Soap Opera Digest September 6, 2021

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3 min
marla gibbs dishes about days run

For longtime DAYS fan Marla Gibbs, getting cast on the show was like a dream come true. “DAYS OF OUR LIVES is one of my favorite shows,” she begins. “I do tape it and I do watch it every day, so it’s wonderful getting the opportunity to be on it. It’s everything I thought it would be. Everyone there is so nice and loving. And watching the scenes, I already know what they’re doing and who they are. They’re all beautiful, just like they are on TV.” Reteaming with Jackée Harry (Paulina), with whom she toiled on 227 and THE FIRST FAMILY, was also a joy. “It was very good,” she smiles. “She was my daughter on THE FIRST FAMILY and now she’s my daughter again. She’s very talented. When we…

1 min
brad bell on b&b cast changes

B&B’s Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell is thrilled about the show’s recent additions to the cast. “It’s been great,” smiles the exec. “It’s good to have Kimberlin [Brown, Sheila] back. She always brings a little punch and pizzazz, and to pit her against Jacqui [MacInnes Wood, Steffy] in this whole new way is going to bring some great story in their direction.” Bell had big plans for Sheila once he decided to make her Finn’s biological mother. “We knew that we had to have a secret, a disrupter, something from his past that would bring drama — and Sheila was a thought from the very beginning,” he relays. “I’m glad we’ve chosen to take that path, and it has been so fun to be working with Kimberlin again.” For viewers who see…

2 min
scott and obrecht’s wild ride on gh

Scott and Obrecht board a plane for her medical conference in St. Lucia, and while his mind is on the fun in the sun they’re poised to have, she’s focused on the bit of business she has to take care of first: killing Peter (for good this time). Scott is unaware that Obrecht has tasked Nina with sending Peter to the island (by feeding him false info about a lead Anna and Valentin got on Louise’s whereabouts) and is planning her nemesis’s murder. “Scotty doesn’t realize any of that,” sets up his portrayer, Kin Shriner. “His goal is to get to this beach. He doesn’t know anything about her distractions. All he’s thinking about it is, ‘Ooh, I can’t wait to get to this hotel and the beach.’ She had her…

2 min
b&b: sheila targets steffy

Now that Steffy caught Sheila holding Hayes, a furious Jack goes to see Sheila. “Jack threatens Sheila to leave town,” previews Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). “And as B&B fans know, Sheila doesn’t respond well to threats. She also wonders about Jack’s true motivation. Is it more about his son? Sheila knows he does care very deeply for Finn. Or, is he actually more concerned about Sheila going to his wife [Li] with the entire story? Jack stands to lose a lot, and in great Sheila fashion, she simply reminds him of that, like, ‘How dare you come and tell me what to do when I’m truly the one holding all the cards.’” After putting the screws to Jack, Sheila expresses her anger at the Forresters for not believing her repeated claims that…

2 min
days: philip catches brady and chloe — in bed!

Brady and Chloe’s business trip to Pennsylvania takes an unexpected turn when their plane is grounded and they’re forced to spend the night. When Philip hears about the change in plans, he’s very upset. Brady? Not so much. “Brady is trying to resurrect the feelings he once had with Chloe,” says Eric Martsolf (Brady). “I think he’s into it. He’s just stuck with wanting to respect her wishes about wanting to move forward with Philip, but he firmly believes that she and Philip are not a good match. Brady truly believes that he would be a better man for her than Philip would.” But the fact that Brady and Chloe now work together is somewhat of an issue. “It’s tough because he’s also her boss, and he doesn’t want to go…

2 min
y&r: adam and sally pair up

Newman Media’s big launch party kicks off at the Grand Phoenix and the crowd in attendance, which includes Victor, Nikki, Jack and Phyllis, is shocked when Adam makes his grand entrance — with Sally on his arm. “Oh, it’s delicious!” previews Courtney Hope (Sally). “Only a handful of people know that Sally is working at Newman Media, and even for those who do know, they didn’t expect her to show up with who she does. Sally is enjoying this in a lot of ways. It’s like she’s announcing, ‘Hey, I landed on my feet!’ But she knows that being with Adam is sticking it to a few people, so she’s really enjoying this moment.” Sally steers her escort over to Phyllis, and Adam thanks Ms. Summers for staging the big bash.…