Soap Opera Digest September 27, 2021

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meet gh’s avery pohl

Daytime newcomer Avery Pohl is thrilled to have landed the role of Port Charles’s newest bad girl, Esme Prince. The Florida native reports, “I had never had a soap opera audition until quarantine, and then I had two, one of which my friend Madison Thompson ended up booking [the role of Y&R’s Jordan]. I think GENERAL HOSPITAL was my third soap audition ever, so I am very new to the world of the soaps; I had never even watched an episode of one. At first, it was a little overwhelming, but I’m definitely getting into the swing of things and I’m having such a fun time.” Pohl submitted her first audition via tape, then was called back to read. “That was my first in-person audition post-Covid, so I was a little…

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y&r’s bergman on what’s next for jack

▪ Though Y&R’s Jack has been dealing with his personal life (see page 6 for more), his portrayer, Peter Bergman, points out that his character is in an unprecedented position. “Jack’s an island,” the actor sums up about Jack living in solitude at the Abbott manse. “With the exit of Kyle and Summer, there’s no reason to even put up the Jabot set. While Jack has lots of connections in Genoa City, on a daily basis, he’s more of an island now than in the entire time I’ve played him. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes.” Although fans have been clamoring for the writers to perk up Jack’s love life, Bergman isn’t so sure that’s a necessary step to take for story direction. “It doesn’t really fall…

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y&r: jack makes a decision about phyllis

▪ Jack continues to beat himself up for confessing to Phyllis that he still loves her. “It was one extra glass of wine and look what the hell happened,” scoffs Peter Bergman (Jack). “It’s clear that this really weighs on him. He’s struggling with, ‘Why couldn’t I just keep quiet? I’ve had these feelings bottled up for such a long time, and very successfully, and gotten on with my life. Why did I have to do that?’” Jack is so upset about his blunder that guilt and regret start to invade his subconscious. “Jack is sitting at home, alone in that big house and memories of his mother come flooding back,” Bergman explains. “He’s in this half-asleep/half-awake state when he hears Dina’s voice. He’s wondering ‘What can I hold on to…

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gh preview: sonny comes home!

▪ For the first time since he was presumed dead in December 2020, Sonny Corinthos comes home to Port Charles — and he is in for some serious shocks when he finds out what has transpired with his loved ones, Carly chief among them, during his protracted absence. “When you see Sonny come back, it’s as intense as anything I’ve ever played,” says his portrayer, Maurice Benard. But the dramatic fallout from the return of “Mike’s” memories begins before that, in Nixon Falls, when he faces the painful truth that Nina concealed his identity from him. According to Benard, “It’s deadly. I had to play true Sonny; there are no traces of ‘Mike’. It’s very intense.” Sonny’s focus quickly turns to getting back to his loved ones. “How I played it…

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days: philip romances chloe

▪ Determined to get their relationship back on track after the drama with Brady in Pennsylvania, Philip surprises Chloe with a picnic. “He has been feeling very insecure and it shows,” notes Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). “Chloe just keeps trying to reassure him, but it’s difficult because it’s falling a little bit on deaf ears. It’s a balancing act for Chloe right now, but Chloe has really committed to Philip, and him feeling so insecure about it is starting to annoy her. She’s taking it personally, like, ‘What do you mean? I told you something and you have to trust me. This is more about me than it is about Brady.’ She’s trying to take Brady out of the equation.” During their date, Philip presents Chloe with a sapling for them to…

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b&b’s ridge hires justin

▪ Ridge and Brooke are at a loss as to why Eric would allow Quinn back into his life after her fling with Carter, so Ridge takes matters into his own hands. “Look, people forgive things, and Eric is a forgiver,” states Thorsten Kaye (Ridge). “That has certainly been established. Ridge does believe that his dad loves this woman more than anything and he can’t live without her, but Ridge can’t understand that. At this point, Ridge is concerned that his father maybe just doesn’t want to be by himself. He’s worried about his father and doesn’t want to see him taken advantage of, especially by Quinn.” Because Ridge has his own personal history with Quinn, he is even more protective of Eric. “People will say, ‘Why don’t you trust Quinn?’…