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Home & Garden
Style At Home

Style At Home January/February 2019

Style at Home brings an exciting and stylish voice to the world of home decorating. The magazine offers readers advice on everything from design trends and decorating projects to renovation solutions and entertaining ideas. We inspire our readers with authoritative advice delivered in a friendly voice. More than just an ideas magazine, Style at Home offers its readers solutions. Our elegant photography and beautifully designed pages distinguish Style at Home as a must-have lifestyle magazine.

TVA Publications Inc.
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In this issue

1 min.
trend love

Be it tassels or terrazzo, a trend has undeniable star power. Shiny and new, it dazzles, commanding attention. Some manage to hold the limelight indefinitely, joining the decor vernacular as classics. But most are on a 15-minutes-of-fame timer, destined to peter out, or – worse – become a “what were we thinking” moment in our collective aesthetic past. We can make our best predictions, but the truth is none of us knows which au courant items will stand the test of time. And to me, that’s half the fun. Decorating is an act of self-expression. My home is a canvas, and every time a fad appears, I view it as something akin to a never-before-seen paint colour. Each time, I ask myself, Is this new hue me? It’s exciting – what…

2 min.
get social

NOSTALGIC NOEL The December 2018 article “How to Be Party Perfect” has made me so excited to host my family Christmas dinner. The place settings on page 38 have motivated me to bring out my grandmother’s best dishes and my mother’s silverware and crystal that I was so fortunate to have inherited. This season I hope to make my grandchildren feel as special as I did at their age when feasting at a beautifully set table full of family, fun and laughter. Sending a big thank you to Style at Home for providing such a welcome nostalgic reminder of those wonderful festive occasions. SUSAN S., LONDON, ON HAPPY HANUKKAH I recently had the pleasure of reading your November 2018 issue, and I was pleasantly surprised to see an article on Hanukkah in the holiday…

1 min.
styleathome at your service

As a Style at Home subscriber, you can expect the best in subscription service. If you have any questions about your subscription, please get in touch with us at the website, phone number or address listed below. In order to help us locate your file, please provide your current mailing label or the information on it. SUBSCRIPTION EXPIRY To find out when your current subscription expires, check the mailing label. The labels are printed several weeks before the issue is mailed, so please give us six to eight weeks advance notice for renewals and changes of address in order to avoid missing an issue. BILLING & RENEWAL NOTICES Invoice and renewal notices are printed one week before they’re mailed to you. With delivery time, it’s possible that your payment or renewal order…

1 min.
style news

WHO Mason Studio WHERE Kimpton Saint George hotel, Toronto WHAT Earthy meets edgy in the lounge of this luxury accommodation. Warm light oak and cool dark marble take on a yin-yang feel in the refined arched fireplace feature wall. PAINT PALETTE OF THE MONTH FACADES OF FANCY Let your imagination run wild. With the Nomad Avenue collection of murals from Rebel Walls, you can animate your space with fantastical trompe l’oeil of arresting architecture – both interiors and exteriors – plucked from a storied European locale like Milan, St. Petersburg, Prague or Paris. MERMAID MUSE Who knew we’d be over the moon about under the sea? The scalloped seafoam velvet Ariel armchair is sophisticated eye candy – a signature of newly launched Oben Shops. CATCH SOME RAYS BE IT THE KITCHEN, ENTRYWAY OR BATHROOM, ANY SPACE CAN USE A WEE CATCH-ALL OR…

1 min.
2019 colour trends

calm grey burnt orange rich green dusty blue…

2 min.
2019 tile trends

TREND 1 wild wallcovering Tiles are giving wallpaper a run for its money. Modern print technology enables acute detail. The surface, like Operae Domestic Jungle by Ornamenta, boasts the aesthetic appeal of a conventional wallcovering with the benefit of hyper-durability. TREND 2 sizable slabs Ceramics are now available in the largest proportions we’ve ever seen, as evidenced by this 5'3" x 10'5" monolith. The size makes fantastic faux stone like this one appear all the more authentic. TREND 3 textured treatment Featuring a dynamic aspect and inviting a closer look, textured finishes are a welcome introduction in typically cold rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. TREND 4 heavy metal Is there anything tiles can’t do? Perfectly imitating sheets of iron – complete with pseudo-weathered rustlike edges – this floor would suggest not. The rugged style is sure to lend any space an…