Soap Opera Digest November 8, 2021

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days special episode preview

Halloween provides a fertile ground for Satan to cause all sorts of lasting drama in Salem. “In the past couple of years, we’ve done these Halloween episodes that turned out to be a dream, which were really fun,” says Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “So, this year, we were like, ‘What can we do? Would it be a fantasy or dream?’ And we realized, we’ve got the devil in town. What dream could live up to that? So with the devil being in Salem, we could come up with a Halloween episode that’s really happening as opposed to a dream.” Not surprisingly, Marlena is at the center of the tale. “Marlena is unleashed,” explains Carlivati. “She doesn’t have John looking over her shoulder. It’s Halloween where she can kind of hide in…

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gh’s finola hughes on anna’s turnaround

As a guest on Digest’s podcast, Dishing With Digest, Finola Hughes expressed her appreciation for the new direction GH has taken her character, Anna. “The writers have started to put things in there where I’ve stopped apologizing and I’m starting to fight back a little bit,” she noted, adding, “I really hope that it goes the full force. I don’t know how that’s going to translate over the next few months but yeah, I do really feel that Anna needs a win…. She does have to stop apologizing and she does have to start stepping up to the people that are holding her back.” At the top of that list is Peter himself. “She’s got to figure out the Peter thing,” Hughes declared. “The biggest point of the whole Peter thing…

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days: rafe and nicole make love

After months of fighting their feelings for one another, Rafe and Nicole finally succumb to passion. “I honestly wasn’t sure if it was ever going to happen, as an actor and as the character,” admits Galen Gering (Rafe). “But it is something that’s been building for a long time.” The big moment is set in motion following a pair of possible missteps by Ava that leave Rafe examining the state of his love life. The Salem cop heads to the hospital to visit Abe, who’s recovering after being shot. Nicole happens to be there, and Rafe tells her about Ava’s potential role in Abe’s shooting. “It’s something that’s been in the back of Rafe’s mind and nagging at him for a while,” says Gering. “Obviously, he’s trying to trust Ava. She…

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y&r: nick and phyllis break up

Nick and Phyllis’s tensions mount, thanks to her feelings about the Newmans. “At its core, it’s mostly the fact that they’re on completely different pages when it comes to his family,” Joshua Morrow (Nick) explains. “Nick has always overinvested himself in his family, he takes everything that has to do with them pretty personally. As much as he claims he wants to stay out of the fray, he accepts looking after them very seriously. He’s pretty involved with what’s going on with them, and Phyllis has been pleading with him to disassociate himself from their drama. She’s not saying don’t care about them; she just wants him to take a step back because it’s impacting their relationship.” On top of that, Nick still takes issue with his new brother-in-law. “Nick doesn’t…

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reckoning day for gh’s nikolas

Nikolas and Spencer’s fraught relationship takes another nosedive when the young man presses his father about whether he ordered the hit on Hayden. Their encounter is set in motion by Shawn, who shares his own suspicions with Spencer about the circumstances of Hayden’s shooting and implores Spencer to help him prove that Nik was responsible. “Spencer knows that Shawn isn’t actually guilty,” sets up Nicholas Chavez (Spencer). “He knows that Shawn didn’t do it, but he doesn’t know who did. And when Shawn tells him that he thinks it was Nikolas, it seems so out there, so crazy to him, that his father would try to have this woman that Spencer grew up loving killed. But Spencer can tell Shawn really believes it. He realizes, ‘Oh, wow. I’m going to have…

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b&b: hope and liam battle

Hope has made no apologies for the surprise arrival of her father, but it is causing problems with Liam. “I think Hope understands that Liam and Deacon are never going to be best friends,” begins Annika Noelle (Hope). “However, she wishes her husband would trust her judgment and allow her to explore her relationship with her father for herself. She knows who her father is and she is aware that she may be the one getting hurt in the end, but she wants a chance to repair her relationship with her dad and have him be a part of her life.” Sheila’s new plan of action — pretending that she and Deacon are a couple — only causes more stress for Hope. “Unfortunately, I think Deacon getting lumped in with Sheila…