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September 23, 2019

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chrishell hartley on days return

Jordan is sprung from Bayview sanitarium, which means Chrishell Hartley is airing again on DAYS. The actress says she knew her alter ego would return at some point. “The last time I was here, I came into work thinking it was my last day, and they told me that I was going to come back,” she recalls. “I knew that there was going to be several months in between, but I didn’t know when until I got the script. It’s kind of funny to see what they had up their sleeves.” She admits she had some first-day jitters. “There are those nerves of, like, feeling rusty because all of a sudden you go from not memorizing any lines to having all this dialogue to spout out and you have to try…

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gh comeback for jessica tuck

▪ “She’s like a cockroach, right?” muses Jessica Tuck of her sinister GH alter ego, Cassandra Pierce, who returns to Port Charles this week. “I mean, you can stab her with a hypodermic needle full of opioids and you can’t kill her! She’s like those candles you try to blow out at birthday parties. She just keeps re-lighting.” Though she’s amassed a prolific prime-time resumé since her 1988-92 run as ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Megan, Tuck says that she welcomes the chance to reconnect with her daytime roots. “I have a long history with soaps,” she notes. “It’s where I started. I love the immediacy of it. It’s really fun. I love the people there. And it’s work, which I absolutely never take for granted.” Tuck debuted on GH in 2017 and…

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days: jennifer is taken captive

▪ Jennifer’s elation that Dr. Rolf has re-created the serum quickly fades when she discovers the lab has been trashed. “She’s so heartbroken,” says her portrayer, Melissa Reeves. “They blame everything on Eve.” But for once, Eve isn’t to blame, which Jennifer discovers once she is taken captive by a mysterious attacker who turns out to be Dr. Shah. “Dr. Shah is just out for revenge because Jennifer left him for Jack,” explains Reeves. “He decides he’s going to take her away, take her hostage and probably kill her in the hotel room.” Needless to say, Jennifer is surprised that her mild-mannered one-time suitor has snapped. “She sees that he’s a total lunatic and she can’t even comprehend it,” nods Reeves. “He was so nice to her and she was really starting…

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b&b: ridge wakes up in bed — with shauna!

▪ After a bender at Bikini Bar, Ridge wakes up to find a strange bedfellow — Shauna. “I blame the Bikini Bar for that; there’s got to be a lawsuit in there somewhere,” quips Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), adding, “This is not the first time that I thought about waking up next to Denise Richards [Shauna]. It didn’t seem weird to me at all because I’ve been there before in my mind. But yeah, that was a little weird for Ridge, because it’s awful when you wake up and the mind takes a minute to catch up with the rest of your body; that’s kind of what this is. He remembers pieces of it, but he doesn’t remember her being anywhere near him.” Ridge tries to figure out what happened the night…

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gh preview: kim and franco have sex

▪ When Franco checks in on Kim to see how she’s faring in the wake of Drew’s disappearance, she ends up in bed with the man who now possesses Drew’s memories. According to Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten, Franco accepts that Kim plans to leave Port Charles with Julian. “Drew is a sincere person,” he says. “Much like his brother Jason, there are not a lot of shades of gray with him; he’s not a person who hides his motives. He’s pretty straightforward. So I think he’s come to Kim to effect some kind of closure, knowing that she’s leaving and that she’s got this man in her life that she cares very much for. The stand-up guy that is Drew is not going to make an overt move to get…

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y&r: can victoria save billy?

▪ Though Kevin and Chloe try to keep an emotionally disturbed Billy calm and sedated at the Chancellor boathouse, it becomes apparent that their efforts aren’t helping. Billy asks to see Victoria, so Chloe summons her. When Victoria arrives, Billy is sleeping, and Chloe details the extent of Billy’s distress. “Billy is locked inside himself and he needs to deal with it in some way,” says Jason Thompson (Billy). “I think it’s very scary for him. He knows he’s in trouble but doesn’t know how to get out. That’s why he wants Victoria.” Chloe leaves and after a while, Billy awakens to find Victoria at his bedside. He is startled to see her and asks why she let him sleep. She explains that they’ve been talking for the past hour, but…