Soap Opera Digest November 29, 2021

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meet y&r’s new chance

Conner Floyd was pleased to get the call to try out for his new Y&R role, Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV. “This wasn’t the first time I auditioned for these guys, so it was nice to get another opportunity,” he reveals. “They kept it pretty secret, so I was given a dummy name with dummy sides. So I had no idea [about who Chance was] until Melissa [Ordway, Abby] slipped me a little info.” Her inside scoop came to him when he got to the studio for his audition. “I was sitting in the lobby, nervous and sweating, and reading through my lines,” he recalls. “She came out and sat next to me and asked, ‘Are you testing?’ When I said, ‘Yeah,’ she said, ‘You’re testing with me!’ She gave me some…

2 min
meet gh’s robert gossett

◼ As GH fans now know, Marshall, the mysterious newcomer who was skulking around asking questions about Curtis, is actually Curtis’s father. The role is being played by Robert Gossett, who chuckles, “I called myself a stalker! I thought, ‘If they’re going to pay me to do this, just walk around stalking people, I’ll do it!’ But now, I’m not overpaid [laughs].” Gossett, a native of the Bronx, NY, got his start in show business onstage in New York, and first came to Los Angeles in 1988 with a production of Fences, “the Broadway show with James Earl Jones [ex-Jim, GUIDING LIGHT] and Courtney Vance, and I decided to stay.” While he’s worked most extensively in prime-time, he also played short-term roles on PASSIONS and Y&R. “They were gigs, but they…

2 min
gh preview: who will survive on cassadine island?

◼ Life-or-death drama is nigh as the citizens of Port Charles face their fate in Greece. “It’s the climax of the Cassadine Island adventure, which has Drew and Jason fighting mano a mano while Peter makes a desperate escape with Britt and Obrecht in the hopes to continue his search for Louise and Maxie’s love,” sets up Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. “But a catastrophic event occurs that puts everyone’s lives on the line — and maybe not everyone comes out of this adventure alive.” Anna and Robert are also in the mix, trying to catch up to Peter and block his escape. Says Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten, “Anna will stop at nothing to apprehend Peter and stop him from claiming any more lives or from hurting one more person she loves.”…

2 min
days: john and susan fight for their lives

◼ It’s the end of the road for Susan and John when Marlena announces it’s time to move on with the next stage of her demonic plan, which is to kill them. “Susan is freaking out with John,” says her portrayer, Stacy Haiduk. “It’s, ‘What do we do? What do we do?’” Yet, Susan doesn’t feel totally helpless in the fight against evil. “Susan is afraid, but she also thinks she can conquer the devil,” explains Haiduk. “She has this feeling that she can really do it, that she can fight the devil off. Susan has this innate passion to protect John and Marlena, so she’s willing to get through her fear and deal with this. In her mind, she is going to beat the devil and get Marlena back.” An undeterred…

2 min
b&b: finn learns the truth

◼ Finn spirals after discovering that Jack is his biological father. “This is a massive betrayal,” sighs Tanner Novlan (Finn). “Even though his parents were loving and supportive while he was growing up, to know that this whole time his father could have answered that simple question about where he came from, becomes an issue of character. How could his dad, who has been his rock throughout his entire life, who’s been his strength, actually be a liar and a manipulator? Now, he doesn’t really know who his dad is.” After the revelation, Finn leans on Li. “Regarding the betrayal he went through with Steffy and Liam [through Steffy’s paternity crisis], Finn’s heart goes out to his mother,” notes Novlan. “Li is strong, and I think that’s where Finn gets his…

2 min
y&r: phyllis’s memorable thanksgiving

◼ Phyllis enters Crimson Lights and discovers that Sharon is preparing to provide a Thanksgiving meal for the Genoa City homeless. “It’s not like Phyllis intensely dislikes Sharon,” notes Michelle Stafford (Phyllis). “Sharon and Phyllis have had some bonding moments before. Like when Nikki killed J.T. and [Sharon and Phyllis] helped bury him. I wasn’t playing Phyllis then but I try to play that. There was also Sharon’s cancer, where they kind of bonded. It’s one of those things where they’ll never be best friends but there’s no hatred there.” Sharon is pleasantly surprised when Phyllis offers to pitch in and help, but before Sharon can assign any duties, Nick shows up carrying boxes. Nick spots Phyllis and wishes her a pleasant Thanksgiving. “Things are still awkward between them,” acknowledges Stafford.…