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Shop Talk! December 2019

At Shop Talk! we are committed to the leather industry, creating a niche community that unites raw goods and equipment/machinery manufacturers with traditional leather craftsman, boot and shoe makers, and next generation leather artisans. Join the Shop Talk! community and subscribe today!

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Dear Shop Talk! Family, Approaching the holiday season as the mother of five daughters, wife of an entrepreneur, editor of a monthly magazine and primary president at church, as well as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, neighbor, chauffer, cook, maid, mediator, enforcer, scheduler, organizer, nurse, advisor and listener, has me reflecting on my incredibly wonderful, sometimes very chaotic life and the abundance of blessings that have come with it this past year. This issue is filled with stories of overcoming, waiting, enduring and becoming. Our Showcase artisan Ben Cunningham, founder and owner of the one-man leather shop Benjamin Bott Design, struggles with dyslexia. At the time he entered the industry, there weren’t many visual learning aids (videos), which meant he had to overcome a period of trial and error. Brothers Chris and…

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NICK PERNOKAS Nick Pernokas was raised in New England. As a boy he cleaned stalls for a hack stable in return for getting to ride the horses. He bought his first horse with money from a paper route, and showed in AQHA shows with him. At a young age Nick headed west to play cowboy. He ended up in Stephenville, Texas, where he received a B.S. from Tarleton State University. In 1983 he began building custom saddles under the Pernokas Saddlery label. Nick competed successfully in the AQHA, the NRHA, and the PRCA, in which he earned a Gold Card. Nick won 5 Year End High Point Championships (Honor Roll), and 2 Reserve World Championships, in the AQHA in roping events. In the mid Nineties he wrote “All the Pretty Saddles”,…

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artisan® toro-3200

The NEWEST and absolutely the BEST Quality affordable true heavy duty “Walking Foot” leather stitching machine with reverse for saddle, harness, holster, chap, and light/medium to extra heavy stitching. Designed for professionals, and novice leather crafters alike. All new TORO-3200 stitchers include our exclusive Mega 21 Lb, 13" diameter Hand Wheel for exacting slow speed control, along with our H/D Ped-500 adjustable pedestal drive unit with the Artisan® 1.1 HP, 880 watt output, 110 volt, brushless A.C. electronic servo motor. A spool of “Premium Performance” Leather Stitching Thread, Extra Needles, Bobbins, a Tool Kit, an Operators and Spare Parts Manual, a Magnetic Base Gooseneck 24 LED Lamp, a Deluxe Roller Edge Guide, Double Toe and Right Side Presser Feet, and a Thread Nipper. Exclusive Artisan® Lifetime Limited Warranty is included. Phone…

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new colorful bridle leather by ald

Our bridle leather is now available in 10 new colors! These are perfect for tack, belts, and accessories. ChahinLeather™ bridle is fully finished with a waxy feel and a beautiful sheen. After the vegetable tanning process, the leather is hot stuffed with oils and tallows giving the leather a smooth, rich cut. The bridle leather is weather-resistant due to these oils and waxes. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is drum dyed for uniform coloring. See all of the colors online at aleatherd.com or call (270) 526-3835 to request samples.…

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strap-eze by frontier gunleather

Strap-Eze™, precision machined in the USA from space-age material, is destined to revolutionize the entire leather craft industry! Bianchi’s fresh approach to belt cutting features a dynamic alignment of the cutting blade at a precise angle and in direct line with the user’s wrist, arm and elbow for maximum leverage and ease of use. For the past 150 years leather craftsmen have struggled with the same ‘Old Fashioned’ designed strap cutters. New materials, methods and design technology have made the old strap cutters obsolete. Get your Strap-Eze™ today at Frontier Gunleather, 760-895-4401 or sales@frontiergunleather.com.…

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hide & horn podcast celebrates wyoming saddlemakers

The art of custom saddlemaking is a uniquely American art form, blending rugged functionality with high quality craftsmanship and artistic design. A tool symbolic of the American West, through the influence of Don King and the Sheridan Style the saddle is recognized for the variety of artistic expression in the multiple tools used to stamp, tool, and carve leather. And while the ranching industry continues to drastically change, saddlemaking over the past ten to fifteen years has experienced a Renaissance, drawing on the influences from the past while continuing to develop new ideas, incorporate various inspirations, and continue to contribute to the craft. The Hide & Horn Podcast seeks to highlight the work of contemporary saddle makers through their own words, demonstrating their continued esteem in society, and promoting an awareness…