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The Week covers the Best of the British and Foreign Media. With its non partisan reporting, The Week gives the reader an insight into all the the news, people, arts, drama, property, books and how the international media has reported it. This concise guide allows the reader to be up to date and have a wealth of knowledge to allow them to discuss all these key topics with their friends and peers.

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the main stories… …and how they were covered

What happened May backs down Theresa May bowed to pressure from pro-EU Cabinet members and ministers this week and conceded a possible delay to Brexit – an option that until now she has refused to countenance. The Prime Minister promised that if her reworked Brexit blueprint is not passed by MPs on or before 12 March, she will offer the Commons two votes over the following couple of days. The first would allow MPs to declare whether they support a no-deal Brexit – a position that would almost certainly be rejected. The second would enable them to instruct the PM to request a brief extension to the two-year Article 50 process to delay EU withdrawal beyond 29 March. May’s U-turn came shortly after Jeremy Corbyn also announced a significant shift in policy, declaring…

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the week

It is the mark of the ideologue that he refuses to concede any merit in opinions opposed to his own. In his Manichaean view of the world, all virtue resides in the people and institutions supportive of the end state he desires, all vice in those who frustrate it. And by that token, it is clear that Leave and Remain are ideologies every bit as unbending as militant Marxism. Were they not, were they positions open to reason and reached only after weighing costs and benefits, the tone of the conversation in the media would be quite different. Then we’d all be more prepared to admit that rule by Brussels does indeed do violence to the vital principle of political accountability, but also to admit that to defy it risks…

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Controversy of the week Can the centre hold? “The ice has cracked, finally,” said the Financial Times. For the past two years, British politics has been stuck “between entrenched positions on the Left and Right” – between a Tory and a Labour party that have both “caved into their extreme fringes”. But last week, a new centrist bloc emerged at last. First, eight MPs including Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna left Labour to form The Independent Group (TIG). The arrival soon after of three Tories – Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston – meant that the new grouping was no longer just a refuge for Labour MPs disgusted by the hard-left policies and resurgent anti-Semitism of Jeremy Corbyn’s regime. Instead, it heralded a new, much-needed force in British politics: anti-Brexit, “economically…

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europe at a glance

The Hague, Netherlands Chagos Islands ruling: The International Court of Justice, the UN’s highest court, has decreed that the UK’s acquisition of the Chagos Islands in 1965 was a “wrongful act”, and that it must bring its administration of them to an end “as rapidly as possible”. Although the ruling is advisory and non-binding, it will ramp up the diplomatic pressure on the UK to cede the archipelago back to Mauritius – which claims it was forced into giving it up in order to gain its independence in 1968. Britain effectively paid Mauritius £4m for the islands; it then granted the US a long lease over them and forcibly removed at least 1,500 native residents, to make way for a US military base on the largest atoll, Diego Garcia. The expelled…

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the world at a glance

Chicago, Illinois R. Kelly charged: The R&B singer R. Kelly has appeared in court in Chicago charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse against four women, three of whom were underage. The charges, which Kelly denies, date back to 1998. He was arrested last Friday and spent the weekend in jail before being released on bail. Kelly, 52, has for decades faced claims that he has sexually abused and enslaved women and girls, some of which were detailed in a recent TV documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly. However, he has always denied any misconduct, and in 2008 he was acquitted of child pornography charges relating to a video he had made. Washington DC Explosive testimony: Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, was due to appear before Congress on Wednesday, where he…

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the world at a glance

Kashmir Rising tensions: In a major escalation of tensions between South Asia’s two nuclear powers, Pakistan claimed on Wednesday to have shot down two Indian fighter jets that had entered its air space. Pakistani generals said that their air force had attacked six targets in India, without entering its airspace, and that the Indian air force had responded by entering Pakistani airspace. India would only confirm that a MiG-21 jet had been lost (it said it crashed in Indian-controlled Kashmir), and that a pilot was missing. The sorties came a day after Indian jets crossed the heavily militarised line of control that divides Kashmir – a territory both countries claim – to launch an attack in Pakistan for the first time since 1971. The strikes, on what India said was a…