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By the time you read this, Munich’s High End 2019 will be a distant memory.1 Yet as I write this, having just returned from Munich, the experience is fresh in my mind. It’s the most compelling audio topic I can think of, crying out for commentary. Munich! is to audiophiles—to this one at least—what New York’s 5th Avenue is to Black Friday shoppers. It’s the audiophile version of flying through a canyon with a wing suit on. It’s a giant rush, audio cocaine. In early May, over four days, 21,180 people visited 551 high-end exhibitors from 42 countries. According to the organizers, visitors were up 6.5% over the previous year. Exhibitors were up 3.8%. More than 500 members of the audio press attended. (Imagine 500 audio writers all in one place. Scary.)…

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Help wanted: tonearm reviewer Dear Editor; As always, I enjoyed reading Mr. Dudley’s column, this time on the Wand tonearm (which sounds like something I’d like to have). But I felt compelled to write as I read of Art’s struggles with the Wand lying on its back, rolling about helplessly. I have to ask, where was the Plasticine? The Silly Putty? The Blu Tack? Surely, all that was needed to have the tonearm hold still was a few gobs of stuff. Of course, no one likes an armchair quarterback, but still! —Chris Hermansen, Vancouver, BC, Canada Dizzying digital Dear Editor, I am beginning to see the wisdom in going full vinyl in the next phase of my life as a lover of music. I’ve had it up to here with DACs, streaming services, and anything else…

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calendar of industry events

ATTENTION ALL AUDIO SOCIETIES: We have a page on the Stereophile website devoted to you: If you’d like to have your audio-society information posted on the site, e-mail Chris Vogel at Please note that it is inappropriate for a retailer to promote a new product line in “Calendar” unless it is associated with a seminar or similar event. CALIFORNIA Thursday, July 18, 4–7pm: You are cordially invited to be our guest for an intimate listening event featuring Dan D’Agostino’s Relentless Monoblock Amplifier, at Audio Video Integration (647 Francisco Blvd. E., San Rafael, CA 94901). The Relentless will be paired with Wilson Alexx speakers and Nordost Odin Supreme Reference speaker cables. We will have the top representatives from D’Agostino in attendance to provide a demonstration of one of the most incredible and powerful…

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industry update

CANADA: MISSISSAUGA US: VISTA, CA Jason Victor Serinus Earlier this year, at a time when a blue moon was imminent for North Americans, major transitions were underway at some well-known audio brands. On May 13, Canada’s Scott Bagby and his son, John Bagby, announced that they had purchased Paradigm Electronics, Anthem Electronics, and MartinLogan Loudspeakers from Minneapolis-based private equity firm ShoreView Industries. Scott Bagby, who was one of the founders of Paradigm back in 1982 and served as chairman of the board after ShoreView Industries acquired a controlling interest in the company in 2005, takes the reins once again—he will serve as CEO and chairman—and bids ShoreView adieu. In response to questions emailed to the Bagbys, who were traveling at the time of the announcement, John Bagby explained how the change came about.…

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analog corner

I went everywhere! Attending the two-day Making Vinyl Berlin B2B conference on May 2 and 3 was an obvious decision for me, even if Day 1’s “Physical Media World Conference” panel discussion was more about optical digital media than it was about analog vinyl. The two previous Making Vinyl Detroit conferences I’d participated in had been successful, well-attended events. This year, organizers Bryan Ekus and Larry Jaffee invited me to participate in a music journalist’s panel discussion on Day 1 and then to run two vinyl-related panels on Day 2. The venue was the famous Hansa Studios in the Meistersaal, where, in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, David Bowie recorded the albums “Heroes” and Low. This was a symposium not to be missed, especially for this big David Bowie fan who…

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triton one.r

Triton One.R $2999 each “Everything that earned Triton Reference Stereophile’s highest Class A Rating in a gorgeous, super sounding, more compact and even more affordable package!” “The powerful sense of atmosphere that the One.R speakers conveyed conjure up memories of my time with the Triton Reference.” –Al Griffin, Sound & Vision GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Triton One.R. This extraordinary new reference quality loudspeaker is a smaller, less expensive follow up to the Triton Reference. The T Ref has been compared with speakers selling for over ten times its surprisingly affordable cost. It has had a remarkable response from both music and hi. enthusiasts as well as press and reviewers from around the world, who have bestowed upon it innumerable Speaker-of-the-Year and Product-of-the-Year awards. Now the T One.R is…