The Big Issue 10/25/2021

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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VENDOR VENDORS Following a long lockdown, vendors in England, Scotland and Wales are back out selling the magazine. Please continue to support them. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SHOPS Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have supported our vendors with more than £1m of financial assistance to make up for lost sales. We still need your help to make sure we can continue to support them through uncertain times. HOW YOU CAN HELP 1. If your local vendor is selling The Big Issue, please buy from them. Vendors buy magazines for £1.50 and sell for £3, keeping the difference and working their way out of poverty. 2. If you cannot buy from a vendor, subscriptions to the magazine are available on a three, six or 12-month basis with a new edition delivered to your…

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re: protest special [october 11]

@OccupyLondon What a great account of #OccupyLondon from @BigIssue particularly remembering the man who was already living on the steps of St Paul’s when we turned up, 10 years ago tomorrow. RIP and all love to Jimmy. @lewstringer This week’s @BigIssue features an exclusive cover by @LFORLLOYD and there’s a short interview with him inside too. Available from sellers in most towns and cities today. @TheGrantPerkins That is a beautiful cover. @OliverGoldie1 I enjoyed the V for Vendetta exhibition at the @Cartoonmuseumuk for sure. @OliverGoldie1 Love this image in @BigIssue of the ‘Merkel diamond’ [October 4]. It represents an influential and inclusive leader.…

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get in touch Sound people It was only after reading Big Issue book of Letters to My Younger Self, which I was given for Christmas two years ago, that I began buying The Big Issue from the Frome, Somerset vendor who sat quietly smiling at passers-by on a corner near Boots on Saturdays. Because I’m very deaf I didn’t hear all she said, but learned that her husband sat on the footbridge over the river where he played his accordion. He was always smiling when people passed between the car park/market stalls and shops. He played jolly tunes which cheered people up. Lockdown prevented our vendor and her husband from coming, so we missed them. Then once restrictions were lifted I saw a young lady at that corner selling The Big Issue, so, as she…

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climate summit should not be a cop-out

When we said it costs less than you might think to save the planet, that is relative, of course. Very few of us have $50 trillion tucked down the back of the sofa. Even trying to visualise $50tn is mind-bending. (We’re sticking with US dollars here as that is the currency Morgan Stanley used to articulate the figure.) One trillion is 1,000 billion. If we break it down to understandable units, that’s about five Jeff Bezoses. If we were to go further, we only need about 250 Bezoses to sort the planet right out. That might be a struggle. Other routes need to be found. The world is producing more carbon than ever before. To keep global temperature rises within the agreed acceptable 1.5C range this century, an acceleration in decarbonisation is needed.…

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$ 50,000,000,000,000

Can you picture 50 trillion dollars? It’s quite a lot. Fifty trillion dollar bills stacked one on top of each other would easily reach into space. Laid out, they would cover nearly 200,000 square miles, almost the size of France. The likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the richest people on earth, enjoy a personal wealth of around $200 billion each – a figure that is smaller than one per cent of $50 trillion. Considered in the abstract like this, $50tn is an incomprehensible sum of money. But what if you were told it was also the total price of tackling climate change globally and saving the planet for ever? Estimates as to this figure vary in reality, depending on various factors, and the true picture of climate economics is more…

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big macs for big climate change

The Big Issue has co-launched a new fund that invests ONLY in companies working to solve the climate crisis and help to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. The focus is what can be done NOW for future generations. Partnering with Aberdeen Standard Investments to Multi-Asset Climate Solutions (MACS) Fund actively scours the globe for companies that get at least half of their revenue from climate change solutions and other key environmental challenges. Currently, less than five per cent of the world’s companies fit the bill. From renewable energy and green buildings to electric vehicles and remote working technologies, the fund invests in companies that are enabling the transition to a low carbon economy. A Climate Advisory Group that includes Nigel Kershaw, Chair of The Big Issue Group, as well as respected environmental,…