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The European Business Review May/June 2019

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leading the new generation

As organisations globally try to become more competitive and future ready, they are seeking ways to innovate in order to enhance their offerings and services. In this issue’s cover story, we present the article by Guido Stein and Miguel Martín, which looks at the fundamental solution to significantly improve the innovative capability of an organisation - creating a workplace structure that are compatible with the preferences of the millennials – which consists of the majority of the current workforce. With the right people and workplace culture in place, it is important to develop a management system that allows organisation to deliver innovation sustainably. For this, Kristine Marin Kawamura and Simon Dolan propose the MBSIV model (Managing by Sustainable Innovation Values), which allows management to develop a values-based, high-involvement and performance-oriented innovation…

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corporate culture: what it is and why it is important

A functional corporate culture benefits both the company and its employees. In this article, the author provides an overview on the origin and concept of corporate culture and illustrates the change strategies organisations can deploy to move the current corporate culture to the desired one and achieve better organisational success. As well as national culture there is also the powerful force called corporate culture. It is easiest defined as “the way we do things round here”. Many consultants will attest to the desire of senior managers to “change the corporate culture” which they perceive as causing poor productivity, engagement and turnover. How easy this is to do is another matter! Anyone who has recently changed his or her job is acutely aware of the corporate culture whilst “old timers” have ceased to…

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about the author

Adrian Furnham is Principal Behaviour Psychologist at Stamford Associates in London. He was Professor of Psychology at University College London 1981 to 2018, and now also Adjunct Professor of Management at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. He has written over 1200 scientific papers and 90 books. References 1. Cooke, R. A., & Lafferty, J. C. (1989). Organisational Culture Inventory. Plymouth, MI: Human Synergistics. 2. Cooke, R. A., & Rousseau, D. M. (1988). Behavioural norms and expectations: A quantitative approach to the assessment of organisational culture. Group & Organisation Studies, 13(3), 245-273. 3. Furnham, A. (2005). The Psychology of Behaviour at Work. London: Taylor and Francis 4. Furnham, A. (2014). Corporate Culture or Cult: What is the difference? Sunday Times, January 7th 5. Xenikou, A., & Furnham, A. (1996). A correlational and factor analytic study…

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top executive education programmes with the best roi featuring

When the world is getting more complex, so is the need for a more research-based approach to solve the many complex business challenges present today. With this, professionals and executives are searching for a way to satisfy their needs to progress their own business expertise. Going the extra-mile in widening one’s scope of business proficiency through advanced education is becoming a necessity to resolve real-world business challenges through research-oriented critical thinking and problem solving in the business world. In this edition we turn our spotlight on the highest academic degree one can achieve in the business management field. A Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme is equipped with advanced tools and research methodologies based on the latest trends and innovations in business today. A DBA programme aims to provide a set…

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live, learn, leap

Founded in 1953 in one of Europe’s premier education spots, Vlerick Business School in Belgium focuses on knowledge creation through research-based learning structure to produce business leaders that approach business problems in a broader and more scholarly mindset. To further advance the research excellence in the business management field, Vlerick Business School, Ghent University and KU Leuven have launched its DBA programme in Europe last year. In this interview, Professor Brecht Cardoen, PhD, Academic Director of the DBA programme, shared with us the unique features and benefits of pursuing this highest academic degree in business administration. Q Good day, Professor Cardoen! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start this interview by giving us a glimpse of what a day looks like for an academic and…

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a revolution at the organisation’s core: millennials

How do organisations strategise to create a sound and functional workforce? In this article, the authors present how various companies and businesses restructured the workplace and devise new methods and work culture to keep up with the demands of the new generations. While millennials account for 34% of the workforce in the United States (see Figure 1) – and that percentage is on the rise – current workplace structures are tailored to previous generations, which leads to generational conflict and the loss of motivation among millennials. This article is focused on examining that dispute, as well as how such structures can be adapted to make them compatible with the preferences of new generations. Ambidextrous or Versatile Some authors argue that the ability to compete in new markets begins with the strategies and priorities…