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The European Business Review November/December 2019

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creating, innovating and managing by values

Being relevant and being able to generate real value to the business is even more important than being cutting-edge,” said Michał Sztanga, Managing Director of Future Processing. In line with this thought, we present to you the year-end issue of The European Business Review with a special focus on the important issues that will generate real value for your business and organisation. First off, with the growing application of AI across all business functions, many don’t fully understand what it is and how it can help improve business operations. Mark Balte from Logility gives clear insights into the capabilities available today to help you improve productivity, accuracy and speed. Further, Mark Esposito et al, examine the relationship between human and AI, offering a practical guide for managers and executives to learn about how…

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what european banks need to know about competing with ecosystems

Partnering with diverse groups of companies is proving to be a rewarding way to attract new customers and expand existing relationships. But managing these networks is a relatively new area for most banks, especially in Europe. A replicable operating model will help. Banks are increasingly turning to new and diverse partnerships to spark growth – for good reason. Ecosystems that offer complementary products and services via a single platform can open new revenue streams for all companies involved. In most cases, banks will receive fees in exchange for allowing its partners access to their customer database. In some cases, banks suddenly find themselves able to follow customers far beyond the boundaries of their traditional relationships. Take the DBS Property Marketplace in Singapore, for example, in which the Singapore-based bank (DBS) works with…

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overlooked strategies for surviving the us-china trade war (and possibly others)

The trade war between the US and China has escalated to a point far beyond the expectations of many. In what started as volleys of tariffs and a WTO complaint against China’s “forced” technology transfer policies, now involves expanded export controls, inbound investment restrictions, restrictions on labor mobility, an FBI task force on economic espionage from China, visa limitations, and an embargo (albeit a temporarily relaxed one at the time of writing this article) against Huawei, a leading Chinese telecom firm. The supply chain disruptions from the trade war are immense.1 And Western firms are increasingly fearful of regulatory reprisals in China.2 While reconfiguration of manufacturing supply chains involving China has been on the forefront of many managers’ responses to the trade dispute,3 currently available advice is sometimes ill-informed about…

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about the authors

Dan Prud’homme (EMLV & DKU) is an associate professor at EMLV Business School (École de Management Léonard de Vinci) (Paris, France). He is also a non-resident senior researcher at the GLORAD Center for Global R&D and Innovation at Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Mark Cohen (University of California, Berkeley) is a Chinese-speaking Intellectual property and commercial attorney with over 25 years experience in emerging markets. Former US government and US Embassy (Beijing) official, former Fulbright Professor (Republic of Slovenia). Extensive experience in management of patent porfolios, IP enforcement campaigns, government and media relations, international trade matters (including WTO issues), and public policy efforts, including antitrust advice. Educated thousands of leading Chinese public and private sector officials on IP matters, and have lectured before business and academic audiences throughout the world. I have…

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what every manager should know about human-centered ai: a manager’s introduction to human-centered artificial intelligence

As AI advances, there is a need for better frameworks to understand how to create value from changing human-AI relationships. This article offers a practical guide for managers and executives looking to leverage human-centered approaches to AI. “I think the problem was that our systems designed to recognise, and correct human error failed us.”1 This was the explanation given in 1999 by Carl Pilcher, science director for solar system exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, when a failed measurement conversion led to the 125 million Mars Climate Orbiter slamming into the Martian surface. This problem was succeeded 14 years later when a calculation error in the design of a new Spanish submarine2 led to a fatal flaw, such that the submarine could submerge but could not resurface – an error causing…

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about the authors

Mark Esposito, Ph.D is Co-founder of Nexus FrontierTech, a leading global firm providing AI solutions to a variety of clients across industries, sectors, and regions. In 2016 he was listed on the Radar of Thinkers50, as of the 30 most prominent business thinkers on the rise, globally. Mark has worked as Professor of Business & Economics at Hult International Business School and at Thunderbird Global School of Management at Arizona State University and has been on the faculty of Harvard University since 2011. Mark is the co-author of the bestsellers “Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using DRIVE to Harness the Power of Today's Megatrends” and “The AI Republic” which received global accolade. Terence Tse, Ph.D is a co-founder and Executive Director of Nexus FrontierTech, a London-based tech company specialising in the…