Soap Opera Digest December 13, 2021

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melissa claire egan on y&r return

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) is back from her maternity leave and already logging time on the Y&R set in preparation for her December 14 return air date. The actress notes that a few significant milestones took place during her absence. “It’s a big year for me,” she enthuses. “I had a baby [Caden], I turned 40 and celebrated 10 years on Y&R [on November 11]!” First-time motherhood “has been really incredible,” Egan beams. “It’s everything that they said it would be. Caden is totally the love of my life. Of course, it’s exhausting and I’m definitely tired, but it’s so worth it. I can’t wait to get home to see him. It still feels so surreal that he’s ours. He’s 11 weeks and I still can’t believe he’s my son. He’s…

2 min
days: did brady harm philip?

Things aren’t looking good for Brady when his unconscious body surfaces at the riverbank, and there’s a knife beside it. “Chloe finds Brady all bloodied and boozed up,” summarizes his portrayer, Eric Martsolf. “He comes to, but he’s in a state of pure confusion and doesn’t know how he got there or why he’s in the state that he’s in. Everything is an absolute blur.” Brady and Chloe quickly realize he isn’t bleeding. “He doesn’t have any wounds, but there is blood all over him,” explains Martsolf, noting that Chloe, who’s been looking for the missing Philip, asks Brady if he’s seen him. “Brady claims that he has not.” Upon arriving at the hospital, Kayla examines Brady and deduces that he is not severely injured. Meanwhile, Chloe decides to call Philip,…

2 min
gh preview: laura learns victor is alive!

Laura and Martin, who’ve been stuck in a safe house for months to stave off the murderous efforts of their brother, Cyrus, get some big news on the Port Charles front. When viewers first see the siblings on screen again, they’re playing games to pass the time, and it’s clear that being trapped together has made them chummier. Michael E. Knight (Martin) notes, “Basically, I think Frank [Valentini, executive producer] and the writers threw me a major bone by sort of folding me into Genie’s [Francis, Laura] family, which is a big deal, because God knows that family tree is wacky enough as it is! The stuff that Genie and I did here is basically exploring the two [characters] together. How do they relate? How do they talk to each other?…

2 min
b&b: taylor comes home

After a tense talk with Brooke over Deacon, Ridge has a heart-to-heart with his kids. “Steffy and Thomas remind Ridge of their own family unit: Steffy, Phoebe, Thomas, Taylor and Ridge,” previews Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). “They aren’t mean about it, but they do get Ridge to hear their different perspectives. Steffy wants her dad to be happy, and she lets him know that he was happy with Taylor, and that life with Brooke has caused heartache.” The conversation goes deeper, and Wood previews, “The three talk about their past, when the kids were small, and then what’s going on in the present, and what the future may hold. Steffy wants Ridge to know she loves him and that there are options. However, she also knows that the heart loves who…

2 min
y&r: billy plots to save chanccomm

Billy processes Jill’s assessment that the only way to get ChancComm out of its legal morass is to sell the company. “Billy understands why this is the best solution his mom can come up with,” says Jason Thompson (Billy). “His only request is that she doesn’t sell to Adam or Victor; anyone else but them.” Billy wants to buy ChancComm on his own, but doesn’t have the funds, so he meets with Jack at Society to ask his brother for financial help. However, Jack gets Billy to admit that this plan to acquire the media company is yet another attempt to stick it to Victor and Adam. “Billy isn’t surprised that Jack isn’t receptive to this idea,” Thompson grouses. “Since Jack doesn’t want to help Billy out, he doesn’t see any…

3 min
quick take

First off, we think you’re doing a fabulous job as Victor! “Well, thank you. When you first take over a character like that, a lot of the diehard fans are like, ‘But that’s not Thaao [Penghlis, ex-Victor]!’ But after a while, like with all soap characters that have been around for a while, you kind of gradually make it different and make it your own. He’s such a fun character that I think people enjoy Victor no matter what actor is playing him.” It’s been fun to see him interact with more and more characters. “Yes, it sort of grows and grows each week! I’m still struggling to figure out who everyone is. Do I hate them? Do I like them? Are they trying to kill me? Am I trying to…