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apple eases app store rules again, to allow outside signups

Apple is relaxing rules to allow some app developers such as Spotify, Netflix and digital publishers to include an outside link so users can sign up for paid subscription accounts. The iPhone maker said late Wednesday that it’s making a small adjustment to its strict App Store rules for developers of so-called reader apps, in order to resolve an investigation by regulators in Japan. It’s the latest concession by Apple as it faces global pressure over the longstanding rules. One of the biggest complaints from app makers such as Spotify was about Apple’s requirement that subscriptions only be bought through iPhone apps, allowing the company to take a commission of up to 30%. “The update will allow developers of ‘reader’ apps to include an in-app link to their website for users to set…

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ftc orders company to quit surveillance app business

The Federal Trade Commission has for the first time banned a company that makes so-called stalkerware — software used to surreptitiously track a cellphone user’s activities and location — from continuing in the surveillance app business. Wednesday’s action applies to the marketer of SpyFone, Puerto Rico-based Support King LLC, and its CEO, Scott Zuckerman. Such commercial surveillance products secretly obtain unfettered access to someone’s smartphone, leading to serious harm, the FTC said in a statement on its website. Support King marketed SpyFone as a tool to monitor the activities of children and employees. But it neglected to prevent stalkers and domestic abusers from using it for surveillance, the FTC said. The company’s products let the installer monitor a person’s online activity, including text and video chats and, in a premium version, even secretly…

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free tv service locast suspends operations after legal loss

Locast, a service that streamed local TV for free in about three dozen U.S. cities, is suspending operations after losses in court against the broadcast industry. The owners of the country’s major broadcast TV networks — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — had sued Locast in 2019, saying Locast violated their copyrights, and asked for the service to be shut down. Locast has held that because it is a nonprofit, it found a legal loophole in copyright law — it can stream the networks of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox without paying them. The companies that own the networks make billions annually in fees from cable companies who pay to include them in TV packages. But a federal judge in New York ruled on Tuesday that Locast isn’t protected by that exemption from…

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social media’s 70-up ‘grandfluencers’ debunking aging myths

Joan MacDonald’s health was in shambles at age 71. She was overweight and on numerous medications with high cholesterol, rising blood pressure and kidney trouble. Her daughter, a fitness coach, warned that she’d wind up an invalid if she didn’t turn things around. She did, hitting the gym for the first time and learning to balance her diet with the help of a brand new tool, an iPhone. Now 75, MacDonald is a hype beast for health with a bodybuilder’s physique and 1.4 million loyal followers on Instagram. She’s among a growing number of “grandfluencers,”folks 70 and up who have amassed substantial followings on social media with the help of decades-younger fans. “It’s so rare to find someone her age being able to do all these things,” said one of her admirers, 18-year-old Marianne…

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russia urges apple, google to remove navalny app from stores

Russia’s state communications watchdog warned Apple and Google on Thursday that they could face fines if they fail to remove an app created by allies of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny from their stores. The agency, Roskomnadzor, warned Apple and Google that their failure to remove Navalny’s app could be interpreted as interference in Russian elections. Navalny’s app promotes his Smart Voting strategy — a project designed to support candidates who are most likely to defeat those from the Kremlin’s main United Russia party. Russian opposition supporters, independent media and human rights activists have face increased government pressure in the run-up to the Sept. 19 parliamentary election. Navalny’s allies have linked the crackdown to the Kremlin’s effort to steamroll the opposition and try to preserve a dominant position for United Russia. In June,…

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irish watchdog fines whatsapp $267m after eu privacy probe

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has fined WhatsApp a record 225 million euros ($267 million) after an investigation found it breached stringent European Union data protection rules on transparency about sharing people’s data with other Facebook companies. The Data Protection Commission said Thursday that it was also ordering WhatsApp to take “remedial actions” to change the way it communicates with users so that it complies with EU regulations. WhatsApp, which has 2 billion users worldwide, said the fine was out of proportion and it would appeal the decision. The watchdog’s announcement wraps up an investigation into the Facebook-owned messaging service that opened in December 2018, after the EU rules, known as General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, took effect. It’s the second penalty - and the biggest - issued by the Irish watchdog under…