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tear up cheat sheets

WHY ISN’T EVERY TEST OPEN-BOOK? Is it because teachers are mean? Yes! (But that’s not the point.) If students could check their notes during quizzes, they would never study and would learn less. Tests let the teacher know how much their pupils have retained. They also challenge skills: Can the test-taker formulate an essay from a new prompt? Can they manage their time under pressure? Athletics should be the ultimate test of skills under pressure. Increasingly, however, sports are an open-book test. Why should professional athletes be held to a lower standard than fifth-grade social studies students? Anyone who watched the MLB playoffs this year surely noticed players checking their notes on the field. The baseball uniform is delightfully out-ofdate with its high socks and belt loops. It harkens back to baseball’s…

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see into the future

WITH THE NHL season slated to kick off with the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, hockey isn’t far off. Maybe some fans wish it was. For those teams that missed the bubble (or left it early), the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, which start on Christmas Day and continue into the first week of January, offer scouts and supporters a rare glimpse of this year’s top draft picks (like Nashville goalie Yaroslav Askarov, above). And for the teams that really stink: It doubles as a 2021 draft preview. STANISLAV KRASILNIKOV/TASS/GETTY IMAGES (ASKAROV); PETER KOVALEV/TASS/GETTY IMAGES (RAYMOND); KEVIN LIGHT/GETTY IMAGES (LAFRENIÈRE); ERICK W. RASCO (TIZ THE LAW); DREAMWORKS ANIMATION (FAST AND THE FURIOUS); KOHJIRO KINNO (DECHAMBEAU)…

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pouring it on

THE SECRET TO the Miami Heat’s Cinderella run to this year’s NBA Finals? The French press. If that sounds like an exotic European version of the full-court press, that’s because, well, you’re young and you drink apple juice. It’s actually a device that uses a plunger to brew coffee. Heat star Jimmy Butler packed his French press—along with some other fancy coffee-making equipment—be fore isolating in the NBA bubble. Quickly he realized he had a monopoly on premium java and started a business: Big Face Coffee. The whiteboard menu outside his hotel room went viral for its selection (nine drinks) and its confusing pricing: a small, medium, and large cup all cost $20. Butler’s brand led to merchandise, a registered trademark, and a competitor (Little Face Coffee, from Miami assistant trainer Brandon…

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NOVEMBER 3 Nashville Predators goalie Pekka Rinne turns 38. 10 PGA Tour golfer Jon Rahm, of Spain, is 26 years old. 12 Indiana Fever guard Kelsey Mitchell celebrates her 25th birthday. 15 Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story turns 28. 29 The Seahawks’ Russell Wilson is 32 years old. DECEMBER 6 Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrates his 26th birthday. 8 Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling turns 26 years old. 10 WTA tennis player Kiki Bertens, of the Netherlands, is 29. 18 Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman turns 30. 21 Mike Clevinger celebrates his first birthday as a Padre—and 30th overall.…

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statement of ownership, management and circulation

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their day in the sun

CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA have all the beaches, all the theme parks, and now, apparently, all the good sports teams. Does that seem fair? Are the rest of us supposed to go along with this because they have to live in mortal terror of bears and alligators (respectively)? When the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays advanced to the World Series in October, it ensured that three post-pandemic championships would be won by a team from one of these two sunny states. It also represented the second straight L.A.-Florida matchup after the Lakers beat the Heat in the NBA Finals. It’s almost too bad all three of the NHL’s California teams are in the basement of the Pacific Division and couldn’t challenge the eventual-champion Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup. This…