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July 22, 2019

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rebecca budig on gh comeback

“It was like a family reunion, going back to a place you used to work,” says Rebecca Budig of what it felt like to return to the GH studio to reprise the role of Hayden, which she vacated back in 2017. “I came in to do a fitting before I started actually working, and it was just nice to see familiar faces. That day, I think I saw Michael [Easton, Finn] and Emme [Rylan, Lulu] and Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] and Kin [Shriner, Scott] and some of the people in hair and makeup that I had gotten fairly close to. One of them, Cait, had a baby since I last saw her, so that was exciting.” When it was time to slip back into Hayden’s skin, Budig muses, “I don’t know that…

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b&b cast reacts to emma’s death

▪ B&B fans weren’t the only ones shocked by Emma’s untimely demise, since none of Nia Sioux’s (ex-Emma) castmates saw it coming. “I was surprised,” remarks Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “But the one thing I’ve learned, especially with this medium, is that things are constantly moving and changing and you never know what’s going to happen next. There is so much that’s being created in such a short period of time that sometimes the writers have to make big decisions quickly in order to best serve the story.” Adain Bradley, whose Xander was originally paired with Emma, was also floored by the move. “When I first read it, I was just reading the script nonchalantly, like every other script, and I saw it and I was honestly stunned, just as everyone was…

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y&r: nick and chelsea grow closer

▪ Nick and Chelsea almost kiss but she pulls back, admitting that her thoughts are scattered since her husband died and she doesn’t want to send any mixed signals. “There’s a part of Chelsea that’s still processing the fact that Adam is alive,” says Head Writer Josh Griffith. “It took a lot out of her emotionally to come to terms with his death. Seeing him alive now is too overwhelming. Since her relationship with Nick is more recent, it’s an easier and safer connection, less complicated.” Still, it’s obvious that Nick wants to continue getting closer with his former fiancée. “Nick cared deeply about Chelsea, which made her past deception so painful,” Griffith notes. “At this point, enough time has passed for Nick to let go of the hurt and take…

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gh preview: nina seeks intel on jax

▪ After Valentin tells Nina about the files that Jax has secretly compiled on him and Cassandra, Nina decides to do some digging of her own. “He does seem a bit too good to be true,” begins Cynthia Watros of why her character, Nina, is suspicious of Jax. “He’s gorgeous and charming, but when this information about the files came out, it sort of increased her idea that he has a hidden agenda. She’s like, ‘What is up with this guy, and with Cassandra and that information? That’s a big secret.’ If that information came out, Nina could potentially get into trouble. It brings up a lot of fear, stuff that she hasn’t had to think about for a while now. She’s wondering, ‘Why does he have these files and what…

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b&b: thomas gets hope to the altar

▪ Thomas pulls out all the stops to marry Hope, despite the objections of the bride-to-be’s loved ones who are concerned that she’s rushing into this union. “Thomas is probably the only person who thinks this will happen,” chuckles Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “Brooke is not for it. She has called Thomas’s behavior obsessive on numerous occasions. His father is kind of for it, but it’s definitely causing some friction between Ridge and Brooke. Liam certainly is not happy about it, but Thomas doesn’t care what anybody else thinks.” Despite the pushback, Thomas persuades Hope to wed as soon as possible. “Thomas is confident that this will happen,” Atkinson states. “He knows what he wants in his life. He knows the end goal, and Hope is it. He will do anything to…

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days: kristen double-crosses xander

▪ Kate and Ted agree to go along with Kristen’s plan to accuse Stefan of kidnapping them. “Kristen threatens them,” says portrayer Stacy Haiduk. “She’ll let them live, but they have to do what she wants. So they go along with it.” Xander’s angry when Kristen reveals she protected herself, but not him. He threatens to expose Kristen and leaves before she can stop him. Later, Xander decides to teach double-crossing Kristen a lesson and swipes her Nicole mask. “That’s the only way for her to get out of the Salem Inn,” notes Haiduk. “Now she’s stuck in her room. She’s trying to figure out what to do next.” Kristen calls Xander and rips into him. He plays a prank on her, sending her a Mexican wrestling mask in its place. “Knowing…