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tech companies pledge billions in cybersecurity investments

Some of the country’s leading technology companies have committed to investing billions of dollars to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and to train skilled workers, the White House announced Wednesday following President Joe Biden’s private meeting with top executives. The Washington gathering was held during a relentless stretch of ransomware attacks that have targeted critical infrastructure and major corporations, as well as other illicit cyber operations that U.S. authorities have linked to foreign hackers. The Biden administration has been urging the private sector to do its part to protect against those increasingly sophisticated attacks. In public remarks before the meeting, Biden referred to cybersecurity as a“core national security challenge”for the U.S. “The reality is most of our critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, and the federal government can’t meet this challenge…

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with sales still surging, best buy raises prospects for 2021

Best Buy raised its sales outlook for the year after breezing past Wall Street expectations in the second quarter. The nation’s largest consumer electronics chain joined other major retailers including Walmart, Target and Macy’s in putting up banner numbers, suggesting that Americans have continued to be spend even as the delta variant spreads. Department store chain Nordstrom also upgraded its annual revenue outlook Tuesday after reporting fiscal second-quarter results that beat expectations. But shares of Seattle-based Nordstrom fell nearly 8%, or $2.86, to $34.95 in extended trading after it issued its quarterly report. Investors appeared disappointed with Nordstrom saying that its quarterly sales were still below the pre-pandemic 2019 period. There have been concerns that consumer spending, which drives 70% of U.S. economic activity, would begin to slow again as it did early…

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dilemma for fed chief: high inflation and a surging virus

Not long ago, anticipation was high that Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell might begin to sketch out a plan this week for the Fed to start pulling back on its support for an economy that has been steadily strengthening. That was before COVID-19 cases began accelerating across the country. Now, the decision of how and when the Fed should begin dialing back its help for the economy has become a more complicated one. Yet in outlining his view of the economy and the threats it faces in a high-profile speech Friday, Powell may provide important clues to the timing of changes in the Fed’s ultra-low-interest rate policies. The big question has been when the Fed will begin to slow its purchases of Treasury and mortgage bonds. The Fed has been buying $120 billion…

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covid-19 resurgence crimps spending, travel recovery

A COVID-19 resurgence this summer has caused consumers to turn cautious, while investors trim their investments in a travel sector still struggling to recover. Retail sales dipped a surprising 1.1% in July as consumers spent less on clothing, furniture and sporting goods. At the same time investors have been retreating from cruise lines, airlines and other travel-related stocks as those companies face another potential stall in activity as cases of COVID-19 surged because of the highly contagious delta variant. The pullback in spending and investments in the travel sector mark an unwelcome reversal from growth through much of the year. Vaccinations seemed to be knocking down the virus, giving people more freedom to to shop at stores, eat out and plan trips after more than a year of hunkering down at home. “Clearly…

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what is a covid-19 vaccine passport, and do i need one?

What is a COVID-19 vaccine passport, and do I need one? “Vaccine passports” are digital or paper documents that show you were vaccinated against COVID-19, and could help you get into a growing number of places. What they look like and why you might want one depend on where you live, but more private venues, workplaces and governments are requiring proof of vaccination in public settings. Europe and U.S. states like California and New York created official digital credentials that let you verify your COVID-19 immunization record and convert it into a scannable QR code you can pull up on your cellphone. Most places that require vaccination proof also accept simpler options, such as the paper card noting the dates of your shots from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the…

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spain judge nixes backup site for disputed hawaii telescope

A Spanish judge in a decision cheered by environmentalists has put a halt to backup plans for the construction of a giant telescope in the Canary Islands — eliminating at least for now the primary alternative location to the preferred spot in Hawaii, where there have been protests against the telescope. Construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT, on Hawaii’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea, has been stalled by opponents who say the project will desecrate land held sacred to some Native Hawaiians. Telescope officials had selected the alternate location near an existing scientific research facility on the highest mountain of La Palma, one of the Spanish islands off the western African coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. But an administrative court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the Spanish archipelago, ruled…