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April 2019

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the ed zone

He may not have any superpowers to speak of beyond a bulging wallet and a love of fancy dress, but Batman is undoubtedly one of the most enduring members of the comic book pantheon. He’s certainly looking good for an octogenarian, so we’ve decided to celebrate his 80th birthday with a truly epic celebration of billionaire Bruce Wayne and his nocturnal alter-ego (p30).As well as looking back at the Dark Knight’s early days, we put the spotlight on the best (and worst) Bat-villains, tell the behind-the-scenes story of Tim Burton’s first Batman film, and speak with Grant Morrison – Batman writer extraordinaire. We also look ahead to upcoming Bat-projects, including Pennyworth, aka the adventures of Alfred the butler.The superhero action continues with Marvel’s hotly anticipated Captain Marvel (p46), and –…

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l.a. story

For the last three decades, indie director Gregg Araki’s become of the voice of edgy, youth culture cinema. Brash, low-fi and always controversial, his films shine a light into the world of teens that you kind of don’t want to know, but then can’t look away from.Having first dipped into sci-fi storytelling with Mysterious Skin (2004) and Kaboom (2010), Araki has now shifted to TV to continue what he started with those films in new series Now Apocalypse. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, the series follows the wheel-spinning exploits of millennial Ulysses (Avan Jogia) and his circle of hyper-sexualised buddies also looking for their paths.“I’ve been wanting to do a TV show for at least 20 years,” Araki tells us. “Now Apocalypse is very much my dream TV show come…

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avan calling

(© GETTY (1))ULYSSES FEELS STUCK IN HIS YOUNG LIFE. IS THAT HOW YOU SEE HIM?I think what’s interesting about him is he’s incredibly paranoid. He hasn’t engaged in life. I think he thinks that life’s a conspiracy and that’s why he’s so inclined to lean into this larger plot of something going on because he thinks there’s a larger conspiracy at work.WHAT’S IT LIKE WORKING WITH A DIRECTOR LIKE GREGG WHO’S UNAFRAID TO PUT ANYTHING ON THE SCREEN?Everyone is curious about Gregg because the inside of Gregg’s mind, and how he makes movies, makes everyone think that Gregg is a wild man, or insane. I’m sure there’s a bit of enjoyment about that fact [for him]. I found working with him confirmed what I’d always thought about Gregg, which is…

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shadow play

Five years ago, half of Flight Of The Conchords and the future director of Thor: Ragnarok unleashed New Zealand-set vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows on the world. Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s movie became a cult hit: a hilarious snapshot of the mundane lives of four ancient vampire flatmates living in Wellington, it worked as a piss-take of both vampire tropes and reality TV.Not long after its release, executive producer Scott Rudin helped the pair sell an adaptation with the same title and format to TV, with new vampire roomies living in contemporary Staten Island, New York. The TV incarnation of What We Do in the Shadows stars Brit comedians such as Matt Berry (Laszlo), Natasia Demetriou (Nadja) and Kayvan Novak (Nandor) as bitchy bloodsuckers co-existing with uniquely…

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aerial assault

Stephen King’s novel The Stand is picked up for a 10-episode series by CBS All Access, home of Star Trek: Discovery.Legion’s upcoming third season is to be its last; Game Of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd to play Charles Xavier.Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man comic has been picked up by FX for a full series.In some not so surprising news, The Walking Dead is picked up for a tenth season – with Danai “Michonne” Gurira reportedly making it her last.For the honour of Grayskull! Netflix grants She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power a second season.Filming on Game Of Thrones prequel show to start this summer.CBS orders slightly tenuous Frankenstein pilot, about a cop who is brought back to life after dying on the job.New Stranger Things novel…

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royal intrigue

Set two years after her previous book, Sorcerer To The Crown, Zen Cho’s new novel, The True Queen, exists in the same universe, but is its own story.“Structurally, Sorcerer To The Crown is more like a romance than the traditional first act of a fantasy trilogy, and romance novels tend to be standalone,” she tells Red Alert. “Plus I wanted to explore the world beyond Sorcerer’s London; focusing on new characters helped me do that.”Switching between Malaysian island Janda Baik and an alternate Regency London, Cho’s novels are influenced by the eclectic range of fiction she read during her formative years in Malaysia. “My experience was one of cultural hybridity,” she suggests. “The books draw on PG Wodehouse and Georgette Heyer, but also Chinese mythology and the writing of 19th…