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Winter 2021

This magazine from TV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each quarterly issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue (gratitude, confidence, hospitality ...) and delivers stories that inspire readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives. Regular features include personal essays by Chip and Jo, ideas for entertaining and family activities, recipes, gardening, decorating, and much more--all beautifully packaged with the signature Magnolia style.

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a letter from the editor

follow along on instagram: @JOANNAGAINES delight DELIGHT ISN’T A NATURAL THING TO SAY NO TO, but when we began planning this issue, that’s exactly what I did. As our team discussed possibilities for a theme, delight was an early, and well-loved, contender. But my initial feeling was that it wasn’t quite right for the magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had experiences in my life that were so surprisingly magical, moments when I suddenly found myself wrapped up in so much joy, that the word delight is truly the only way to describe it. But so often, those feelings accompanied life’s big moments. They arrived alongside a child’s first wobbly steps. They were wedged between far-flung friends you finally managed to gather at one table. They turned on with each light we’d strung…

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magnolia post: delight

Christmas at the Silos! All December long, the holidays will be in full swing at the Silos. We’ll have snow, a sky-high Christmas tree, lights around every corner, and surprise visits from Santa himself. Come enjoy the festivities with friends and family—we’d love to celebrate the season with you. WHEN: November 26–December 23 WHERE: The Silos in Waco WHAT: Holiday magic and fun DETAILS: Shops at the Silos Spotlight Each of our six boutique-style shops has been curated by Jo with a distinct style and theme in mind. Here’s a look at two: This women’s clothing collection is filled with well-made, classic pieces you’ll look forward to pulling out of your closet for years to come. Whether you’re at school, work, or home, this books and paper collection will help you map out your dreams while still keeping…

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these hands have held delight

Laughter. Playing with our favorite pup. Reaching to tag older brothers, and flipping playing cards, victory mine. Wisdom and gratitude. Written cursive on stationery mailed to unmet pen pals and scribbled on note cards to friends. Love. For the one I chose, who chose me too, reaching out for the hand that was waiting. Life. Welcomed, swaddled, cradled. Squeezing tiny fingers that resembled my own. Nourishment. Kneading, stirring, mixing. Offering first tastes from a spoon. Magic in presents wrapped. Relief in torn clothing sewn. Healing in wounds bandaged. Home. Our sanctuary. Curated, swept, and kept. Sisterhood. Bonding over days shared, mugs in hand. Courage. Summoned in goodbye waves, embarking for unseen shores. Traditions. Held onto and handed down to delighted grandchildren. Memories. Tucked into albums, joy in every turn of the page. My creased hands tell the timeline of it all. How…

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spices of the season

SPICE MAKES Everything Nice When a season steeped in tradition calls for a surprising twist, familiar spices used in unfamiliar ways can introduce the unexpected. By better acquainting ourselves with winter’s most-loved spices, we’re able to bring their transformative power to all we cook, taking dishes in unforeseen directions that surprise and delight. STAR ANISE RAW FORM Star-shaped seedpods used whole or ground in cooking (different from anise seed) FLAVOR NOTES Warm, sweet, and licorice-like RECIPE IDEAS Steep a mixture of hot cranberry juice and pomegranate juice with star anise pods (use 1 star anise for every 4 cups of juice) to make a rosy warm beverage. Or, chill steeped mixture and pour into a glass with a splash of sparkling wine or sparkling apple juice. CARDAMOM RAW FORM Green (most common), black, or white seedpods; also available ground FLAVOR NOTES Pungent and sweet…

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building a winter tool box of delights

When we get caught up in the speed of life, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down for the good stuff. In anticipation of those times, consider creating a collection of activities that bring you cheer. Building a “tool box” means you always have something inspiring to reach for. So it’s easier not to forget that moments of bliss are happening all around us. The activities don’t have to be grand—what’s most delightful is often in the details. WONDER + SURPRISE □ SCHEDULE A FACIAL OR MASSAGE, THEN FORGET ABOUT IT, SO YOU CAN BE SURPRISED WHEN THE DAY COMES.□ KEEP A VISUAL REMINDER OF FUTURE DATES TO LOOK FORWARD TO. TAKE JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS □ SPEND 3 MINUTES THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR.□ KEEP A FAVORITE POEM OR…

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a bottle, a fragrance, a life

We lived below her for four years: Giovanna. In an old house, out in rural Italy, where sun-beat roosters and dogs huddled under the shade of grapevines and backyard tables were lined with grappa bottles and plastic cups ready for nighttime visitors. In that house, my husband and I lived on the first floor, Giovanna and Pino on the second floor, and their daughter and teenage grandson on the third. We were like a tiered, multigenerational cake. Giovanna smelled like geraniums, strawberry jelly, earth, and the inside of an old Mercedes. She wore faded apron dresses and fur coats, interchangeably. When she hugged you, which was usually once in the morning and once when she passed you at night, you were squeezed tight. Held like a gift against her flushed cheeks. And…