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November 2, 2020

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WARNING SIGNS RE “WHEN WILL WE GET A Vaccine?” [Sept. 21–28]: I remember sitting in my third-year microbiology lecture toward the end of last year, listening to the professor warn us that the next pandemic will come and the world will not be ready. There was a sense of urgency that prompted me to consider why the world didn’t seem worried about this. So when COVID-19 began its journey across the world, it wasn’t a shock to me. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Why didn’t we listen to those so desperately trying to prevent this disaster? Kimberley Bourke,MALVERN, AUSTRALIA PLACING BLAME RE “THE AMERICAN NIGHTmare” [Sept. 21–28]: It is no longer news that the current U.S. President has been misleading the nation all along in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. What amazes…

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my lost pregnancy had a name

I STOOD, GARDENING GLOVES STILL COVERED IN dirt from digging out the last of the hole with my hands, and let out the breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. My husband walked over and put his hand on the small of my back. “I guess that’s deep enough,” I said. “I think so.” He rubbed my whole back then. I leaned into him, glancing up at the sliding glass door. Our three daughters, two my own and one his, sat at the dining-room table covered in paints and canvases—something I made sure to supply them with since we’d hunkered down in March. The oldest looked up at me, but I quickly looked down at the fresh dirt again. “Should I go get it?” he said. We’d talked through the final part of the…

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season finale

THE PRESIDENT’S VOICE STARTS OUT A LITTLE raspy, but before long he’s in full roar. “We’re going to have a big victory, and that will be the end of it,” Donald Trump says. “Because you know what? One more defeat and they’re going to accept it.” A murmur rises from the sweaty, jubilant crowd in this horse-breeding hub northwest of Orlando. Thousands are packed onto the airport tarmac in the blazing October sun. Nearly everyone is wearing a Trump shirt or hat—KEEP AMERICA GREAT, MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN, NO MORE BULLSH-T, ADORABLE DEPLORABLE KID FOR TRUMP—and almost no one is wearing a face mask. They’re going to win Florida again, Trump says. There’s going to be a big red wave. In the other version of reality, things are far less hopeful for…

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your voting questions answered

Q: WHAT SHOULD I DO IF SOMEONE TRIES TO STOP ME FROM VOTING? A: Report it. If you’re at a polling place, flag a poll worker or another official. If you’re elsewhere, notify your state or local election officials. Numbers and email addresses are usually easy to find online. If you have additional questions or run into problems, call or text 866-OUR-VOTE. The hotline is a nonpartisan resource run by Election Protection, a coalition of voting-access advocacy groups. You can also direct message or chat with a volunteer online. Keep in mind that voter suppression can take many forms—physical threats, intimidating phone calls and misinformation designed to keep you from casting your ballot. Even if you end up voting, speak up about what happened. Your colleagues and neighbors may be facing similar challenges. —Lissandra…

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expanding the pie

IN FEBRUARY, CITI PRESIDENT Jane Fraser, 53, will become the first female CEO not only of Citi but of any major Wall Street bank. She spoke with TIME to discuss building a diverse workforce, the changing responsibilities of corporations and expanding the economic pie. Your promotion to CEO has been rightly celebrated, but we know that moves like this require intention. Can you address the myth of the pipeline problem? The talent exists, full stop. What we’ve really tried to do at Citi is make sure diverse candidates see us as a place where they can thrive and advance their careers. Things like strong parental-leave policies and maintaining an inclusive culture can make a huge difference. But to see results, you need transparency and accountability. A few years ago, in a move…

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a better tech future

ON OCT. 20, THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF SUSSEX hosted an episode of TIME100 Talks focusing on social media and our online lives. They spoke with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian; Tristan Harris, president of the Center for Humane Technology; and UCLA professor Safiya U. Noble, among others. Below are edited and condensed excerpts from their conversations. THE DUCHESS OF SUSSEX: You decided to step back from your board seat at Reddit and instead ask they give that seat to a person of color and specifcally someone who is Black. I think, you know, that resonated with people in a huge way, especially because you said you were doing it because you were inspired by your daughter, Olympia. OHANIAN: When I looked at the positions that I occupied, especially one, Reddit is a…