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Lampoon Magazine International Issue 16

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editor’s letter

SINCERO L’aspetto di donne come Cindy Crawford o Claudia Schiffer aveva codificato le aspettative della gente comune. I denti bianchi, gli zigomi, i sederi tondi e le labbra. Lo stereotipo ricordava un cartone erotico: per le giapponesi un manga – gli occhi a mandorla come portoni romanici, sproporzionati sui tratti dei volti disegnati. Per definizione, lo stereotipo è il contrario della particolarità naturale. Nel 2018, Inditex è stato il gruppo con i profitti più alti nel settore tessile – holding di Zara e altri minori nello stesso target. A seguire LVMH e Nike, entrambi proattivi su diversi fronti in una conversazione tra abbigliamento di massa e brand di lusso. La forza dello stereotipo rimane imprescindibile, per il mercato. L’impegno giornalistico di The Fashionable Lampoon è l’osservazione dell’evoluzione dello stereotipo: banalmente, sempre e…

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a simple sky

On the pavements of New York, in the streets of Los Angeles, teenagers and artists are reinventing sportswear: using bright colours and technical fabrics, they create city accessories as jackets, trench coats, leather shoes – even unisex jewellery. Everyday fashion plays with the combination and juxtaposition of formal, informal and casual style. That extroverted way of dressing known as street style now includes a sporty nuance. Contemporary fashion is truly a blend of technical looks and accessories that influence the creativity of major designers with their cutting edge quality and research. that style originated in the Seventies ever since known as streetwear has a relevant sporty aesthetic Sport is a way of life. Breathing in the open air – eyes dazzled by the sunlight on the Alps on a Sunday in January.…

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a collector’s depot

A constantly updated inventory belonging to an imaginary contemporary collector – this is Stock Lampoon. A review of objects like a cavern crammed with mirabilia, updated and looking ahead to the future – including graphic art, culture and science. Stock is online, on the magazine website, and constantly updated: the best links to the gotta-have eye candy available for purchase online. Most of all, we called it Stock and not Store: as the quality is guaranteed by the editorial research of Lampoon Publishing House. collecting is about finding and choosing, it's the driving force of any form of commerce or trade when the collecting spirit is buoyant, the economy prospers and stays alive Pieces verging on the unique. Art or design galleries, shops, auction houses, directly from the factory or an artisan’s…

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an arrow a love letter

Andrea Bianconi moved to New York just over ten years ago. “I lived close to Times Square, opposite to Port Authority Bus Terminal. It was incredibly hot in my house and my windows were open all day and night so I would constantly hear the various bus routes announced. I used to always go and sit in the same corner with a coffee and watch the people getting in and out of the terminal. It was a continual overlapping of lives, a map continually being put together and taken apart. I immediately imagined people like arrow-birds, freedom and restraint. I went back to my studio and started to draw maps and look at the empty cage above my head. Then I went out again to buy a traffic light.” Men are…

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nobility sustainability

MAN-MADE DIAMONDS There is a difference between a synthetic diamond and an artificial diamond. The structure of the synthetic gem is recreated, in a laboratory, with pure carbon; while the artificial diamond does grow in a laboratory, yet it follows its natural development process. People have been attempting to recreate diamonds in a lab ever since the 19th century – studies can be found dating from 1879. It was correctly believed that rebuilding a pure, rational, and geometric structure out of a mineral – a tetrahedral grid of carbon atoms – was possible, and therefore the synthetic diamond became a reality. From the scientific point of view, improvements have been made, to such an extent that it has become challenging to distinguish between a synthetic stone and a natural one. Identifying…

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the milan set

The epitome of the Gentlemen’s Club will always be White’s in London, established in 1693 by Francesco Bianco, an Italian immigrant from Verona whose name was anglicized as Francis White. Although it is true that there was a boom of such clubs in London in the 18th century, rising on the ashes of Baroque coffee houses – White’s is a prime example, along with Brook’s and Boodle’s – and that they were frequented by the aristocratic elite especially for gambling, outlawed elsewhere; Italy has the record for hosting the first ever club. The oldest club that is still open is Italian: the ‘Circolo degli Uniti’ in Siena, AD 1657. When the 19th century was coming to a close, anyone in England aspiring to the status of a Gentleman, especially anyone…