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August 10, 2020

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kassie depaiva returns to days

Just like her previous DAYS comebacks, Kassie DePaiva (Eve) had no idea what was on the agenda when she got the call about returning to the soap. “They just invited me to do this short story arc, but I didn’t know what it was,” says the actress, noting that she did have her suspicions and eventually asked. “I went, ‘Am I coming back to break up Jack and Jennifer?’” When she found out she wasn’t, DePaiva was intrigued. “Then I got there and was like, ‘Oh, no! I’ve become a supervillain?’” she recounts. “I read scripts and learned that Eve blew up a wedding. It was fun but I was totally shocked.” From a storyline point of view, DePaiva sums up her latest run as “a wonderful soap opera arc. There was…

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b&b: thomas is back!

Months after his world imploded, Thomas is back in Los Angeles. “We learn he’s been off doing some soul-searching,” explains his portrayer, Matthew Atkinson. “He’s been traveling around and trying to find himself. He has had a lot of time to think about what he did, and he’s in a different headspace now.” Steffy’s motorcycle accident is what brings Thomas home. “Thomas’s internal struggles falter when it comes to his love for his family, and specifically, his sister,” Atkinson notes. “He feels this insane connection to her because of everything they’ve gone through together. There is this incredible bond between those two, and the fact that he wasn’t around when Bill hit her, I think he blames himself a bit for not being there. Thomas feels remorse for that, and he’ll…

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nadia bjorlin returns to days

Nadia Bjorlin’s Chloe suddenly surfaces to help Ciara and company in their quest to find the missing Ben. “All the Salemites come to New York and want to talk to Chloe about Eve — where she’s been, what’s going on with her. They’re all looking for her,” explains the actress. “Chloe is the one with all the information.” Bjorlin, not so much. “I just remember all the dialogue and thinking, ‘What am I talking about?’ And trying to wrap my head around it,” chuckles Bjorlin. “Because I’d been off the show, I was filling in story that I hadn’t been there for.” And “story” that the audience hasn’t seen, either. Namely, that Chloe’s long-time friendship with Eve has gone awry in recent months. “Chloe’s like, ‘That bitch has lost her mind. She’s…

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quick take

When we left off with Mariah she was unemployed. How is she doing? “For me, I know being unemployed is very, very jarring and not okay for my psyche and for my body. I can’t imagine that Mariah’s very different. This is somebody who’s been providing for herself her entire life and has managed to make a lot of different careers work. I think the question for her right now is, what is her drive? What does she love doing most? I think that is the question that she’s eager to get answered. And I think it’s also [that] she sees her partner now doing well. I think that disparity is often interesting with couples, to see how they handle it when one person is thriving and maybe the other…

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the latest cast changes

who’s coming BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Matthew Atkinson (Thomas Forrester): Atkinson, who was last seen storming out after his character’s disastrous wedding to Zoe (Kiara Barnes) on March 13, returns to town to see Thomas’s injured sister, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). See page 6 for more. Lisa Canning (Dr. Joyce Griffith): The soap vet (ex-Adrienne, Y&R et al) made her first appearance on July 29. Jeremy Ray Valdez (Alex Sanchez): The L.A. detective returned to action on July 27. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane): Chloe offers assistance to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer). See page 7 for more. Kassie DePaiva (Eve Donovan): Eve is back, with big plans for Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). See page 4 for more. Remington Hoffman (Li Shin): Hoffman has more scenes this week with Camila Banus’s Gabi. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer…

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real-life status

In Memoriam: Veteran actress Phyllis Somerville passed away on July 16 from natural causes. During her decades-long career, she appeared on such soaps as LOVING (ex-Mrs. Swan, 1992), AS THE WORLD TURNS (ex-Alice, 1994; ex-Annabelle, 2004), GUIDING LIGHT (ex-Mrs. Beasley, 1998) and ONE LIFE TO LIVE (ex-Charlotte, 1998). Somerville was 76. Arrested: Bryshere Gray (ex-Hakeem, EMPIRE) was taken into police custody on July 13 after police responded to a domestic violence call made by the actor’s wife. Reports say Gray initially refused to come out of his suburban AZ home, so a SWAT team and crisis negotiators were called in to assist.…