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Shop Talk! April 2020

At Shop Talk! we are committed to the leather industry, creating a niche community that unites raw goods and equipment/machinery manufacturers with traditional leather craftsman, boot and shoe makers, and next generation leather artisans. Join the Shop Talk! community and subscribe today!

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NICK PERNOKAS Nick Pernokas was raised in New England. As a boy he cleaned stalls for a hack stable in return for getting to ride the horses. He bought his first horse with money from a paper route, and showed in AQHA shows with him. At a young age Nick headed west to play cowboy. He ended up in Stephenville, Texas, where he received a B.S. from Tarleton State University. In 1983 he began building custom saddles under the Pernokas Saddlery label. Nick competed successfully in the AQHA, the NRHA, and the PRCA, in which he earned a Gold Card. Nick won 5 Year End High Point Championships (Honor Roll), and 2 Reserve World Championships, in the AQHA in roping events. In the mid Nineties he wrote “All the Pretty Saddles”,…

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strap-eze by frontier gunleather

Strap-Eze™, precision machined in the USA from space-age material, is destined to revolutionize the entire leather craft industry! Bianchi’s fresh approach to belt cutting features a dynamic alignment of the cutting blade at a precise angle and in direct line with the user’s wrist, arm and elbow for maximum leverage and ease of use. For the past 150 years leather craftsmen have struggled with the same ‘Old Fashioned’ designed strap cutters. New materials, methods and design technology have made the old strap cutters obsolete. Get your Strap-Eze™ today at Frontier Gunleather, 760-895-4401 or sales@frontiergunleather.com.…

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snapping turtle leather, something new from someone new!

It’s not very often that a new leather comes to the market. But Snapping Turtle Leather is now available. The Snapping Turtle Leather Company, LLC, has taken what was a byproduct and tanned it into a beautiful line of chrome tanned leathers. The Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) has been eaten as food on the East Coast and Northern regions of North America for many, many years and the skins discarded – but no more. This leather comes in two halves, the head piece and the tail piece, with the horned tails being the star of the show. The leather is quite thick, supple and workable. The tails are great for use in boots, holsters and knife sheaths. Boots will require at least a 3-piece vamp. The head piece of the turtle…

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narrow veg horsebutt strips from maverick leather company

Tanned using a slow process to create a firm, dense leather that is ideal for wet molding and stamping. The veg tanned strips come from the heavier section of the hide and have a very tight grain structure. These “Russet” strips are tanned alongside Horween’s Shell Cordovan during the first 45 days of their production. The veg extracts used to make these strips provide them with a natural russet color that will deepen to a beautiful Chestnut tone when oiled. This deeper color tone can also be achieved after longer periods of use and exposure to light. These make great sheaths, holsters, bags straps, razor strops, welts and belts (when long enough). Tanned by Horween Leather in Chicago, Illinois. Available in single strips or tiered price bundles! 1 Strip - $11.99 5 Strips -…

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the “boss” by tippmann industrial

Designed and patented in the 1990’s, the Tippmann “BOSS” was created by Denny Tippmann Sr., owner of Tippmann Industrial products. This premium leather hand stitcher’s compact design was originally cast out of cast iron and was rather cumbersome until now. With its newly designed aluminum casting, this hand stitcher is quite mobile and easy to transport wherever your projects take you. With the ability to sew thin wallets up to top notch saddlery, the “BOSS ‘’ is very versatile. Threads, needles, stitch lengths and tension are all adjustable. New to sewing or an expert, anyone can pick this machine up and start stitching beautifully right away. TippmannIndustrial.com or 866-286-8046…

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in good hands

Alvin Trenk didn’t realize he was creating a legacy the day he found himself in Greenville, Texas, wandering into Billy Cook’s original shop back in 1975. He bought two saddles that day for his sons, Steven and Jeffrey, and Steven’s young son, Adam Trenk, grew up sitting in those seats. Then when Adam was 14, he got his first horse and was gifted an old Billy Cook that belonged to his aunt for his first saddle. When he outgrew it in 1999, he purchased a model 2020 Billy Cook Roping Saddle…one he still uses to this day. “I started a lot of colts in it my summers in Montana, and it has seen long days on the trail,” Trenk explains. “Though built for arena roping, I found it to be incredibly…