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The Nation November 13/December 7, 2020

The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine and is independently published. The Nation speaks to an engaged audience as a champion of civil liberties, human rights, and economic justice. The Nation breaks down critical issues with lively editorials, in-depth investigative reporting and analysis, as well as award-winning arts coverage. Publisher and Editor: Katrina vanden Heuvel.

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bold ideas, essential reading

“A knotty, charismatic exploration of the intersection between ideas and lived experience.” —Jo Case, Sydney Morning Herald The Thinking Woman Julienne van Loon “…Deeply personal and thoughtful, Apel explores what it means to recall terrible events and what is at stake in forgetting them.” —Coco Fusco, Cooper Union Calling Memory into Place Dora Apel “A call to arms to elevate our thinking to the species level or, Schuller cautions, the species will face extinction.” —Cynthia McKinney, activist and former Congresswoman Humanity’s Last Stand Confronting Global Catastrophe Mark Schuller “1962 was the greatest AND most important year in movie history!” —Philip Kaufman, award-winning director of The Right Stuff and Invasion of the Body Snatchers Cinema ‘62 The Greatest Year at the Movies Stephen Farber and Michael McClellan Combining both scientific and historical perspectives, this book was inspired by the non-profit…

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now the real work begins

GETTING DONALD TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE WAS UNIQUELY IMPORTANT BECAUSE HIS reality TV stardom allowed him to go from acting like a jerk on The Apprentice to playing a real-life authoritarian strongman. People bought into his “drain the swamp” and “I tell it like it is” rhetoric while he and his family engorged themselves on the hard-earned taxes of the working class. Joe Biden was not the first choice of most progressives, but when the full might of the national Democratic Party leadership converged to anoint him, he became our only hope. Tens of thousands of grassroots activists lost sleep and relationships, any sense of day or night, weekend or weekday; together they pushed a not-great candidate over the finish line. No matter how uninspired people felt about Biden, there simply…

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the next fight

AS HE PREPARED TO CLAIM THE PRESIDENTIAL VICTORY he secured by more than 4 million votes, Joe Biden said, “What is becoming clearer each hour is that record numbers of Americans—from all races, faiths, regions—chose change over more of the same.” But his ability to deliver that change is still to be determined by the voters of Georgia. Because the Democrats did not gain control of the US Senate on November 3, the defining moment for Biden’s presidency will come January 5, when a pair of runoff elections in Georgia could displace GOP incumbents and position Vice President–elect Kamala Harris to end Republican Mitch McConnell’s destructive tenure as Senate majority leader. The Georgia runoffs give the Democrats a rare opportunity to finish the essential work of elections in which they fell short.…

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post card

ON THE MORNING OF ELECTION DAY, ASHLEIGH Strange was ready for trouble. As the regional organizer for Lehigh Valley Stands Up, she and her team had spent months doing deep canvassing here. Working in close coordination with the immigrant rights group Make the Road and the young climate justice campaigners of the Sunrise Movement, they’d been talking—and more important, listening—to voters. These long, frequently sprawling conversations might start with anxieties about rent or child care or worries about immigrants taking away jobs, but they ended, surprisingly often, with people who’d long ago given up on voting deciding to take a chance on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They did this work against the backdrop of the president’s fearmongering about election fraud. On my way northeast from Reading, I saw a Donald…

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we still need a full-court press

THE RUSHED CONFIRMATION OF JUSTICE AMY Coney Barrett has, for the first time in decades, made Democrats think seriously about progressive reforms to the Supreme Court. Today, conservatives hold a 6-3 majority on the court, illegitimately engineered by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. This stark reality has radicalized the base. It has even made some Democratic senators consider using their power to achieve deep structural change, as opposed to cosmetic bipartisan redecorating. Unfortunately, those senators are likely to be in the minority until at least 2023. And as long as McConnell remains the majority leader, he is unlikely to allow any reforms (or legislation or democracy) to go forward in the Senate. But Democrats must continue to plan for the day when they have enough seats in the chamber to implement…

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the damage done

MY UNCLE HARRY HAS SEEN IT ALL, AND HE HAS THE years to prove it: He turned 100 on November 1. (In case you were wondering, he attributes his longevity to family, love, curiosity, and ice cream every day.) When Donald Trump was elected, Uncle Harry predicted that the next four years would be awful but there would be only two things that couldn’t be undone even if the Democrats won in 2020: the destruction Trump would wreak on the environment and the justices he would put on the Supreme Court. Trump has more than fulfilled Uncle Harry’s predictions. On the environment, Trump has taken the United States out of the Paris climate accord—it seems so long ago!—which he called a “disaster.” He scrapped Obama-era carbon emissions cuts, relaxed regulations for…