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This magazine from TV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each quarterly issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue (gratitude, confidence, hospitality ...) and delivers stories that inspire readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives. Regular features include personal essays by Chip and Jo, ideas for entertaining and family activities, recipes, gardening, decorating, and much more--all beautifully packaged with the signature Magnolia style.

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letter from the editor

In a lot of ways summer defines life in Texas. Before we can even really tell that spring is behind us, the familiar warmth of the summer sun returns, and, like a slow drumroll, we watch it set a little later each day. I love that summer chooses to greet us this way: slow, steady, and full of anticipation. Before long, we’re happily soaking up its daily offering of boundless sun and the lighter night sky. But this is just the start of what makes summer feel so limitless. I think it’s just human nature to want to play outside, dip our feet in the water, or hop in the car and head away from the city lights to get an awe-inspiring view of the star-studded sky. My kids tend to disappear as…

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what would jo do?

As a working mom, how often do y’all eat at home? We have three kids, and I have a hard time balancing home-cooked meals with our schedule. I feel so much guilt about this. How do you handle this situation during the school year? Melinda Rogers | Orange, Texas Jo: I always try to meal-plan on the weekends, especially during the school year. I’ll spend five minutes on Sunday asking everyone if they’d like anything specific for dinner that week, and I’ll write it all down. Then on Monday I make sure to get everything on my list from the grocery store. I think the key to making home-cooked meals stress-free is giving yourself time to prep beforehand. The other part is making meals that are accessible. Dinner doesn’t need to be…

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magnolia report

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SILOS BAKING CO. The bakery turns two on June 29! We will serve our special birthday cake cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream icing and sprinkles for one day only. GROWING GAINES TIME TO NEST We’re anticipating the arrival of Baby Gaines this summer! COOL OFF AT THE FOOD TRUCKS Beat the summer heat with a refreshing juice from Luna Juice. We’re all about the iconic Blended Watermelon. (Life-size watermelon included!) may APRIL SHOWERS BRING … You know the rest. On page 84 Jo shares everything you’d want to know about her rose garden. We’re already swooning over the photos! TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME It’s the time of year that we pull out the Cracker Jacks (or for Chip, sunflowers seeds) and save a little room for a ballpark hot dog. Catch a Major or Minor League game near…

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what jo’s loving

All of my latest favorites are perfect for beating the summer heat. —Jo SWIMSUIT This modest Lipsi one-piece suit enhances every silhouette with its gorgeous lines and color-block panels. I also love that it has SPF 50 sun protection. Summer is all about taking a dip in the pool and having some fun. $225; toryburch.com HAIR AND BODY TONIC A little oil makes everything feel better! Splash just a little of this lightweight body oil on your legs after shaving or at the end of a shower, and work it into the skin to lock in moisture. Your skin will feel soft, not oily. The hair tonic adds moisture, smooths flyaways, and adds shine. $28–$34; nashandjones.com SKIN CARE With ingredients like coffee beans and ginseng, these energy-boosting moisturizers and eye cream give me a welcome lift on my…

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what chip’s loving

I like to think that I’m a work hard, play hard kind of guy, so the things I am excited about right now do just that: add utility and a lot of fun to these long summer days. —Chip ENGRAVED LEVEL A level is such a useful tool, I find myself reaching for it on a range of house projects. This 18-inch Crick Level does the job right. I had mine engraved so Shorty wouldn’t try to steal it, but it would also make this thing giftworthy. $69; cricktool.com CROQUET SET We are a little fanatical about outdoor games at our house. I actually helped design this set, and I know exactly where it’s going at the farm. It’s available this summer from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. $99.99; target.com DISC GOLF This game is the real deal.…

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artful botanicals

One of my favorite ways to incorporate art into a room is with plant pressing. It’s such a simple yet beautiful addition to any space, and it’s always a fun activity to do with friends or family.—Jo USING A BOOK 1. Choose the heaviest book you can find, such as a dictionary or a large coffee table book. Keep in mind the moisture being absorbed could cause the pages to wrinkle.2. Place a plant stem between two pieces of paper within the pages of the book. Close the book. Use more books, or perhaps a brick, to weigh down the closed book. Be sure not to disturb the arrangement upon closing.3. Change the blotter sheets every few days. After two to three weeks, the plant will be completely dry. To remove it…