Soap Opera Digest November 1, 2021

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stacy haiduk back to days

Stacy Haiduk, whose Kristen was last seen in Salem in May, returns to town this week, which was welcome news for the actress. “They mentioned that I would be back,” says Haiduk, who taped a couple of episodes that aired in June and July. “It was just not knowing when exactly, so when I got the email that said, ‘You’re coming back,’ I was kind of curious to know how. I was told that I would get to meet Kristen’s daughter, which was exciting.” Haiduk, who has come and gone several times since assuming the role in 2018, reports that she slips back into her alter ego easily. “For me, it’s just getting into the headspace of where she’s at at that time,” she explains. “Once you get through the process…

1 min
amc alums in new show

OUR KIND OF PEOPLE is FOX’s latest nighttime sudser from Executive Producer Lee Daniels (EMPIRE), and it’s a special treat for fans of ALL MY CHILDREN, as it reunites Yaya DaCosta (Angela; ex-Cassandra, AMC) with her Pine Valley mama, Debbi Morgan (Aunt Piggy; ex-Angie, AMC). “That was at the very beginning of my career,” marvels DaCosta of her time on the soap. “I played Debbi Morgan’s daughter on ALL MY CHILDREN [in 2008] and it’s such an honor to be working with her again in such a different capacity, not as mother and daughter, but as niece and auntie, who are really more like sisters.” Morgan was also thrilled to reconnect with DaCosta. “I was so excited,” she says. “Working with Yaya back on ALL MY CHILDREN, it was like working…

3 min
days preview: special abe episode

In a special episode celebrating portrayer James Reynolds’s 40th anniversary in Salem, Abe — his life hanging in the balance after he is shot — reunites with his late wife, Lexie, and must decide whether to remain with her in the afterlife, or return to the land of the living. Reports Reynolds, “Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer] told me about this one day after we finished taping: ‘Ron [Carlivati, head writer] wants to dedicate a show for your 40th anniversary.’ And I was kind of blown away. I called my wife and told her. I was so pleased, so warmed by that, by the fact that I’m apparently thought well enough of and respected enough to have this show dedicated to me. And I hope I did it justice! It’s not all…

2 min
y&r: chance is presumed dead

Abby’s world is turned upside down when Christine delivers the news that the area where Chance was residing was bombed and there appears to be no survivors. “It’s horrible,” says Melissa Ordway (Abby). “They’ve found personal items that belong to Chance, so it’s Abby’s worst nightmare. Everything that she had so much fear and anxiety about while Chance was on assignment is now coming true. She’s really hit hard.” Nevertheless, Abby doesn’t want to believe it’s true. “Despite how bad it sounds, there’s still hope that maybe this is a mistake because they haven’t found a body,” Ordway points out. “That could mean Chance is still alive somewhere. Maybe he wasn’t even there when the bomb went off, or if he was there, maybe he got out in time and has…

3 min
quick take

(Dante, GH) Dante has had fraught dealings with the Cassadines in the past, so how does he react to Victor being alive? “He thought Victor was dead six, seven years ago or whenever that was, so his first reaction is that it’s messed up that he’s not! The most surprising thing about Victor, for Dante, is that he seems to really care for Obrecht. That throws everybody for a loop. The actor playing him, Charles [Shaughnessy], is an awesome guy, and it’s so cool working with him. He’s such a class act and a great actor.” Dante and Jason briefly cross paths in Greece before Dante returns to Port Charles with Sam. How would you describe their dynamic at this point? “It’s kind of interesting. Dante knows that Jason has had…

2 min
b&b: sheila and deacon kiss

When Sheila spots Hope and Finn dining at Il Giardino, she makes a bold move with Deacon. “Sheila is always looking for an opening to be a part of her son’s life and her grandson’s life,” begins Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). “So, who better to work with than Deacon, who is looking for the same opportunity with his daughter? Sheila has always been a person to say it’s better with numbers, so maybe a wonderful alliance can be formed between the two of them so they can both get what they want.” And having a partner in crime is just what Sheila needs at this point. “Steffy keeps putting more flies in the ointment and it makes it that much worse for Sheila, the actress notes. “As much as she has truly…