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The Big Issue 07-09-20

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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it’s time to be kind

I didn’t have to think long when The Big Issue asked me if I would consider being a guest editor. What an honour! In these extraordinary times, I wanted to bring together a group of people who are showing that hope, courage and kindness can change the world. In the Nineties, when I grew up, it was fashionable to be a cynic or a nihilist. But nowadays, young people want to be activists instead of passivists. If you believe in the goodness of humanity there’s a good chance you’ll be dismissed as naive. And so I wanted to speak to one of my favourite filmmakers, whose work is oǽten described as soǽt or dewy-eyed: Richard Curtis, the man behind Notting Hill, Love Actually and much more. We talked about how it’s…

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we will not stop

It is now six months since the UK went into lockdown and the financial damage landed on so many people is growing. The furlough scheme is still shielding many from the worst and keeping them, nominally at least, in jobs. But it ends on October 31. Normally a time for fun and fireworks, it is looking like a bleak Halloween. The Ride Out Recession Alliance had success lobbying Westminster to extend the eviction ban in England until September 20. And every week there are positive noises, such as the £10m help scheme for those in Scotland. But the time is right for a massive intervention. How do we find a way to prevent tens of thousands of people becoming homeless as, through no fault of their own, they’ve been made redundant? Over…

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time for the next step

Fresh from our victory over eviction bans in England, the Ride Out Recession Alliance’s work to prevent homelessness and protect jobs is now being reflected in government. Last week it was the Scottish Government’s turn to outline further protections for renters. It had previously unveiled plans to extend eviction notices to six months, taking tenants up to March. The same practice was also adopted in Westminster following the announcement of a one-month extension to the evictions ban in England. For renters who are struggling to keep a roof over their head, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a £10m Tenant Hardship Loan Fund, which will offer interest-free loans from November. Housing minister Kevin Stewart said: “This new £10m fund, along with a further increase in our Discretionary Housing Payment funds, will mean that…

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how big business is helping

• Following the start of lockdown, all major mobile phone network and broadband providers met with Ofcom to discuss measures to ensure vulnerable customers can stay connected. The result is that all providers are offering free access to NHS websites irrespective of data plans. O2 take this further with free access to websites dealing with mental health, such as Mind and the Samaritans, as well as debt, including StepChange, Citizens Advice and more. • There have also been plenty of offers of free data for vulnerable customers to keep in contact with others while apart from friends and loved ones. Vodafone initially offered 500,000 customers an automatic free upgrade of unlimited data for 30 days during lockdown before rolling it out as a VeryMe reward for other customers. • Virgin Media is…

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the big list.

BOOK AHEAD Dr Who: Time Fracture The groundbreaking immersive theatrical adventure plunging you into the incredible universe of everyone’s favourite retro-futuristic boffin and his souped-up police box doesn’t open until February 2021, but time flies when it comes to the good Doctor, so book ahead now. Made by the team behind The Great Gatsby, the UK’s longest-running immersive show, Time Fracture takes place at a former military drill hall in central London. At the height of the Blitz in 1940, a weapon of unknown origin has destroyed a corner of Mayfair – and it’s up to you to save the planet, encountering Daleks, Cybermen and assorted Time Lords along the way. immersivedoctorwho.com AGITATE Justice for Mercy Baguma While headlines focused on the Proms and migrant boats crossing the Channel, a Ugandan asylum seeker in Glasgow…

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my autumn gardening almanac

Planting and planning are key. If this is the first time you have ever grown fruit and vegetables – maybe you started as a lockdown project – you will be busy harvesting. It’s really exciting picking the fruit and digging up the vegetables you have planted yourself. And once you get the gardening bug, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm. We call it planting for the hungry gap. What to do when you are finishing your onions and potatoes but it is not time for the new season? Autumn is a good time to plant perpetual spinach or even pak choi, which is like a cross between cabbage and lettuce. And I would buy a certified, guaranteed seed and plant hardy over-wintering varieties of onions and garlic. They should…