Soap Opera Digest August 23, 2021

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elizabeth leiner on y&r exit

Y&R’s Tara Locke was escorted away in handcuffs for tax evasion on August 6, which means her portrayer, Elizabeth Leiner, has wrapped her run. Since the role, which began on March 1, was only supposed to last a few days, Leiner is grateful for the extended stay. “It was a wild ride as an actor,” she enthuses. “Every time they kept scheduling me, I would think, ‘Whatever is happening, I hope it keeps going.’ Tara was getting more interesting and I enjoyed seeing where she would go.” Coming in, Leiner knew very little about the character she was playing. “It was minimal, which I now appreciate,” she affirms. “It really allowed me to discover her as I went along. It helped because she was supposed to be mysterious, so it lent…

2 min
cameron mathison debuts on gh – as drew!

GH has revealed who former ALL MY CHILDREN star Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan) will be playing when he debuts this week: Drew Cain, the role originated by Billy Miller in 2014, who has been presumed dead since Peter arranged for his plane to go down in 2019. When he originally signed on to the show, “I didn’t know anything — I didn’t know the who, what, where, why.” But the first time he met with Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor and a network rep, “That’s when I found out I was playing Drew Cain, and I had goosebumps,” Mathison declares. “I love this character. I think this character embodies a lot of stuff I haven’t necessarily been able to tap into as an actor…

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days: paulina is lani’s mother!

Paulina’s mother, Olivia, arrives in town and the two discuss how Paulina is Lani’s mother, not her aunt. “This is the mother that takes no guff from her daughter,” previews Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “Olivia has basically come to town like, ‘What are you doing here? You never should have come here. We made an agreement years ago and you broke it.’ She comes to school her. It’s great to see Paulina on the other end of it for once.” The scribe says he had big plans for Paulina once they cast Jackée Harry in the role. “I love her as a comedienne but I know she’s a great actress and can do a lot, so I thought, ‘Let’s give her something bigger to play besides this outrageous, larger-than-life character. Can…

2 min
y&r: mariah loses it in captivity

In the depressing bedroom where she’s been imprisoned for weeks, Mariah tries to stay even-keeled by talking to her baby bump. “The unknown is the hardest part and that’s what she’s really grappling with now,” says Camryn Grimes (Mariah). “Talking to the baby is what gets her through the isolation and the fear, but her resolve is wearing thin. There are very few options for Mariah and it starts to take a toll on her mentally, coupled with the responsibility to stay sane and level-headed for the baby.” Ever since Mariah covered up the hidden camera, she’s been hoping that someone would enter her room to find out why the surveillance equipment isn’t working. “No one has come to check on her, which she finds really odd, so now her mind…

2 min
b&b: finn keeps a secret from steffy

Steffy orders Sheila to stay away from her family, but Sheila begins texting Finn — and he texts back, but keeps it from his new bride. “Finn is still reeling from all of this,” sighs his portrayer, Tanner Novlan. “He’s really puzzled by all of this and wonders how these new dynamics are going to work, or if they’ll even work at all.” Despite Steffy’s wishes, Finn still yearns to get to know his mother. “Finn is trying to navigate all of this because he has these intense emotional ties to this longing and this void in his life regarding his biological mother,” relays Novlan. “Of course, his main emotional tie is to his new wife and the mother of his child, and so I think he’s trying to figure out…

3 min
soap vet’s shocking death at 60

Soap vet Jay Pickett (ex-Harper, GH; ex-Frank, PORT CHARLES; ex-Chip, DAYS) passed away suddenly on July 30 after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 60. Pickett was in his home state of Idaho, on the set of the film Treasure Valley, which he wrote, produced and was starring in. The expert roper and rider was on a horse ready to shoot a scene when he collapsed. He leaves behind his wife of 35 years, Elena, and their three children Maegen, Michaela and Tyler. Stars took to social media to remember the actor. “My greatest friend has sadly left this world,” posted Michael Dietz (ex-Mark, B&B et al), who played his sibling, Joe, on PC from 1997-99. “He played my big brother on TV but that carried over into real life…