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April 2021
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Storytime is a kids’ magazine full of brilliant stories. It’s packed with fairy tales, myths, poems, fables and much more – all beautifully written and illustrated, with puzzles, games and colouring in too! Each month we highlight a classic children’s book, plus we have storytelling tips and fun activities to bring the stories to life. Storytime is full of colourful, engaging illustrations, all specially commissioned from talented illustrators from all over the world – and we have a NO advert guarantee! If you love stories, and feel passionately about encouraging children to read, then Storytime is right for you! “Storytime brings classic tales to children every month. The perfect way to start them on a lifelong storytelling adventure” – Michael Morpurgo – former children’s laureate

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United Kingdom
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2 min.
the rabbit and the king of beasts

Long before people walked the forests of North America, there lived a rabbit who loved to cause trouble. He would play tricks on all the other creatures, and then laugh at them. The animals went to the King of Beasts and asked him to teach the rabbit a lesson. “I will put a stop to his tricks once and for all!” rumbled the mighty King of Beasts. “Fox! Go and fetch me the rabbit! I will have him for my dinner!” The fox went in search of the rabbit. He found him in an orchard, gnawing on the ripe and tasty apples that had fallen onto the ground. “You must come with me!” growled the fox. “The King of Beasts has invited you to dinner!” The clever rabbit did not trust the fox, so he…

2 min.
the frogs’ choir

Princess Tina was happy living with her husband, Prince Webster. He had once been a frog, but after Princess Tina had kissed him, he had turned back into a handsome prince. They lived in a fine palace with a beautiful garden and many servants, but there was one problem. In the garden there were lots of ponds, and in those ponds lived dozens of frogs. By day, it was fun to see them hop and swim – but at night, their croaking kept everyone awake! “We must get rid of those frogs!” Princess Tina complained. “Nobody can sleep because of their noise!” Prince Webster frowned. “I cannot do that!” he replied. “They are my friends from when I was a frog!” Princess Tina went into the garden and sat beside the largest pond. She idly…

2 min.
shadow puppets

Many centuries ago, China was ruled by a kind and just emperor. He governed the country well, and was very much in love with his wife, the empress. She was a wonderful storyteller who enchanted him with her tales of heroes and villains and dragons from ancient times. Unfortunately, the emperor’s wife got sick and passed away, leaving him heartbroken. Filled with sadness, he locked himself away in his garden. He and his wife had created it together, and he had many memories of good times spent there with her. He stayed in the garden, weeping for days on end, and stopped caring about what happened to China. This worried the emperor’s minister. As he journeyed through China, he could see that the roads were not repaired, the crops were not growing,…

5 min.
the peabody experiment

Everybody in class 3B agreed that Ms. Peabody was the best teacher in the whole school – and maybe the world! She often forgot what she was doing, and once lost three pairs of glasses in one day, and interrupted maths lessons to talk about newts – but that was part of the fun. They never knew what would happen next! That morning, when they all clattered into class and sat at their desks, Ms. Peabody looked particularly excited. She adjusted her glasses and straightened the white lab coat that she always wore. It was covered with ink and paint stains, but she said wearing it was better than ruining her clothes! “Settle DOWN everyone!” she said. “I have a VERY exciting announcement – we are going to start a CLASS GARDEN! Mr. Wensleydale…

6 min.
the magician’s horse

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a king who had three sons. One day, the princes went hunting together in the wilderness, and the youngest got lost. His brothers searched for him, but had to return home when night fell. Left alone in the wilds at night, the young prince looked for shelter and saw an impressive house on a high hill. He knocked on the door, and discovered that it was open. Inside was a grand hall, and in that hall was a great banqueting table. The table was loaded with delicious food and drinks. The hungry prince sat down and ate until he was full. Just then, he heard a voice thunder behind him: “How dare you enter my house and help yourself to my dinner!” The…

2 min.
the owl and the grasshopper

In the very heart of the forest, an owl lived in a hole in an old oak tree. By night, she would fly through the trees on silent wings and eat moths. By day, she would sleep in her feathery nest, with her eyes covered by her wings. One day, a grasshopper was making his way through the forest, enjoying the sunshine. The insect believed he was a great musician. All day long he rubbed his hind legs across his wings, making a chirp-chirp-chirp sound. He thought that this sound was wonderful, but not everybody agreed. First, he played his song by the riverbank. He thought he was sounding particularly good today. “I will surely become a famous musician if I keep playing so well!” he said to himself. A frog who lived in…