend the zipper life. Apply beeswax along the length of the entire zipper, hold an iron with steam over the zipper to melt the wax, and then open and close the zipper several times. Susan, Facebook LONG STORY SHORT Using a too-short stitch length causes puckers in the fabric, so always test your machine’s preset stitch length before stitching a project. If necessary, increase the stitch length. Peggy, Facebook PERFECT PLACEMENT Use fusible thread to sew perfectly centered zippers every time. Wind a bobbin with fusible thread, and then zigzag stitch each zipper tape with right sides down. Baste the garment seam,…

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staff picks

1. A dress form is an important tool for garment sewists, especially if you sew for others. Consider adding Mr. Tailor by Dritz to your studio party! When sewing for men, fitting can be a challenge, even for experienced sewists. Mr. Tailor scan help you tailor and alter men’s pants, shirts and jackets. The form is fully customizable in the neck, height, chest circumference and more, so you’ll be able to get the perfect fit. This dress form is the sewist gift that keeps on giving: custom clothes all year long! www.dritz.com 2. One of the best parts of the winter season is cuddling up with a good book by the fire, when you’re not sewing of course. We recommend you add Shedding the Shackles: Women’s Empowerment through Craft by Lynne…

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paris green

Paris Green, who is ten years old, started sewing at age four. She used yarn, a piece of cardboard with holes in it and a plastic knitting needle. Paris is the brilliant mind behind her business Scarves and More, which is dedicated to designing dresses for the nonprofit organization Dress a Girl Around the World, whose mission is to remind girls of their worth one dress at a time. She also sews scarves and masks for homeless men and women on the streets in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, and she has sewn blankets for babies in newborn intensive-care units. Paris teaches online sewing classes for children through The Couture Beauty and Sewing Academy and serves as the youngest brand ambassador for BERNINA. Sew News: Describe your perfect day. Paris Green: The…

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sewing menswear

MEN IN SEWING While many high-end tailors and well-known clothing designers are men, the number of men who sew at home is quite small compared to the number of women. However, the number of men sewing for themselves is growing, and we’ve featured some of our favorites in the Men Who Sew column. As a result, pattern companies offer more menswear patterns than ever and companies offering exclusively menswear patterns are emerging, as well as pattern companies that offer gender neutral designs. TOOL TIME Add these tools to your sewing arsenal to achieve professional-looking results for both men and women. Point turner (A): This tool, made from plastic or bamboo, is perfect for shaping collars, waistbands, turning facings and anywhere you need a crisp corner. Use the tool deliberately. Don’t simply jam it into…

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pressing matters brought to you by panasonic

TEAM STEAM Using steam while pressing is a game changer during the garment-making process, especially with fabrics like cotton and linen that wrinkle easily as you work with them. Steam is also a must-have when working with wool. Combine steam and use a clapper to permanently set creases in wool fabrics. Use distilled water in your iron to avoid corrosion. PEP IN YOUR PREP Prewashing fabrics is an essential step in garment sewing, ridding the fabric of any sizing and shrinking fabrics prior to sewing them, so you can avoid fit issues later. But after laundering, fabric yardage can be wrinkly and unwieldy. Before cutting your pattern pieces, press the fabric yardage in a single layer and on grain to avoid distortion. TOOL TIME Add a few specialty tools to your arsenal for increased pressing…