Soap Opera Digest November 15, 2021

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5 min
gh director makes on-camera debut

GH fans who pay attention to the credits likely already know the name Phideaux Xavier, a longtime, Daytime Emmy-winning director of the show. But he’ll be introduced to new sets of eyes when he appears on the November 11 episode as the lead singer of the band performing at The Savoy. Xavier was caught off-guard when his on-screen presence was requested by Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “I love to direct on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but I’m also a musician,” he begins. “I had never really thought about merging my love of music with my day job; I would never presume to try to use my ‘in’ with the show to try to get that special perk. GENERAL HOSPITAL has been extremely gracious in allowing me time off periodically to work on my…

2 min
days: ben and ciara baby drama

Ben and Ciara’s joy over becoming parents hits a snag when Susan senses there’s something amiss with their unborn child. “Susan shows up and has this information about this bad person being after their baby,” explains Robert Scott Wilson (Ben). “It’s pretty much an indication that the devil is out there.” Although Ciara is doubtful that Susan’s powers are real, Ben persuades his wife to hear the quirky psychic out. “Ben pretty much knows that without Susan’s help, he would have never been able to rescue Ciara [when she was abducted],” notes Wilson. “He wants to give Susan the benefit of the doubt as crazy as it may seem. He at least wants to hear Susan out, because he has a little more faith in her than other people do.” Ciara relents,…

2 min
y&r: nick leans on sharon

At Society, Nick and Phyllis encounter each other for the first time since their breakup. “It’s definitely awkward,” Joshua Morrow (Nick) acknowledges. “The thing that Michelle [Stafford, Phyllis] and I love playing is that even when these characters are apart, they always want each other. And that’s sad when you think about it because that’s not enough right now. It’s not going to get them past their issues and it’s tough for them to accept that it’s come to this, but they both don’t seem willing to do what it takes to make that happen.” Phyllis points out that Summer should be told about her parents’ split. “It’s a variable they need to deal with in a mature way or otherwise it can blow up quickly based on their personalities,” notes…

2 min
gh: nikolas gets alexis pardoned

Alexis is stunned to learn that she has been granted a gubernatorial pardon — and is wary when she gets confirmation that her nephew, Nikolas, orchestrated it. “It’s cool because I think we’re almost at two years now, and I feel like this is the first time where I’m seeing Nikolas reach where his power comes from,” offers Nik’s portrayer, Marcus Coloma. “Because I don’t think he’s the guy that’s going to physically beat anybody up on the show, but he has a lot of connections to influential people, the governor, the powers that make decisions about things like that, and he basically arranges to bypass the legal system on her behalf.” Alexis has mixed feelings about his machinations, and when Nikolas drops by Spring Ridge before she is released, she makes…

2 min
b&b: hope opens up to brooke and ridge

Hope is determined to forge a new relationship with Deacon, but worries his “romance” with Sheila will be a problem since it indicates that he’s already making bad decisions. “Hope believes that if her father wants to prove that he’s changed and is above board, dating Sheila is not the road to go down,” states Annika Noelle (Hope). “It does not inspire confidence and, if anything, it is making Hope doubt her father’s true intentions. Either way, she is making it very clear that she’s not exactly buying it, either.” Hope decides the best way to try to get Deacon into the family fold is to talk to Brooke about the complicated history of her involvement with Deacon; namely, that Hope was conceived as a result of her mother’s affair with…

2 min
quick take

(Sheila, B&B) Fans are really enjoying the Sheila/Deacon pairing. What is your take on it? “It’s been so fun, and I think that comes through on the screen. I love their back-and-forth and since I’ve known Sean [Kanan, Deacon] for years, it’s great to finally be working together. I’m loving it.” Sheila keeps saying she has changed yet she’s already manipulated everyone who has crossed her path. Has Sheila changed? “Well, sometimes people can change. You have to really want to change, and that’s one thing that Sheila did want. I would say to the fans out there, ‘How many times have you made mistakes in the past that you’ve tried to make up for, and those people that you hurt still don’t trust you?’ That’s where Sheila sits right now. I…