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tech calms down, but still strong as the world goes digital

Technology company stocks are in rest mode this year, but what may seem like weakness as the economy recovers is really just dormancy. Digital devices, software and even cybersecurity will be the key areas for steady growth as consumers and businesses become more digital in how they operate, analysts say. The virus pandemic made that digital shift much sharper when people were forced to work, shop and stay entertained at home and that trend is only going to become more ingrained. “Looking ahead there are a lot of trends that accelerated during the pandemic that have staying power even as the economy reopens,” said Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco. Tech stocks have been quiet most of this year, with a roughly 6% gain, as investors take advantage of growth elsewhere…

4 min
bill gates company to build reactor at wyoming coal plant

A next-generation, small nuclear plant will be built at a soon-to-be retired coal-fired power plant in Wyoming in the next several years, business and government officials said. The plant featuring a sodium reactor and molten salt energy storage system will perform better, be safer and cost less than traditional nuclear power, Microsoft co-founder and TerraPower founder and chairman Bill Gates said. Bellevue, Washington-based TerraPower is working with Rocky Mountain Power, an electric utility serving Wyoming and other Western states, to put the Natrium reactor at one of four of the utility’s power plants in Wyoming, with the location to be decided later this year. “We think Natrium will be a game-changer for the energy industry,” Gates said by video link to a news conference hosted by Republican Gov. Mark Gordon. “Wyoming has been…

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washington state county bans use of facial recognition

The King County sheriff’s department and other county departments are prohibited from using facial recognition technology or information from the technology under a new measure that cites its threat to privacy and history of bias. The King County Council voted unanimously to ban the use of the technology, but will still allow county departments, including the sheriff’s office, to use facial recognition evidence as long as it is not produced or asked for by the departments, The Seattle Times reported. The measure would not ban the use of such technology by any other government within King County or by private groups or people. It will also continue to be used in a federal program that searches for missing children. King County Executive Dow Constantine supports the measure and will sign it into law, his…

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california urges epa to let state set car-emissions standard

Officials from California, New York and other states urged the Environmental Protection Agency to allow California to set its own automobile tailpipe pollution standards, an action that would reverse a Trump administration policy and could help usher in stricter emissions standards for new passenger vehicles nationwide. The Biden administration has said it will withdrew Trump-era restrictions on state tailpipe emission rules and has moved to grant California permission to set more stringent pollution standards for cars and SUVs. That would give California greater leverage in discussions with automakers as states and federal officials seek a climate-friendly agreement on emissions standards. At least 13 states and the District of Columbia have signed on to California’s vehicle standards, which were established decades ago under a special waiver that the Trump administration revoked in 2019.…

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supreme court limits prosecutors’ use of anti-hacking law

The Supreme Court limited prosecutors’ ability to use an anti-hacking law to charge people with computer crimes. Conservative and liberal justices joined to rule 6-3 that prosecutors overreached when they used the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to charge a police sergeant who used a database he had access to for work for a non-work purpose. Lawyers for the police sergeant had warned that if the court ruled against him it could make a federal crime out of using a computer for virtually any unauthorized purpose, from “checking sports scores at work to inflating one’s height on a dating website.” The court agreed, with Justice Amy Coney Barrett writing for the majority that the government’s interpretation of the law “would attach criminal penalties to a breathtaking amount of commonplace computer activity.”…

2 min
amsterdam tests out electric autonomous boats on its canals

Electric cars, meet your competition. Electric boats are on the way. Amsterdam didn’t have to look very far when searching for a way to ease traffic on its congested streets. The Dutch capital’s canals were used for transport long before cars and trucks powered by polluting internal combustion engines began clogging its narrow roads. Already steeped in maritime history, the city’s more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) of waterways are to start hosting prototypes of futuristic boats — small, fully-autonomous electric vessels — to carry out tasks including transporting passengers and picking up garbage. The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating on the Roboat project that aims to develop new ways of navigating the world’s waterways without a human hand at the wheel. Stephan van Dijk,…