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December 7, 2020

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5 min.
galen gering on days return

Rafe is back in Salem, which marks the return of his portrayer, Galen Gering. The actor, who last filmed in February after an 11-year run, says he was happy to get the call to reprise the role. “So the day I left was my birthday — February 13th — and I had very mixed feelings about the whole thing,” Gering recalls. “I was excited for what the future would hold without DAYS OF OUR LIVES in it, and bittersweet in that I was obviously leaving behind a lot of people I care for, and the whole experience. My overwhelming feeling was that I wanted to go with a real feeling of excitement about the unknown, and that’s how I’ve led my whole life, so why stop now? I don’t know what…

4 min.
b&b: liam sleeps with steffy!

Still reeling from the shocking sight of Thomas kissing Hope, Liam is left angry and devastated. “What he witnessed, Liam is simultaneously validated and destroyed,” explains his portrayer, Scott Clifton. “In that moment, everything seems to make sense about why Hope has been so dismissive of his concerns that Thomas wants her back.” After spying the buss, “Liam is standing in Thomas’s doorway in shock and despair,” says Clifton. “He can’t even bring himself to say anything. He can’t even walk into the room, so he leaves. He doesn’t know where to go and finds himself driving back to Steffy’s.” Once there, Liam fills in an incredulous Steffy. “Steffy doesn’t believe it at first,” notes Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). “In Steffy’s mind, she’s like, ‘There is no way that would ever happen.’…

2 min.
days: allie pulls a gun on tripp

Tripp informs Steve that the London police are investigating him, and seem to think he’s lying about what happened with Allie. “He’s definitely confused, and worried about the ‘he said/she said’ element of this,” says Lucas Adams (Tripp) of his alter ego’s predicament. “In Salem, anything can happen, but he’s worried that as soon as it goes to the authorities in London, there’s no turning back. This is something that he was not expecting or planned for. He really just sees his life kind of crumbling around him and he’s just trying to keep it standing up.” Kayla returns home, and she and Steve get into a heated argument about Tripp and Allie. After she goes, Tripp tells his father that he’s sorry for coming between Steve and Kayla, but Steve…

2 min.
y&r: billy and lily make love

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy is approached by Sally, who shamelessly tries to network with him. “Billy’s curiosity is piqued when he discovers the woman chatting with him at the bar is none other than the Sally Spectra, but he knows when someone is working him,” points out Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “Billy and Sally’s exchange is soon interrupted by Lily’s arrival, so perhaps Billy will have another opportunity to discover Sally’s agenda for being in Genoa City.” After Sally leaves, Billy and Lily have a discussion about relationships, and they can’t help but feel a connection. “Billy and Lily have known each other a long time,” Griffith notes. “They jumped into a professional partnership headfirst and have spent a great deal of time together, managing the challenges and fighting…

3 min.
quick take

Well, it seemed only a matter of time until Adam landed in the mental ward, don’t you think? “Very true [laughs].” What’s it been like to play Adam this extreme? “It’s been a lot of fun; really juicy stuff with his internal struggle. I feel like I might lean in a little too dark at times, but that’s in part with how fast we have to shoot. If Adam is going to the loony bin then I have to justify how he would get there, so it’s always tricky if I’m taking this too far. I feel that’s the danger with this stuff, that it could fall into caricature land. The hard thing is keeping this grounded in reality and making it as real as I can.” Why is Adam so damn…

1 min.
early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ▪ Steffy, Ridge and Hope stand vigil as Thomas fights for his life. ▪ Liam grapples with what’s at stake when he learns a sordid truth. ▪ Quinn spies on Shauna and Eric in a last-ditch effort to reclaim her man! ▪ Silently suffering Zoe’s engagement, Zende finds a breath of fresh air in Paris. DAYS OF OUR LIVES ▪ Steve gets a blast from the past. ▪ Allie shares shocking news with Nicole. ▪ Chloe and Philip reconnect. ▪ Bonnie tries to make Justin jealous. YOUNG AND RESTLESS ▪ Victor is forced to defend himself. ▪ Jill reveals a dangerous plan. ▪ Jack warns Lauren about Sally. ▪ Elena has a change of heart. RATINGS RACE: WEEK OF NOVEMBER 2 The numbers listed after each show are ratings points. Each ratings point represents 1,210,000 homes. These numbers now reflect DVR playback within…