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The Big Issue 19-10-20

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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the big list.

EXHIBITION Ray Harryhausen – Titan of Cinema For kids of the 1950s through 1980s, the unique terror of special e›fects pioneer Ray Harryhausen’s creepy-jerky stop-motion creations – from a snake-haired medusa to a snarling cyclops, a vengeful metal giant and sword-wielding skeleton soldiers – is burned in the memory. The largest exhibition of his archive ever seen features original models and drawings plus restored and previously unseen footage. Take a look, if you dare. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, opens October 24; nationalgalleries.org FILM Great success! Borat Subsequent Moviefilm hits home streaming A sex-obsessed buffoon with prehistoric attitudes and an uncertain grasp of the English language has been let loose on America, and with the presidential election looming on November 3, he needs to be stopped. But enough about Donald Trump, Borat is…

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how to prepare for challenging terrain

We instinctively know that walking is good for us and it is important to plan and prepare calmly to get the most out of its holistic benefits . Many people enjoy walking as a gentle exercising of the body and mind but some others like to take their walking a step further and create a more sport-like pastime. Strolling along a smooth flat surface can be almost e›fortless, bringing a tranquillity, but when the terrain starts to take on more challenging and tiresome undulations and tricky foot placements, then can we still maintain the same sense of satisfaction? Yes, is the answer, if done in a manner appropriate to our own abilities and character. The mind and the body operate in unison and follow each other. If we walk uphill too…

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should landlords be more flexible about renting to homeless pet owners?

@adrian_hearn This is a really important issue. Good to see @BigIssue and @dotslondon highlighting it. In the coming months, there’s a good chance many more pet owners will have housing issues. @LeonaKnows I’ve had a hard time renting with a dog. But I can see it from a landlord’s POV, too. Some ppl are so abusive to the places they’re renting. I’d think to really cover the costs of what a pet could do in damage, you’d have to take a deposit so big people couldn’t come up with it. @JuliRigby So wrong. These darling dogs deserve a home too and behave impeccably @AvifaunaLux Only thing that concerns me is that the criteria demanded in order for a pet to be permitted seems very strict – what homeless person will have the funds to be up-to-date with…

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support your local vendor

VENDORS Restrictions on movement are changing week to week, area to area. Our staff are working closely with each and every vendor to make sure it is safe for them to be selling, and safe for customers to buy. We are providing masks and hand gel, and encouraging vendors to follow government guidelines. This is a tough time so please support your local vendor by buying The Big Issue from them every week. PITCHES Towns and cities across the country are quieter than normal so our teams are moving vendors to pitches where they have the best chance of selling magazines, depending on local safety measures and circumstances. An ever-increasing number of vendors are offering contactless payments so they are not losing out as people carry less cash. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SHOPS In parts of the…

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get in touch

@bigissue @perfectlyasc Just saw this @PaddingtonStaPR. What a talented artist @BigIssue #johncahill @carogoodall After #stayinghome for a week, I popped out for a shop and a copy of @bigissueuk with its latest cover star #BrianCox! I still can’t believe my film @thebayofsilence is out and featured in print! If you have a chance, go out (safely!) and buy a copy and to support all the incredible work #TheBigIssue does to help dismantle poverty and read about Brian, #Succession and my #producer/#screenwriter debut. @DenisMacShane Real treat to see @BigIssue on sale properly again. Some great features in this one. @nbdogs_shop We love the latest edition of @bigissueuk, especially so with a wee mention of how awesome dogs are. Did you know, scientists in Finland have found sniffer dogs can detect Covid-19 virus within 10 seconds? @sianbethanjones Enjoying this hook up between…

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fans of our idles & stewart lee feature

Anj Soane Ace! It was a year ago today I saw his show, chatted to him about Idles and gave him my scum badge. James Ellis My favourite comedian likes my favourite band. I am complete. Tam Johnstone Love this, two of my fave things, Idles and Stewart Lee! Arthur Porohnavi I love how deep these interviews are getting....miles away from typical pop star interview flu›f. Martin Rancid Punx Great chat/piece. Got tickets to see them both next year, fingers crossed. @LauraMa82162322 Snowflake oi – best description ever! So called snowflakes are the most courageous people! F you if we like a latte on our bikes ! Janine Taylor Super. Had a chat with a vendor yesterday. Lovely chap called Nick and he’d fallen on hard times and had his sleeping bag set alight a few days previous! Horrendous I bought him one…