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The Big Issue 26-10-20

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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your essential guide to the week

TV Baby Yoda memes at the ready – The Mandalorian is back The Star Wars spin-o›f show that brought us one of the most meme-ably cute characters ever seen returns to Disney+ for a much-anticipated second season – with added Boba Fett. As if badass intergalactic bounty hunter-turned babysitter Din Djarin didn’t already have enough on his plate, he’s now been tasked with escorting his big-eyed and mysteriously powerful surrogate child home, wherever that may be. This is the way. Starts October 30 AMERICA DECIDES Twitter accounts to follow during the US presidential election (Trump not included) Is one of the most absurd and nightmarish chapters in US history at last set to end? America goes to the polls on November 3. Until then, it’s a good time to follow fact-checkers including @factcheckdotorg, home of the…

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how can we cope with more lockdown?

As someone who suffers from clinical depression, one thing that was brought home to me during lockdown in spring was that there are two sides to gaining a handle on it. You can’t let yourself wallow in the negative emotion – but at the same time suppressing it is just as dangerous in the long term. I think we’ve all been guilty at some stage of our life of either suppressing our emotions or wallowing in them. Trying to find that balance is something that everybody can benefit from. It can be tempting to reach inside ourselves and push everything down as far as it will go to carry on functioning, but at the same time we need to allow ourselves time to allow the pain to run through you and…

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support your local vendor

VENDORS Restrictions on movement are changing week to week, area to area. This week vendors were removed from the streets in Wales as it introduced more stringent measures. Elsewhere our staff are working closely with vendors to make sure it is safe for them to be selling, and safe for customers to buy. We are providing masks and hand gel, and encouraging vendors to follow government guidelines. If you can, please support your local vendor by buying The Big Issue from them. PITCHES Towns and cities across the country are quieter than normal so our teams are moving vendors to pitches where they have the best chance of selling magazines, depending on local safety measures and circumstances. An ever-increasing number of vendors are offering contactless payments so they are not losing out as…

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platform. your views on the big issues

@douglasvwatts I hope he lets me have it back later, I’m only halfway through... #cat letters@bigissue.com People first John Bird, I love everything you write, and agree with everything you’ve ever campaigned for. But please, don’t talk about “the old, the infirm and the vulnerable”. These are clichés, set phrases that make it easier for readers or listeners to skip over the realities of our individual lives. I’m not the old or the infirm. I’m a person, who is amongst other things also old and disabled. Please talk about us as people, not categories. Sylvia Rose, Devon Waging war @SimonTPetherick John Bird excellent as usual in @BigIssue: “UK one of the leading, if not the leading, low-wage economy in the world” owing to the banks’ preference for property over social and technological investment. John Bird says we have…

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don’t look back in anger

On some days I want to get in my car, drive all the way to the west Donegal coast and stand shouting at the Atlantic Ocean. There hasn’t been much opportunity to do this recently, though there has been a growing need. Donegal remains, in my mind at least, a semi-mythical place. As soon as you cross the border from Northern Ireland it rises like Shangri-La. The air feels clearer, the light is better, the greens are fresher. And over there, all the way over into the west, you hit the end of the world. The great big Atlantic rolls in and you can stand and roar and there is nothing to break your call until it smacks against America. This may be rather rose-tinted. It rains a lot. The collapse of…

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the original social network

A new documentary reveals the secret, surprising life of mushrooms. Top mycologists have teamed up with time-lapse filmmaking pioneers to immerse audiences in the oǽten overlooked and misunderstood vegetation in Fantastic Fungi, which explores the medical potential of the mushroom, as well as its environmental importance. Most of their magic, it turns out, is hidden beneath the surface. Just as we are connected to each other via social media, fungi too are linked to their shroom mates via a complex network only now being understood by scientists. Fantastic Fungi is released in UK cinemas from November 6 and is available On Demand from November 9…