Soap Opera Digest December 6, 2021

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y&r’s jerry douglas dead at 88

Jerry Douglas, who played Y&R’s John Abbott for over 30 years, passed away after a brief illness on November 9 at the age of 88, just shy of his 89th birthday. Born in Chelsea, MA on November 12, 1932, Douglas didn’t pursue an acting career until after graduating from Brandeis University where he earned a B.S. degree in Economics. Over the span of his long career, Douglas appeared in numerous feature films, including Oliver Stone’s JFK, Avalanche, The Godson, The Back-up Bride and Mommie Dearest, as well as guest-starred on classic television series like THE ROCKFORD FILES, POLICE STORY, HUNTER, THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, MANNIX, BARNABY JONES, POLICE WOMAN, THE ROOKIES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, COLD CASE, MELROSE PLACE and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Douglas was the second actor to play John Abbott, the respected…

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sweet sorrow

Lauralee Bell (Christine): “Sending my love and deepest condolences to Kym, Hunter, Avra, Jod and the whole family! We all loved Jerry so much! I was lucky enough to know Jerry since I was young. At times he felt like a father figure (maybe because we all wanted John Abbott as our father) and sometimes he’d remind me of my dad, but more often with all the events we’ve had, filled with laughs, he was the kindest man and the sweetest friend and I will miss him so much! Again, feel so fortunate for the group lunch date a few weeks ago. Thank you to Eileen, Peter [Bergman, Jack] and Kym for making that special memory possible! Rest In Peace Jerry and Happy Birthday! You will be very missed! Love…

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days: marlena goes on the run with ben and ciara

After Doug outs Marlena as the devil during Thanksgiving dinner, Marlena pivots to a plan B. “MarDevil finds herself on the run and she has to act fast because things are closing in on her,” says Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “We know her ultimate goal has to do with Ben and Ciara’s baby, so she shows up on their doorstep. They are unaware that she is possessed and people are onto her, and she tells them, ‘You need to help me, you need to hide me,’ and when they ask why, she comes out with the shocking announcement that John has been abusing her, which of course, Ciara finds incredibly difficult to believe, knowing John. And Ben, who is closer to Marlena in a certain way, is more apt to…

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y&r: abby finds chance

After some detective work on her part, Abby finally receives the news about her presumed-dead husband that she’s been longing to hear. “One of the pictures in Chance’s memory box is of Kim Dunaway and her husband, Errol, and Abby remembers a story Chance had told her about them,” explains Melissa Ordway (Abby). “So, Abby contacts Kim, who has shocking news: Chance is with her and come now! Abby is just freaking out and she can’t get there fast enough.” An overly excited Abby arrives at Kim’s house in Majorca, Spain, anxious to see Chance. “Abby comes in all her Abby-ness,” chuckles Ordway. “She immediately says, ‘Where’s Chance? Tell me where he is!’ and you can tell Kim isn’t used to this kind of energy. Kim tells Abby, ‘Before you see…

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b&b: ridge and brooke feud over deacon

Ridge visits Hope and Liam and is dismayed to find Deacon there. “Ridge is going down to the cabin to tell Hope how beautiful she looks or maybe to tell Liam how buff he is getting. I don’t remember,” quips Thorsten Kaye (Ridge). “But, I know that he was full of good intentions. Then, when he walks in, there’s Deacon, by himself, probably going through their stuff, and Ridge tells him to ‘Get moving on!’” When Brooke and Hope arrive on the scene, things escalate quickly. Brooke minces no words when she addresses the bickering trio. “Honestly, she shouldn’t have anything to say to the trio — there is no ‘trio’,” stresses Kaye. “There is the daughter that Ridge helped raise, because Deacon disappeared, the hot wife that betrayed Bridget because…

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holiday drama for the quartermaines on gh

The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving is packed with drama, and Ned finds himself at the center of it. First, he must contend with Chase, who arrives in the wake of Brook Lynn informing Ned that Chase, not Valentin, is the father of her baby. “Ned is not happy,” sighs Wally Kurth (Ned). “He is disappointed in Brook Lynn for lying, but he comes down on Chase, as well. Ned isn’t happy that Brook Lynn was keeping a child from its father, destroying two men’s lives — not only lying to Chase, but taking Valentin’s child away from him! Ned thinks, ‘This was not well-thought-out by my daughter.’” Valentin shows up and announces that he’s filed papers in court to nullify the agreement he’d previously made with Brook Lynn, which could restore his majority share…