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Star Trek: Discovery Special

Star Trek: Discovery Special

Star Trek: Discovery Special

"The wait is over. STAR. TREK. IS. BACK! Star Trek is back on TV with the all-new incarnation, Star Trek: Discovery! If you want to find out everything about this thoroughly modern take on Star Trek then the Star Trek: Discovery Special is essential reading! Packed with profiles of the new Starfleet crew, and interviews with the cast; Behind-the-scenes features; and all illustrated with lavish photography and production designs! Come on a voyage of discovery, with Star Trek: Discovery Collectors Edition! "

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7 min.
voyage of discovery it’s been along road

On May 13, 2005, as the end credits rolled on the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, it looked as if we’d reached the outer limits of the final frontier. Despite a late burst of creative energy, the series had suffered in the ratings, and barely secured a fourth season before network UPN pulled the plug. The series finale, “These Are the Voyages…,” was intended as a love letter to a remarkable 18-year Trek television renaissance that encompassed each of the sequels to the original Star Trek series: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. Sadly, it did so in underwhelming fashion, and with Star Trek Nemesis having already ended Trek’s run of cinematic outings, the franchise seemed to have reached the end of the road. Star Trek remained in…

4 min.
the writer’s room where discovery begins

How ready is Kirsten Beyer for the world to finally see Discovery? “So ready,” she says, smiling broadly. “It is so past time, because for me it’s been almost a year-anda- half, which feels like forever. And it’s hard to believe, actually, that it’s finally almost done and here.” Hoping to get involved with the series, Beyer reached out to executive producer Heather Kadin when the new Star Trek was first announced. “I pitched to Heather,” Beyer recalls. “And then it was almost a year later when she told me that, based on that meeting, I was her must-have and that I was going to be joining the staff.” So, what excites Beyer and fellow scribe Akiva Goldsman most about Discovery? “The fact that we’re creating a Star Trek that is about now,” Beyer replies.…

1 min.
first officer michael burnham

First Officer Michael Burnham is a child of two worlds: Earth and Vulcan. Born to human parents, she was orphaned at a young age when her family were killed while serving at a Vulcan science outpost. Burnham was taken in by Vulcan Ambassador Sarek and his second wife, the human Amanda, who raised her as their own. Just as Sarek and Amanda became Burnham’s surrogate parents, Vulcan became her surrogate home. Burnham developed a particularly strong bond with Sarek, a revered diplomat and master of Vulcan discipline. It was at his insistence that Burnham joined Starfleet, having been the first human to graduate from the Vulcan Science Academy, rather than through the more traditional Starfleet Academy route. Her first assignment was aboard the United Federation of Planets starship the U.S.S. Shenzhou,…

1 min.
sonequa martin-green

“Star Trek’s legacy is one of diversity, and inclusivity. I love that we are taking the next step forward in that legacy, and therefore staying true to it,” Sonequa Martin-Green says, describing her character Michael Burnham as “a first contact specialist.” “Being the first black female lead of a Star Trek show,” she continues, “I don’t know if I can put it into words how honored I am, and how blessed I am to be in this position.” Of Burnham’s upbringing on Vulcan, Martin-Green says “I become fully indoctrinated with the Vulcan way of life, of seeing the world in this objective, logical way. But what I realize is that my humanity doesn’t have to be completely erased, in order for me to embrace everything that I have learned growing up. So…

2 min.
captain gabriel lorca

Starship commanders must be many things: explorers, scientists, diplomats; but in a time of war a soldier is required. Captain Gabriel Lorca, commander of the U.S.S. Discovery, is an officer who exemplifies all those qualities, and more. Lorca is a complicated individual, whose experience in the fires of the Federation’s war against the Klingon Empire has left him with many sharp edges. With a hand-picked crew who have placed their trust in his leadership, Lorca’s single-minded resolve to end the war makes him the right person to command Discovery during this time of conflict. Lorca demands nothing less than the best from his crew, and is particularly adept at bringing maximum effort and ability from those that serve under his command. But Lorca has depths that are not immediately obvious to those who…

2 min.
science officer lt. saru

The Kelpiens are natural born prey, born of an ecosystem where there is no food chain and life is binary – you are either the hunter or the hunted, never both. As a consequence, their biological imperative is to survive in the most unlikely of circumstances. During their early evolution, the Kelpiens developed a keen animal survival instinct, which extends to the protection of others in their care – they can literally sense the coming of death. Saru enlisted in Starfleet, becoming the first Kelpien to attend Starfleet Academy, and his race’s unusual sensory attribute quickly made him a useful officer. At 6 foot 8 inches tall, Saru is the tallest of the U.S.S. Discovery’s crew, but that doesn’t mean he’s not always looking over his shoulder for threats. Not to be…