Soap Opera Digest October 11, 2021

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5 min
days: possession preview!

For Head Writer Ron Carlivati, doing a possession story was always a thought in the back of his mind. “I started thinking about it the day I got hired at DAYS OF OUR LIVES,” he muses. “I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Isn’t this the show where Marlena got possessed by the devil? We’re doing that.’ But when I got there, it seemed there was, let’s say, a caution or a hesitation about it, and it seemed like for me to come in and establish myself at the show, maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do right away. But it’s the kind of thing that I gravitate to and was intrigued by.” Four years later, Carlivati was surprised when Executive Producer Ken Corday and Co-Executive Producer Albert Alarr pitched the…

2 min
meet y&r’s rory gibson

Rory Gibson was not a stranger to Y&R when he was hired as Noah. “I auditioned for Y&R a couple of years ago for a really small part and it didn’t work out,” admits the actor. “I think it was because I had to sing and as soon as they heard me, they were probably like, ‘Yeah, this isn’t happening.’ Then there was Covid and auditions got slow but it started picking up like crazy. My agent sent me this [casting notice] and I thought, ‘Oh, cool, Y&R. It’s been a while since I went out for them.’ I sent in a [self-] tape, but they contacted me and said they weren’t crazy about it, because I played him more on the tense and greedy side. They said, ‘Noah is…

2 min
y&r: nikki urges victoria not to marry ashland

At the Newman palazzo in Tuscany, Victoria and Ashland are at odds after his big confession about what he’s really been hiding all these decades. However, their conversation is interrupted when Victor and Nikki arrive after attending Kyle and Summer’s wedding in Milan. “Nikki and Victor pick up on tension between Victoria and Ashland,” previews Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki). “Nikki follows Victoria’s cues and waits until she’s alone with Victoria to push for details.” Once alone with her mother, Victoria discloses that Ashland’s entire empire was built on a crime. “Nikki is shocked that Ashland waited this long to reveal such a secret to Victoria,” Scott explains. “Nikki is surprised that Victoria is still not being open about having trust issues with the man she’s supposed to marry.” Nikki assures Victoria that…

2 min
b&b: ridge confronts eric about quinn

After Justin reports to Ridge that Quinn and Carter are still sleeping together, he beelines for Eric. “Ridge is horrified, and rightly so with what he believes, which is Quinn and Carter are still having their affair,” explains John McCook (Eric). “And he wants to tell Eric about it, so he bursts into the Forrester house, Eric’s house, where he is with Quinn, and there Ridge is with guns blazing. He says, ‘You have no idea what’s going on! Get that awful woman out of here!’ Ridge thinks he is justified and he is, in regard to what he knows, or what he thinks he knows.” Eric tries to defuse the situation by calming down Ridge. “At this point, Eric has to come back at him and say, ‘You need to…

2 min
gh: spencer is busted!

When his hand is forced by Trina, Cameron and Josslyn’s plot to unmask him, Spencer cops to being Nikolas and Ava’s stalker. It’s a chaotic scene at Wyndemere when Spencer finds Sonny (who’s been led by the teens to think Nik is skipping town with Avery) poised to have Nikolas beaten to a pulp. Sets up Nicholas Chavez (Spencer), “Sonny’s fuming at Nikolas, and Nikolas keeps talking himself into this hole with him — and the last person you want to be digging yourself a hole with is Sonny Corinthos, the mob boss! So I think Spencer feels like if he’s going to come clean, this is the opportune time to do it. He kind of senses the heat around the corner a little bit and he’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh,…

3 min
quick take

(Esme, GH) Now that you’ve been playing Esme for a bit, what is your take on her? “I think Esme is a little conceited, and she’s constantly assessing everyone around her. She’s playing a game, honestly. She knows what she wants, and she knows different ways to get what she wants from different people.” How has it been to work with Nicholas Chavez, who plays Esme’s boyfriend, Spencer? “Nick has been fantastic! We hang out outside of work a little bit, too, and I think that helps aid our performances. We’re constantly FaceTiming and running lines; we’ll grab lunch when we can. Same with Eden [McCoy, Josslyn] and William [Lipton, Cameron] and Sydney [Mikayla, Trina]. We’ve spent a good amount of time working on our characters together, and then also working on them separately,…