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The Big Issue 8/16/2021

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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action is our only option against climate catastrophe

We are in the midst of “global, social evil”, according to climate activists, after a bombshell global warming report shone a light on slow progress being made in the face of humanity’s greatest threat. Today’s politicians will be the last to have a chance to get the planet to net-zero carbon emissions. That was the verdict of the blistering forecast on the climate emergency released by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) after a summer full of floods, fires and deadly heat waves. Campaigners are urging others to join their direct action for ordinary citizens to demand politicians “act like we’re in an emergency” before it’s too late. “We are in the midst of a collective act of global, social evil which is unprecedented in all of history,” said Clare Farrell, co-founder…

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what djes det-zeyj ecissijds cead?

At the heart of the UK’s fight against the climate crisis is a target of 2050 for reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the surface of the earth and the air above it. Cutting down on our emissions is the most effective way to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels and, scientists theorise, eventually reverse the crisis. Reaching net-zero means balancing the amount of planet-heating greenhouse gases we produce with the amount we remove from the atmosphere using, for instance, carbon capture technology. This will mean phasing out fossil fuels and powering up with renewable energy instead, investing in public transport to cut car travel, and retrofitting homes with planet-friendly systems such as heat pumps in place of gas boilers.…

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community champions stand up to stop mass homelessness

From Edinburgh to Truro, from Ipswich to Bristol, 44 people have answered our call to help us Stop Mass Nomelessness in communities around the UK. The Big Sssue’s campaign launched a month ago to urgently prevent thousands of people hit by the pandemic from losing their homes as energy prices rise, Universal Credit is reduced and the end of the furlough scheme looms on the horizon. As part of our campaign, The Big Sssue has called for Community Champions to take up the cause in their areas across the UK – bringing forward creative ideas, writing to MPs and councillors and organising events to take local action. Tom, from south-west London, told The Big Sssue he signed up for the campaign to inspire government action to prevent homelessness. He said: “We must stop…

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map shows sea level threat facing uk within a decade

An interactive map, created by non-profit Climate Central, shows how large parts of England’s coastal regions, particularly the north-east, could be under water by as early as 2030 without immediate action to protect communities against global warming. London, Cardiff, Hull, Blackpool and Portsmouth are expected to be the most vulnerable of the UK’s towns and cities to rising sea levels. The sobering diagrams use precise elevation data against predicted flood levels by the end of the decade to identify areas most at risk. Dr Benjamin Strauss, the organisation’s chief executive, said: “Our greatest hope is that our tools accelerate planning for sea level rise, and so help to avoid as much suffering as possible.” coastal.climatecentral.org/map…

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supportyour local vendor

VENDORS Following a long lockdown, vendors in England, Scotland and Wales are back out selling the magazine. Please continue to support them. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SHOPS Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have supported our vendors with more than £1m of financial assistance to make up for lost sales. We still need your help to make sure we can continue to support them through uncertain times. HOW YOU CAN HELP 1. If your local vendor is selling The Big Issue, please buy from them. Vendors buy magazines for £1.50 and sell for £3, keeping the difference and working their way out of poverty. 2. If you cannot buy from a vendor, subscriptions to the magazine are available on a three, six or 12-month basis with a new edition delivered to your door each week.…

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you’ve been sharing your ideas of how to stop mass homelessness

Reading the article on rent arrears and evictions in the latest issue gave me an idea. While the total arrears is a big number, the individual average of £700, while no doubt all-consuming and overwhelming to an individual with no job or a low-paid job, is not a big number. Is there a role for a service similar to lendwithcare, where individuals can “donate” to other individuals and families to cover their rent arrears. Clearly, some anonymisation and safeguards would need to be in place and it may be that, like lendwithcare, a charity lends or gives a grant to the individual first, and then the donor covers the loan/grant enabling the charity to lend/grant again. Just an idea, but if we broke down the problem to an individual level we…