Soap Opera Digest October 25, 2021

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4 min
days’s deidre hall on possession story

For Deidre Hall, revisiting the possession tale came as a surprise. “When I heard about it the first time, I was called upstairs and I was told, ‘You know how all of these things have been happening, with the Christmas presents and the tree being burned? Well, it was you,’” the actress recalls of the first story in 1994/95. “This time, I had a low level of concern because I adore Ron’s [Carlivati, head writer] writing and I think he’s wildly imaginative and daring in his writing, so my concern was, ‘Oh, we’ve sort of been here…’ But then you see that chilling moment where Doug is first possessed and I love the way it’s being done. So my concern was more about repeating a storyline, but the way he’s…

2 min
y&r: adam and sally get closer

After Victoria and Ashland’s wedding and reception, Adam retires to his suite, where he pours himself a drink to unwind. “It turned out to be a great evening,” begins Mark Grossman (Adam). “Sally’s dress was a huge hit and was great publicity for her as well as Newman Media. It was an all-around good time for the family and a win/win for everybody. They were able to shut down some potential drama, and Adam is actually glad he made this trip.” Sally shows up at Adam’s door and pretends to be miffed that he left her alone with a bunch of people who don’t like her. “Adam tries to tell her that he had looked for her but she laughs and calls him a liar,” Grossman chuckles. “The truth is, he…

3 min
gh preview: the race to save drew!

After defying Robert and Anna’s orders, Sam and Dante break into Victor’s compound, determined to find Drew. When they encounter Victor, they apprehend him and demand answers about Drew’s fate. “They’re looking for Drew, and as it turns out, Obrecht,” sets up Dominic Zamprogna (Dante). “It’s interesting because here you have Dante helping Sam find her ex-husband, the father of her child, which could spell [trouble]. He’s doing the right thing, but in the back of his mind, he’s probably wondering, ‘Am I going to end up with nothing after this?’ But above all, this is the father of her daughter, and that’s all that really matters. Sam wants Scout’s father back in the picture, so Dante is willing to do anything to help her achieve that. It’s a classic GH…

2 min
b&b’s carter to quinn: “run away with me!”

Now that their Eric-blessed clandestine affair has been exposed, Carter shocks Quinn with his declaration of love. “I think for Carter, this arrangement was completely ridiculous,” sighs Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter). “He was already having a hard enough time staying away from Quinn. When she made the decision to go back to Eric, this had to stop. Carter never pursued Quinn when things were good with Eric but now, it’s extremely hard. Now that Eric put them together, it’s like, ‘What were we fighting against?’ When it comes to Carter, his thoughts are, ‘The longer you put Quinn in my orbit, the harder it is to resist what I want to do anyway.’” And even though Carter respects Eric, he loves Quinn more, points out Saint-Victor, which is what motivates his alter…

3 min
quick take

(EJ, DAYS) How’s it going so far? “It’s going really well. I’ve really warmed to the style of the show. I’ve really warmed to the character. I feel like I am the character whenever I step onto the set, which is very relieving and a lot of fun. I feel like I’m starting to have more fun with EJ than I did in the beginning, which is why I love doing this job.” You had some pretty intense breakup scenes with Alison Sweeney’s Sami. What do you remember about those? “I remember them quite well. It was a big week. I think I had nine episodes to shoot because Ali had to finish up that week. So I was kind of naturally exhausted during that week anyway and it just helped with the…

3 min
quick take

(Eric, B&B) Tell us your thoughts on what could be your most controversial story ever. “I love the story we’re telling, so I’m a very happy guy. What’s exciting about it is that it’s powerful subject matter but it’s very delicate at the same time. The definition of the word crisis is danger and opportunity, and I think that's exactly what this storyline has been, and will continue to be, for me. This is a huge crisis for Eric — and for me as an actor. It’s dangerous to play but it’s a real opportunity, too.” Were you nervous or wary about playing this story? First it was Eric facing ED, then encouraging his wife’s adultery. That’s heavy stuff. “Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] called me into the office and asked me,…