Soap Opera Digest August 16, 2021

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4 min
kimberlin brown back to b&b

Kimberlin Brown, last seen as Sheila in 2018, is back at B&B and her alter ego has a whopper of a secret — she is Finn’s biological mother! “When I found out that Finn was Sheila’s son, I was excited — I mean, terribly excited,” Brown shared during Digest’s podcast, Dishing With Digest. “Especially because all the years that Sheila has been on the show, and I know she has other children, I’m finally going to get to act with one of them for more than just a little while…. Think about this, Sheila finally has a connection to the Forresters — through Steffy, whether she likes it or not.” Brown shared that initially meeting her TV son, Tanner Novlan (Finn), was a bit of a challenge. “With Covid going on,…

2 min
b&b bombshell: sheila is finn’s mother!

Finn gets the surprise of a lifetime on his wedding day when he meets his biological mother: Sheila Carter. “I was shocked,” says Tanner Novlan (Finn) of the plot twist. “I think everyone else was, too, and then, also very intrigued. This is going to be very difficult to navigate for Finn. He doesn’t know anything about her past [with the Forresters], so this is very cool for him. This is something he’s thought about his whole life. As amazing as his parents have been with him, finding his birth mother actually fills a void that was in his life. He has always had questions. To find this out, it’s amazing, and he’s thinking, ‘What a perfect time.’ This is a new life he is starting, and what a great…

3 min
days’s ej to sami: i know you cheated

Sami has to face the music after EJ gets the telltale letter from Nicole, revealing Sami’s fling with Lucas. “EJ confronts Sami about her adultery and she denies it to his face,” says Alison Sweeney (Sami). “He gives her another chance, like, ‘Please, just be honest with me. I’ll understand,’ and she flat-out lies to him. And then she tries to soft-pedal it and says, ‘It was just one time,’ and he’s like, ‘Are you sure it was just one time?’ He clearly has all the information and Sami is completely handling this all wrong.” EJ finally reveals that he has the missive. “All of Sami’s excuses and lies and sugarcoating fall apart and she has to tell him the truth,” sighs Sweeney. “And they end up having this full-on confrontation…

2 min
y&r: victoria and ashland announce their engagement

Now that Victoria has accepted Ashland’s unexpected marriage proposal in New York City, he presents her with a sapphire engagement ring once they return to Genoa City. “It’s humongous,” reports Victoria’s portrayer, Amelia Heinle. “Victoria has had, like, seven marriages and this is her second ring of color. The first one was when Billy gave her a ruby ring. Ashland explains to Victoria that this sapphire is more unique than a diamond ring, plus he says it matches the color of her eyes. It’s all very meaningful and by making it official, it’s like they’re saying, ‘Yes, we really do love each other.’” The duo decides to face the future as a team. “She’s excited because they’re on the same page now that he’s agreed to fight his cancer,” Heinle explains.…

2 min
gh: nikolas confronts spencer

Nikolas and Alexis are shocked when Harmony allows them to see some of the correspondence that she has facilitated for Ryan — which includes a letter to Spencer. Nikolas wonders if Ryan was seeking to collaborate with Spencer against Nik and Ava, and though Alexis cautions him against confronting his son, Nik heads out to seek answers. At the Metro Court, Nik shows Spencer the letter from Ryan, putting Spencer in the hot seat. According to Nicholas Chavez (Spencer), “Spencer’s entire plan is really delicate, so if he’s nervous, it’s only for a very fleeting moment. For the most part, Spencer’s mind works faster than his nerves. He needs to be able to think his way out of situations quickly. Nikolas finding this letter from Ryan could interfere with the mission…

3 min
quick take

Willow has noticed that something is up with Chase, but she doesn’t suspect that he knows she’s cheating on him. So, what does she think is going on? “She thinks maybe it’s just him feeling inadequate because he’s stuck in this wheelchair. There could be so many things; that he’s feeling helpless, that he’s been working so hard in physical therapy and making very little progress so far. Progress is progress, but he wants it now. So I guess it’s the frustration that he must be feeling with his situation; that’s what Willow thinks is going on.” This week, Willow has a conversation with Michael and tells him that as soon as they have a solid indication that Chase is moving in the right direction in terms of his mobility, she…