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The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters Of All Time

The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters Of All Time

The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters Of All Time

Celebrate the best of science fiction with our rundown of the 100 greatest characters of all-time! From Doctor Who to Star Trek to Westworld and Star Wars, we've combed cinema and TV to find the biggest heroes, the nastiest villains and the most fascinating figures from the universe of sci-fi.

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Welcome to the ultimate personality clash. Welcome to a Top 100 where talking cars are pitted against green monsters; where robot trucks jostle for position with alien superheroes; where cyborg killers battle it out with post-apocalyptic revolutionaries. Welcome to the Top 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters ever. What makes a great sci-fi character? It’s impossible to construct a formula. How do you compare a droid with a cop? A mutant with a supercomputer? Yet despite the mind-boggling list of characters – and different types of characters – the genre has to offer, certain names do crop up again and again when you ask sci-fi fans to name their favourites. Some characters – for reasons that can’t be measured or gauged or predicted – have the essential magic ingredient to capture the imagination.…

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100 mork

Biodata FIRST APPEARANCE Happy Days (1978) But Mainly in Mork & Mindy (1978-1982) PORTRAYED BY Robin Williams BEST MOMENT Mork trying to get a chicken egg to fly KNOWN TO SAY “Nanu nanu”, “Shazbot” WHY HE’S GREAT Mork from Ork started life as a one-off character in a dream episode of Happy Days. The lunatic energy of then-unknown Robin Williams (a producer quipped that he was the only alien who auditioned for the role) resulted in the dream aspect being retconned and Mork getting his own show. For four seasons Mork flatshared with Mindy and reported back to his boss Orson on the ways of Earthlings. It was basically an excuse for Williams to take his observational comedy and ad-libbing to bizarre extremes, but it worked brilliantly.…

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99 davros

Biodata FIRST APPEARANCE Doctor Who “Genesis Of The Daleks” (1975) PORTRAYED BY Michael Wisher; David Gooderson; Terry Molloy; Julian Bleach (pictured) BEST MOMENT Coming over all orgasmic when he responds to the Doctor’s theoretical question about whether he would release a virus that could kill all life in the universe – of course he would! KNOWN TO SAY “That power would set me up above the gods! AND THROUGH THE DALEKS, I SHALL HAVE THAT POWER! ” WHY HE’S GREAT He’s the creator of the Daleks and his body appeared to be kept alive as much by pure hatred as by the lifesupport tech in his wheelchair. He’s only appeared a handful of times in the show over 40 years, but his status as the new Dr Frankenstein has been truly cemented in the public psyche.…

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98 walter bishop

Biodata FIRST APPEARANCE Fringe (2008) AKA Walternate PORTRAYED BY John Noble BEST MOMENT A trippy, Monty Python-style animated dream sequence KNOWN TO SAY “Titanium tetrachloride… you sly temptress” WHY HE’S GREAT There are two sides to Walter Bishop, literally. In our world he’s the crazy old professor whose brains have been fried by drugs and personal tragedy. This can make him as much of a hindrance as a help to the Fringe team and their investigations. Then there’s Walter on an alternate Earth (“Walternate”) – the ruthless US Secretary of Defense, totally in command of all his faculties as well as a much more sinister Fringe division. They don’t really get on that well……

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97 sarah manning

Biodata FIRST APPEARANCE Orphan Black (2013) AKA Beth, Helena, Tony, Alison, loads more PORTRAYED BY Tatiana Maslany BEST MOMENT Transgender Tony kissing his clone sister’s half-brother Felix KNOWN TO SAY “Get your shit together, you silly tit” WHY SHE’S GREAT This isn’t just a placing for Manning, but her various clones as well, all played by the amazing Tatiana Maslany. Manning is an opportunistic former street kid who takes on the life of a rich cop who looks identical to her after she sees the cop commit suicide. Next thing she knows, she’s bumping into lots more identical women, some of whom are very dangerous indeed. It’s a wonderfully bonkers, endlessly twisting show that’s quickly become the cult hit of the 2010s.…

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96 bender

Biodata FIRST APPEARANCE Futurama (1999) AKA Bender Bending Rodríguez, Bending Unit 22, unit number 1,729, serial number 2716057 VOICED BY John DiMaggio BEST MOMENT Either his conversation with God when he’s floating through space or his pimp strut from court KNOWN TO SAY “Bite my shiny metal ass” DID YOU KNOW? Matt Groening says the idea for Futurama came to him while listening to “Robot Blues” by The Incredible String Band WHY HE’S GREAT Futurama’s potty-mouthed, lecherous, cigar smoking ’bot was the Homer Simpson of Matt Groening’s sci-fi sitcom. Lewd, crude and irritating to know, he occasionally lets slip a more thoughtful, caring side that suggests his usual belligerence is a front.…