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T3 August 2017

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LOGITECH G POWERPLAY Wireless mice have been around for a tech eternity, but the problem they’ve always faced is how to keep them charged. Some come with replaceable batteries, some have a charging dock, but there’s never been a truly elegant, fuss-free solution. Which is why at T3 we’re pretty excited about Logitech’s new gaming mouse. Logitech’s approach is wireless charging tech. It’s a two-part system: one is a mousepad base with induction charging crammed inside (which is, in turn, connected to your computer). The second is a compatible gaming mouse – in this case the G703 or G903 – which, when placed on the mousepad, is constantly charged in use. So, you never need to charge up your mouse again, or even think about it. For gamers this will be heaven…

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meet the team

Matt Bolton EDITOR Matt’s been pretty obsessed with the new iPad Pro since he got his hands on it (p73) – it’s probably a good thing he finished our summer tech feature (p43) before he stopped leaving the house… Jo Gulliver SENIOR ART EDITOR Jo’s main technology focus this month has been her quiet fury at ticket-selling websites. Still, she’s going to see some of her favourite shouty guitar men and beardy drummers. Yay! Andrew Westbrook OPERATIONS EDITOR Andy went to Glasto, so he combined our outdoor gear tips and our funky bright t-shirt picks (p19) to good effect. Maybe you saw him on TV! He was the one in the, uh, middle of the crowd? Nick Odantzis DEPUTY EDITOR Having created an elaborate multi-room system to write a guide for our Home Set-up pages (p32), there now isn’t a single…

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editor’s letter

3 FOR £6! Amazing subs offer on p56 First up, we had Apple make up for a quiet 2016 with a huge round of releases. Pretty much the entire Mac line-up got updated, a brand new iMac Pro was revealed, the iPad Pros took a big leap forward, we saw HomePod (its competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home – but also Sonos)… and it announced iOS 11 and other software updates too. We’ve got what you need to know on p69, including our review of the iPad Pro – and there’ll be more reviews to come of the rest in future issues. Then we had E3, and the announcement of the new Xbox One X, which is a beefed-up version of Microsoft’s games console. It’s a lot more powerful than the PS4…

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key contributors

Emma Boyle, games expert By day, Emma writes for our friends at techradar.com – by… also day, actually, she went to E3 to report on the new Xbox One X for us on p51, and give her verdict on whether it’s worth your time. Chris Barnes, action man Chris believed he could fly, so we strapped him to some water jet boots that propelled him into the air, then got him to write about it for Man vs Tech on p78, along with some other water-friendly tech. Becca Caddy, tech guru Becca’s an expert in the quantified self (and has the data to prove it), so we put her to work finding out how to get fit and track your progress with the right kit. See the results on p85. Get 3 issues of T3 for…

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microsoft surface pro

From £799, microsoft.com/en-gb Another Surface Pro? Didn’t they recently release one? Not unless you count 2015 as recent. The new Surface Pro is Microsoft’s latest take on its versatile hybrid for creatives, and it looks ace with that 12.3-inch PixelSense touch display. This time around, the Surface Pro is faster and sleeker, offering up to 50 per cent extra battery life for extended use. I’m a digital artist. Well, sort of. Would this suit me? Absolutely! The new Surface Pro transforms from PC (with the latest-gen Intel processors) to digital sketch pad within seconds. A new hinge design that adjusts to 165-degrees means you can transform the Surface Pro into Studio Mode, an angle inspired by Surface Studio, to work in an optimal writing or sketching position. It also ships with the latest Windows…

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nest cam iq

£299, nest.com Hey, T3, Nest already has a security camera. You’re thinking of the Nest Cam Indoor and the Cam Outdoor. The app-controlled Cam IQ is Nest’s latest indoor security camera and, according to Nest, is “the security camera that outsmarts other security cameras”. What makes it so smart? The Cam IQ offers 24/7 live streaming, night vision andhigh-powered video tech that Nest calls Supersight, which combines a 4K sensor with HDR and intelligent imaging, all backed by a hexa-core Qualcomm processor. It also uses facial recognition tech to tell the difference between who’s welcome in your home and who isn’t. How does it know who’s who? You can programme Nest Aware (monthly subscription fee required) with the faces of anyone who needsregular access to your home without setting alarm bells ringing. The Cam IQ will…