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T3 July 2017

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BRAGI THE DASH PRO The original Bragi The Dash was a bit of a revelation. Gone was the tethering of a conventional wireless headphone, and in its place separate units for each ear. They also offered incredible sound via balanced speakers, passive noise cancelling and up to six hours of play on the move. But Bragi just raised the game. Again. The newly released Dash Pro takes things one step further. While the Dash was designed primarily to enable you to listen to music, the Dash Pro headphones are way smarter. Their killer feature is the ability to translate language in real time using built-in iTranslate. Let’s just make that clear – you can travel almost anywhere in the world (it supports 40 different languages) and have a face-to-face conversation with…

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meet the team

Matt Bolton Editor Matt went on holiday and one of the team broke their foot in his absence, so he’s officially not allowed to leave them alone anymore. At least he got to play with the ace sonoroHIFI (p95). Jo Gulliver Sen ior Art editor Jo got a new work laptop that’s nicer than Matt’s, a fact that she’s doing such a good job of not lording over him, she won’t even mention it right here at the front of the mag… Dammit. Andrew Westbrook Ope rat ions editor Andy’s taking some time off, and wants to raid the tech from our travel feature last issue. His Ocean’s 11-style plan might have worked if anyone could remember the lock-up’s door code. Nick Odantzis DEPUTY Editor T3’s resident road warrior spent half of this issue testing electric cars…

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editor’s letter

It doesn’t reveal the best tech for making paper aeroplanes, or turning a shark’s tooth into a necklace (actually, it does have a drill in, so maybe we have covered that one). But it does cover all the big lifestyle stuff that gadgets are great at enhancing. The kit we recommend will help you make your home smarter, make your commute into work less boring, enjoy the warm evenings more, look and feel better, and just have fun. Of course, it’s not just in that feature you’ll find the best tech around. Thinking of jumping on the smartwatch wagon now that Android Wear 2.0 is here? We’ve looked at the new generation of wearables on p56. Thinking of buying an electric car that isn’t Tesla money? We’ve put three of the…

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key contributors

Steve May, AV expert Sound and vision maestro Steve got a dose of both old and new this issue, from our group test of vinyl players (p100) to the LG Signature W7, the most advanced OLE D 4K TV we’ve ever seen (p90). Becca Caddy, tech guru When it comes to the tech lifestyle, few people know better than Becca. This issue, she took the holistic approach for our Best Tech for Everything feature (p42). Turns out it’s quite a big job… James Jarvis, video star When we needed someone who knew how to make stuff for YouTube, who better than GamesRadar.com’s senior producer? James makes videos for the channel’s nearly half a million YT subscribers.…

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loewe bild 9

What am I looking at here? A TV or a work of art? Yes, while this Bauhaus and Art Decoinspired piece might look like it’s come straight from the Tate Gallery, it’s actually the latest design from luxury TV and audio brand Loewe. Abstract looks aside, the bild 9 is sporting some pretty amazing tech, starting with that screen. Yeah, what’s going on there? Well, let T3 tell you: the bild 9 has a slim, 7mm OLED display that uses self-lighting organic pixels for optimum picture quality, resulting in vibrant brights and abyss-deep blacks. Dolby Vision HDR ensures amazing colours, too. I can’t see any cables? And how big is this TV? And will it fit in my house? With the bild 9 you can kiss goodbye to a spaghetti junction of cables. Wires feed…

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astell & kern kann

Win! A KANN p82 KANN sounds like a supervillain! It’s not evil, but you’re not far wrong. Although Astell & Kern’s new pocket player is unlikely to take over the planet, the KANN is more than equipped to win the battle between drab smartphone sound and premium high-res audio. I’m still not sold on high-res audio... What are you, a sound heathen? High-res audio is the only way to experience your favourite bands the way they were truly meant to be heard, with the clarity of real life. The KANN can handle audio files ranging from 32-bit/384kHz high-resolution PCM and DSD audio, right up to Quad-rate (DSD256) files, delivering both top-end clarity and exceptional audio detail. Take that, smartphone. Ok, T3, I’m listening... If the KANN’s high-fidelity audio isn’t enough to float your boat, what about…