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Lampoon Magazine International Issue 17

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the fashionable lampoon

Editor in Chief CARLO MAZZONI P.A. to the Editor in Chief ALBERTA VIANELLO External Relations Managing Editor MARTA MAZZACANO Editor MATTEO MAMMOLI Photo Editor DEBORA GROSSI Copy Editor KARMEN SIMIC Senior Editor CESARE CUNACCIA Publisher MARINA LEMESSI Market Editor ANGELICA CARRARA Chief Financial Office SUSANNA MARTIN Financial and Accounting Office DANIELA HOLZAMMER Creative Director ALESSANDRO FORNARO Fashion Editor GIORGIA FUZIO Casting Director MARILENA BORGNA Bornto RunWay Producer SOFIA CASTELLACCIO Graphic Design SUSANNA MOLLICA CARLO ALFIERI…

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editor’s letter

RESILIENZA LA FATICA DI ESSERE SE STESSI Resiliente – si definisce un materiale che resiste alle torsioni, che rimane se stesso, con pazienza: che tollera, subisce, rimane compatto. Una donna resiliente non è solo una donna che ha sopportato fastidi e tragedie nella sua esistenza piccola o magnifica, ma una donna che resta ferma nella sua dignità. Rimanere se stessi non significa solo rimanere coerenti a se stessi, ma significa prima sapere chi si vuole essere, ed esserlo – collegamento non scontato. Resiliente è l’essere umano che resta intatto sotto la pressione di una struttura portante, salvando l’elasticità della propria anima minerale, e la luce naturale. «Penso sia importante restare se stessi» è la risposta così comune da risultare ridicola: la senti nelle interviste dei talk show, nelle conversazioni al bar, come…

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Franco Grignani (1908-1999) is on show at the m.a.x. in Chiasso until September 15, 2019. Polisensorialità fra arte, grafica e fotografia, an anthology that embraces all of the sectors explored by the artist, from graphic design and photography to painting and sculpture. The exhibit presents over three hundred works (including photographs, paintings, logotypes, original material relating to graphics and advertising campaigns, and design objects), from his first experiments with photography to his advertising graphics and Optical Art.…

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From March 28 through to July 21, 2019 Fondazione Carriero presents Lygia Pape, curated by Francesco Stocchi. The first solo show by an Italian institution dedicated to an artist representing Brazil’s Neo-Concrete Movement, fifteen years after her death (Rio de Janeiro, 1927-2004). The exhibition narrates the eclectic and multi-faceted nature of Lygia Pape, who, among other things, explored European modernism, blending it with the culture of her country.…

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The law firm of Giuseppe Iannaccone, in which a part of his art collection is housed, is hosting Hydria from April 7 through to July 12, 2019, the seventh instalment of the In Pratica project, dedicated to Cleo Fariselli. The central theme of the exhibit is water, a recurring element in the artist’s imagery.…

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Emilio Tadini (1967-1972), at the Fondazione Marconi in Milan from March 28 through to June 28, is the third show dedicated to this Milanese intellectual. The exhibition project focuses on Tadini’s early artistic production, from 1967 to 1972, or rather from the first Vita di Voltaire cycle, which marks the birth of his pictorial language, through to Archeologia. The artist developed his paintings in cycles, populated by a surreal style in which literary and fantastical elements, characters, and daily objects, often fragmented, converge; in which the laws of space and time are null.…