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June - July 2018

More than just another quilting mag! Every issue contains quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, stitchcraft and sewing projects. If you use a needle to create it, you will find it between the pages of Stitches. Suitable for needlecraft enthusiasts of all skill levels, with projects for yourself, your home or to use for gifts. Five issues per year.

South Africa
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1 min.
finding perspective

Owen and I have had a hectic last few weeks. In the last month we have gone to one friend's funeral, had upheavals in our children's lives, a hard disk crash that destroyed all the last 15 year's backups including this issue and on last Monday a friend of ours had a massive heart attack (he survived and is recovering). Thank heavens we had hard copies of the magazine ready for proofing and could just re-create them! Computers - a necessary evil ... So with all that in mind perhaps it was time to find a bit of perspective and see what our goals are for the year ahead - maybe shoot the computer? I definitely want to finish the book idea I have and I know Owen wants to grow…

3 min.

ORIGINAL GARMENT: Size Medium Requirements • 6(7, 8) hanks African Expressions DESIRE 100g • 5 mm knitting needles • 6 mm knitting needles • 5.5 mm crochet hook TENSION: 15sts and 26 rows = 10 cm in fisherman's rib using 6 mm needles. ABBREVIATION: beg = begin(ning) cm = centimetres dec = decrease inc = increase k = knit k1b = k into st below next st on ndl, slipping st above off left ndle at the same time ndl(s) = needle(s) p = purl patt = pattern r(s) = row(s) RSF(R) = right side facing (row) st(s) = stitch(es) WSF(R) = wrong side facing (row) tog = together rem= remain(ing) STITCHES USED: 2 X 2 RIB: (Pattern A) Every row: k2, p2, to end of row FISHERMAN'S RIB: (Pattern B) Row 1: (WSR) knit every st Row 2: (RSR) k1, *p1, k1b*, rep from * to * to last 2sts, p1, k1. Measurements Pattern BACK: Using 5 mm ndls, cast on 69 (77, 85)sts.…

1 min.
hazelnut stitch

An easy alternative to bobbles that will give your knit fabric extra texture. Abbreviations C/on = cast on, c/off = cast off, k = knit, p = purl p3tog = purl the next 3 stitches together, st/s = stitch/es, yf = bring yarn to front of work, yb = take yarn to back of work Instructions C/on a multiple of 4 stitches. Row 1 : [P3, (k1, yf, k1) into next st] to end. Row 2 and 3 : (P3, k3) to end. Row 4 : (P3tog, k3) to end. Row 5 : Purl. Row 6 : Knit. Row 7 : [P1, (k1, yf, k1) into next st, p2] to end. Row 8 : K2, (p3, k3) to last 4sts, p3, k1. Row 9 : P1, (k3, p3) to last 5sts, k3, p2. Row 10 : K2, (p3tog, k3) to last 4sts, p3tog,…

3 min.
felty flowers

Requirements • (1) 12” x 13½” sheet of denim colouredwoolfelt • Off cuts of wool felt in assorted colours • Off cut of fabric for vase. I used acheckandstripe • Appliquépaper • Freezerpaper • Heat away or fade away pen (Use whatever type of marker you are comfortable with - not everyone likes to use a heat away pen. A chalk pen also workswell. • Embroidery thread - assorted colours and thicknesses including a cream coloured no 8perléforthewording • Embroideryneedletofitthread • Embroidery Stitch Dictionary if you are new to embroidery. This is a great opportunity to practicesomenewstitches! • Wool for couching and beads andbuttonsforembellishment • Rotarycutter,rulerandmat How to 1. From the off cut pieces of fabric (you can use any colour felt here - I used a light teal colour), free cut a strip of felt with your rotary cutter to fit along…

2 min.
chunky poncho

Requirements • 400(600) gr Stylecraft Aran • One 6 mm crochet hook • 3 buttons Measurements: To fit Small/Medium (Large/Extra large) Each panel measures 38(40)cm wide and 70(80) cm long Abbreviations: st(s) = stitch(es) dc = double crochet tr = treble ch sp = chain space tch = turning chain Pattern 1st Panel With 6,0 mm crochet hook make 72(86) ch. 1st row: 1tr into 4th ch from hook,(counts as a tr) 2tr into next ch,* miss 3ch,1dc into next ch, 3ch,1tr into each of next 3ch. Repeat from * to end, miss 3ch, 1dc in last ch. 2nd row: 3ch (counts as 1tr) 2tr into first dc * miss 2tr, 1dc into next tr, 3ch, 3tr into next chsp. Repeat from * ending miss 2tr, 1dc in tch. Repeat 2nd row for pattern until panel measures 70(80) cm from starting ch. 2nd Panel Work as given for first panel. To make…

4 min.
little lemon's blanket

Requirements • ColourSpun Pure Cotton DK OR Pure Merino DK • 1 x Ombré Stack 319 – 324 • 1 x Ombré Stack 325 – 330 plus 1 extra each 325 and 326 • 2 x 50g Natural • 1x 50 g each of 4 colours • 4.5 mm crochet hook or size to match tension • 4.5 mm knitting needles or size to match tension Tension Crochet squares: Each side = 7 cm Knit border: 20 sts and 40 rows = 10 cm Abbreviations Trb = treble crochet Slst = slip stitch Ch = chain stitch St/s = stitch/es Dc = double crochet Sk1 = skip the next st K = knit Dec = Decrease – slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over The centre of this large cot blanket / knee rug is made of crochet squares, stitched together with a mattress stitch to keep the edges…