The Big Issue 10/18/2021

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vibrant mural pays tribute to popular vendor kevin

A memorial to a Big Issue vendor who died in 2018 has been unveiled on his old patch in Hackney, East London. A mural, an “English Hedonist” blue plaque and a photo of Kevin Headley now take pride of place on the wall of the Lord Napier Star pub overlooking Hackney Wick rail station. Street artist Teddy Baden had been asked by the owners of the pub to curate a mural on the outside wall and he chose to honour Kevin, a much-loved community figure who died of a heart attack aged 52. “I felt Kevin needed to be represented here, and it’s lovely and fitting that he’s still stood there for us to remember him,” Baden told The Big Issue. “He was such an approachable guy. He was softly spoken and friendly,…

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uk foodbanks get behind campaign to stop mass homelessness

An organisation representing more than 500 independent foodbanks across the UK is backing The Big Issue’s fight to prevent a wave of homelessness. The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) reported food aid centres “running out of options” to support people, and warned the £20 cut to Universal Credit (UC) could see them unable to offer emergency food. Staff and volunteers are facing a surge in demand far exceeding any seen during the pandemic thus far, as families across the country struggle to put food on the table or pay rent while the supply chain crisis leaves shelves empty. “Like food poverty, homelessness is preventable,” Sabine Goodwin, coordinator for IFAN, said in support of The Big Issue’s Stop Mass Homelessness campaign. “We’re now facing increasing foodbank use and mass homelessness as a result of the…

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london buses transformed into healthcare and support hubs for people sleeping rough

A Big Issue-backed project has converted two London buses into healthcare and support hubs for people sleeping rough on the capital’s streets. The Driving for Change initiative has been launched by coffee shop Change Please, which trains people experiencing homelessness as baristas and pays them a living wage. CEO Cemal Ezel, who has received backing from Big Issue Invest since he founded the social enterprise in 2015, called the project an “urgent intervention” ahead of the potential worsening of the homelessness crisis. He told The Big Issue: “We believe at the beginning of 2022 we will see a huge spike in the number of people who are homeless, and we need to intervene now to try to provide services straight to rough sleepers to help rebuild trust in society and provide services that…

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SUPPORTYOUR LOCAL VENDOR VENDORS Following a long lockdown, vendors in England, Scotland and Wales are back out selling the magazine. Please continue to support them. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SHOPS Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have supported our vendors with more than £1m of financial assistance to make up for lost sales. We still need your help to make sure we can continue to support them through uncertain times. HOW YOU CAN HELP 1. If your local vendor is selling The Big Issue, please buy from them. Vendors buy magazines for £1.50 and sell for £3, keeping the difference and working their way out of poverty. 2. If you cannot buy from a vendor, subscriptions to the magazine are available on a three, six or 12-month basis with a new edition delivered to your door…

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get in touch @bigissue /bigissueUK @bigissueuk [RE: NATIONALISE IT!, OCTOBER 4] Low energy Jon Burke failed to mention one important fact in relation to the nationalised and post-nationalised energy sectors. At the time that the energy business was nationalised, almost all our energy was home-produced. Electricity was generated using coal, gas was initially town gas produced from coal and later North Sea gas produced in our national waters. We are in a very different environment now as coal must not be used and our North Sea gas is becoming depleted. The use of gas from other countries might not have occurred if solar and wind power had been built earlier. However, both of these technologies have only recently become low cost, and so would have been expensive to the user had they been installed earlier. Had…

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the big screen shows we’re in rude health

It is the most curious thing. A place where journalists aren’t the bad guys. I left a screening of Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch feeling elated. And I’ve been thinking about it a lot since. The French Dispatch is about magazines, and why storytelling of the sort that magazines can deliver matters. It’s set in the French town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, where a publisher/editor has established an outpost of an American newspaper and assembles a host of curious contributors to write for the titular magazine. It’s stylish, naturally. And just about everybody is in it. It’s a Wes Anderson film that is a tribute both to Wes Anderson and a host of great movies, particularly those from the French new wave onwards. But you don’t have to be an art house obsessive to…